11 July 2011

Cinnamon Sugar


IMG_5574   IMG_5560

Top: Anthropologie molded and melded (worn here before - similar here, here, here)
Sweater: J. Crew jackie (worn here before - similar here)
Skirt: J. Crew dorrie (worn here before - similar here, cas here)
Necklace: Anthropologie nueva granada (worn here before - similar here, colorful here)
Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction swim n fool (worn here before - similar here)

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As much as I enjoy spending my free weekday minutes perusing your fabulous style blogs (a girl's got to de-frazzle from a morning of e-mails, calls and meetings somehow, you know), I also enjoy spending some weekend moments scanning through the tasty-looking food blogs and cookbooks, finding my next tongue-tempting inspiration.

And I stumbled upon a doozy this weekend, ladies. Talk about a full-on carb and sugar coma, but soooo worth it. I got the recipe for cinnamon sugar pull-apart bread from Joy the Baker. My sucky pictures don't even convey the delectableness. You. Must. Try. This.

Admittedly there are a lot of steps to this recipe. But most of them involving sitting back and letting the dough do its magic and then slathering more cinnamon sugar on it. BF loved it - and couldn't help cracking up when he came downstairs on Sunday to find me taking the bread out of the oven with a dress on, my hair still in a towel, the coffe brewing and the dog being jumpy and playful. He said all I needed was a baby on my hip and an apron and I'd be all set. Alrightie ...

Notes to the other bakers out there: You WILL get cinnamon sugar everywhere. You will think it is too much to add into the recipe, but do it anyways. I have no idea how Joy stacked perfect layers of equally shaped and sized dough because it is stretchy and sticky. Don't worry, it'll still bake and still taste unbelievable.

There's also an equally temptatious-looking cheese version from How Sweet It Is and then the originator, the meyer lemon one from hungry girl por vida. I had really wanted to make the cheddar version and had purchased for myself one big hunk 'o cheese, but as BF is a sugary sweets fan, thought it may be a wee less decadent if I shared. The ingredients are easy enough though, I may have to make the savory version for dinner, then roll myself up the stairs straight to bed.

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  1. mmm...mmmm..mmm..that cinnamon pull apart looks very tasty! I must admit, i've been reading a few food blogs here and there on the weekend - im a little hooked. I'm wondering whether i should get into food blogging instead :-) hehehe..hmm.who am i kidding!

  2. Drool! That cinnamon pull apart looks sooo delish =) I love your shoes, Lisa. So chic!

  3. Oooo, Lisa. Bookmarking this outfit idea for my khaki pencil skirt. I love the color combo. Throw in some orange shoes and its a win for me!

  4. Lisa that looks delicious! And for that reason alone, I am NOT going to try it! I need to work on fitting back into my white pants again. :)

    You look lovely in that turquoise and the leopard shoes are the PERFECT touch for this sweet outfit.

    I'm going to "like" your FB page once I get home - can't access FB at work.

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  5. Love the shoes and the Dorrie skirt!! And the cinnamon bread looks so good!

  6. Oh gosh, I want that cinnamon bread NOW please!! Yummmmmmmmm. Your gorgeous skirt looks amazing with the cardigan and heels. I want those heels! So chic!

  7. OMG, This looks SOOOOO tasty! I'm so hungry after looking at this pic. I saw that recipe on Joy the Baker as well and was thinking of trying it out. Now that you recommend it, I should really give it a try!


  8. Ok, seriously, that bread...YUM!!!!!! And your outfit is so cute...I'm in love with that light turqupise color this summer....it's so fresh paired with white! Lovely look!

  9. That looks delicious I may have to try it out, since I love to bake. Let me tell you how jealous I am of your shoes. I have longed for a pair of animal print pumps.

    Cute outfit!

  10. As much as I really like your outfit in this post, I LOVE the look of that bread!!! I can smell it through the computer. I must make this some morning.

  11. Dear god, that cinnamon bread looks delicious. I am averting my eyes!
    You look too cute - love the leopard shoes and mint!

  12. Your bread looks absolutely delicious! I would devour it in one day!

  13. You look delicious and that bread looks absolutely adorable! Er . . . . ;-)

  14. That bread looks divine! I also am loving your shoes!

  15. Your shoes are the perfect finishing touch!

    I really need to find that cardigan in my closet... I know it's hiding somewhere

  16. If I wasn't Gluten Free this would be the FIRST thing I would make.

  17. Outfit is super cute and the bread looks yummy. Damn my gluten intolerance...

  18. Oh gosh -- I love your tan skirt! So pretty.

    That bread looks great! I bet it'd be awesome with ice cream as even more of a dessert :)

  19. i love joy the baker... have tried several of her recipes. so good!

  20. You and these foods! That was you w/the Krispy Kreme shake, right? *lol* I absolutely love your outfit combo.

  21. Yum, yum, yum! When I was little, my dad used to make us cinnamon sugar toast for breakfast -- he'd butter a piece of bread, dust a sprinkling of cinnamon and sugar on top, and pop it in the toaster. Sounds like your bread is a grown up version of one of my favorite childhood breakfasts!

  22. Oh dear, wish I could just pop round for a tasting of that yummy looking hip enhancer! Lol Love your color palette for this outfit btw!!

  23. Unfortunately I am not the gal to come to when you want to see the occasional healthy recipe. Thanks to southern bred-and-fed BF, I am noticing that most of my cooking endeavors include something decadent or at least whole fat.

    This recipe actually isn't too bad though! There's not a ton of butter in the recipe and you totally health it up a bit by usually whole wheat pastry flour or something. However, I think I've had cinnamon overload heartburn for the last few days though, ugh!

    Haha, thanks for your compliments, ladies. I am certainly by no means a great cook by any stretch, but I like trying new things and fiddling in the kitchen! I made banana pudding last night too - now we've got sugary overload here!

  24. YUM! I think I'll try the cheese version first.


  25. Oh, wow! That looks absolutely wonderful. I'm sure the cheese version is just as delicious. I am bookmarking the recipe to try this weekend.

    I love the Dorrie skirt on you. The blue version is high up on my wishlist. Cute!


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