07 July 2011

Check Out the Hook While My DJ Revolves It

The sublime adorable-ness that is Sydney from The Daybook has a reg feature on her ginormously popular blog called "Awkward and Awesome Thursdays." And as my awkwardness cup seems to runneth over lately, I thought it would behoove me to share some of my more splendid moments with you, this being Thursday and I being awkward and all:


•   I hate half moon ice cubes. Because as if it wasn't difficult enough for me to drink from a regular cup without incident, the half moons are a freezy floating blockade upon my lips. Meaning iced tea likes to escape from the corner of my mouth and go splish-splashing down my shirt. Or better yet, down under my shirt. Wetting my bra. And I haven't yet found the best way to stuff a napkin down inside my shirt in the middle of a meeting with a bunch of suit-clad male execs. And why bother excusing myself? Better to pretend it never happened and just avoid the looks from my CFO sitting across from me while a wet spot appears "magically" over one boob. No, I'm fine, really.

•   My neighbor on the left just welcomed a baby girl home. Which means the appearance of the requisite "It's a girl!" balloon tied to their mailbox. You know, the one that is right next to mine. So it is super-cool when I go stumbling outside in my babydoll tank dress to check the mail and get congratulated by half the block parading by. Oh well thank you very much - but oh no, it's not me, it's my neighbor's baby. Oh well I just threw this on - oh no, I'm not expecting ...

•   My dog has taken to pooping right up at the entry gate each morning. Nothing like waving at your neighbors and strangers alike while you're in your bleary-eyed jammies and your dear sweet dog is squat-walking around you, taking care of business.

•   We like to take Pacey to the park where there's a lake to throw ball with her. She's a great swimmer. But sometimes when she gets winded, she'll drop the ball right in the water by the shore. So I'll wade in to get the ball. Did you know there's a significant drop-off at one point right by the shore? Yeah ...

•   Vodka, red wine, white wine, calvados. In that order. 'Nuff said.


•   I haven't bit it in these fantastic shoes .... yet.


IMG_5518   IMG_5490

Top: Anthropologie Fei buttondown cowlneck (worn here before - similar here)
Sweater: Xhiliration by Target lace (worn here before - similar here)
Skirt: Lucky Brand denim pencil (similar here, here)
Belt: J. Crew croc embossed (similar here)
Shoes: Anthropologie Boutique 9 botanist heeled loafers (worn here before - same on sale here)

You gals have any fantastic recent moments of awkwardness (or lack of) that you'd like to share?  ;o)


  1. hahaha! Love your Awesomes and Awkwards :P Especially the new baby one, oh boy!

  2. Great post! I totally agree about the ice cubes! It's nice to start the day with a laugh.

  3. Haha, that definitely made me giggle. totally awesome. And i think dogs have a secret mission to poop in the most awkward of places on a daily basis. I feel your pain

  4. I love this outfit! Great blue top and loving that cardigan! Just found your blog and love it!! Follow each other?


  5. I love that lacy sweater! And I am lmao at your awkward moments--especially the baby girl one and the dog poop one. Sorry! ;-)

  6. Your moments of awkwardness are pure awesomeness in my book. However, I am super uncoordinated, can't eat without wearing half of it, and don't know how to drive so take my compliments with a grain of salt.

    I dig the outfit - I actually have that exact same cardi as I missed out on the Rodarte X Target one and felt the Xhil. one was a suitable sub. Your shoes are making my day too, btw.

  7. These are great awkward moments...you are hilarious! "Squat-walking"...at that point I busted out laughing from the mental image those two little words created from when I used to have a dog!!!
    What's awesome, though, is your outfit! Love the color of the blouse and those shoes!

  8. Okay, naming your post with that and then going into the ice story is HYSTERICAL. Subtle and hilarious.

    I adore every single thing about your outfit! The lace, the colors, the skirt, the shoes, everything! You look fabulous!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  9. Those shoes are STELLAR!!


    I love your outfit it's casually chic! Your awkward moments crack me up!

  11. My dog always seems to poop in the most embarrassing places... I swear they do it on purpose!


  12. I can't think of any awkward moments, but yours made me giggle. :)

    I have to say that this shade of blue is fantastic on you and I am in love with those heels.

  13. That's very funny! Loving the color of that blouse ;)

  14. LOL - your posts always make me smile.

    I think great stylists think alike - I love the blue top and I just wore my lace cardi today...now I am going to have to wear my similar purple top and cardi together! And those shoes - perfect!

  15. ha- I like your awesome! I wore a new pair of aldo wedges today and was petrified I'd slip somehow and break an ankle- how embarrassing. they're super comfortable, but somehow 'odd' to walk in...

    Your baby doll awkward moment takes the cake!

  16. Lisa, you are too cute! I have delayed participating in A&A Thursdays...for fear that I would come up with plenty of awkward and no awesome! Just the way things go, I guess!

    And I love the bold, blue color of your shirt. I've also digging the cowl neckline on a button-down -- definitely a unique spin on the cowl!


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