03 June 2011


I've got some heavy duty work-related trips coming up this month, so I will be scarce in bloggydom next week and then again later this month. The work will be exhaustive, but the super-duper awesome thing is and if I keep saying that, then it will be true that I'm going to get to go to Milan and Paris!

Now I've never ever been to Italy before and have only briefly been to Paris - though Charles de Gaulle Airport, I know you well and we are not friends - so I would love recs from any of you gals who have been to either city. What's a must-see or must-do or-must-eat in Milan or Paris? I'll hopefully have a few free hours on both trips to wander, so any recs or tips especially for the gal who speaks zero Italian and incomprehensible French would be gladly appreciated!

And now here is me, oui, oui:


IMG_4751   IMG_4749

Top: Gap shrunken cable knit (similar here)
Skirt: J. Crew broadcloth pin-stripe (worn here before - similar here, here)
Shoes: Keds spright (worn here before - similar here, non-peep here)
Clutch: Rebecca Minkoff pouch (worn here before - from set of 3)
Necklace: Laila Rowe (similar here)
Cuff: Sweet Auburn Studio via Etsy (worn here before, similar here, simpler here)

♥   ♥   ♥    ♥

I've been tardy in keeping up with this, but I'm catching up again, so here are some of the cool giveaways this week:

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  1. Oh, Lisa! That's just fantasic! I am so jealous! While I know it's work related, the fact that you get to dine and experience both places is still amazing! I've never been to either, but Paris is high on my list of cities to visit. Have a great time!!!!

  2. thanks for the mention! I don't have any tips for Milan, and I was only in Paris for a day and a half, so I don't really have any tips for that, either...BUT while in Paris I did eat at this resturant: http://www.relaisdevenise.com/ on the recommendation of a coworker (a formal international flight attendant). They don't have a menu (you get a salad, steak, and fries), and it was SO good, so French, a pretty affordable (I think it was around $100USD for my friend and I, and we had a big 'ol bottle of wine and dessert). I highly recommend it if you have the time!

  3. My top must do in Paris is to visit the Louvre at sunset, it's beautiful and the cello players are so romantic. Also the D'orsay is my favorite museum in the world because of their Van gogh and impressionist collection.
    I am lol at CDG, it is hell isn't it. If we ever go back I'm getting there at least 3 hours early

  4. Lisa--I know I am pete & repeat but seriously, you create the most adorable outfits!!! I love it!! Thanks for sharing :)

    never been to Milan or Paris but I do have an eiffel tower pencil sharpener (that's right...be jealous)

  5. Super cute outfit!
    So so SO exciting about your trip! We love to travel. We were in Paris nearly two yrs ago - I have some posts on my blog you can see under "Paris" on the sidebar. I would highly recommend picking up some Laduree macarons! I've never been to Milan - only Rome - but we will be in Italy this summer (Rome & Amalfi Coast) and I canNOT wait for the Italian food & gelato! We will be through CDG three times but not leaving the airport this time. Still, the airport shopping is pretty fun! Have a wonderful time on your trip!! xo

  6. Ah Paris. You will adore the fashionable people there. There is so much to see and do. Milan has a different style than Paris though. You will see. Sorry not any more info than this.

  7. Oh, have a great trip! I've never been, so I can't offer any tips. I have heard so many horror stories about CDG, so wish you the best, Lisa!

  8. OMGosh you lucky duck! We will miss you, but have tons of fun! I love your little American Girl in Paris outfit today!

  9. I AM SOOOO JEALOUS! I think I may be more excited about your trip than you are. :)

    Love the outfit, some of my favorite colors together for such a super duper girly look.

  10. i am oozing jealousy. do you like strawberries? if so make sure you have some fragola gelato. also, fig is amazing, too.

  11. I'm soooo jealous! I've been to Paris, but never Milan (though I'd LOVE to go!). My best advice is really to just walk around Paris...it's such a walkable city and you'll just automatically be drawn into shop after shop, bakery after bakery. For breakfast, I highly recommend Café Français (3 Place de la Bastille) near the Bastille and located in the Marais area. Order the "petit dejeuner" - it consists of bread and a croissant, which sounds rather simple, but is absolutely the most heavenly, fresh baked breakfast on the planet! Oh, and you MUST try some hot chocolate here too...thick, luxurious, and YUM! Each time I went I had the same waitress...she didn't speak a ton of English, but she tried, and, most importantly, she was so sweet. I don't speak much French at all, but throughout Paris, try speaking the bare minimum - locals will appreciate it (and many, many do speak at least some English!). Have a great time, and I can't wait to hear about it!

  12. Oh! And do go to Ladurée (on the Champs-Elysée) to indulge in some heavenly dessert...try the macarons, as well as any other dessert (I had a great dessert with rose water, strawberries, and pastry).

  13. I'm so excited that you're coming to my country and to Paris at that - you'll just love it! I recommend stopping in at Angelina at 226 Rue de Rivoli (it has the most divine hot chocolate "a la maison" you could ever imagine. Seriously, you will die with pleasure - and the menu is in both French and English from memory but if not, all the waiters speak English). While you're in the area, check out Colette at 213 Rue Saint-Honoré for some really funky collectables and clothing.

    I also echo the suggestions above - Ladurée macaroons and the Musée d'Orsay are definitely worth the queues!

    My top piece of advice for a non-French speaker in France is to always, ALWAYS say "bonjour" when you enter a store or a restaurant. It's common courtesy in France and if you say it, they'll be much more obliging and willing to speak English with you.

  14. Wow Lisa, So many bloggers have advise for your European Tour. Lucky you! This is the most I have ever seen you excited about a business trip. Just think! Your company is flipping the bill. Lucky you! Milan and Paris. Aren't those Fashion Hot Spots.

    I love your classic use of White and Red with the Chambray colored Skirt. You would in fact look like a local with the adorable striped Clutch, strolling the streets of Paris. Lucky you! Did I already say that?

  15. You always crack me up Lisa! So jealous right now btw (wanna switch jobs)...sigh. Milan and Paris! I could only be more jealous if you were going during fashion week. You look very preppy (and beautiful as always)!

  16. With this outfit, you're so ready for Paris. I've never been to Europe myself, but I'm so excited for your upcoming trips! Can't wait until you get back to hear more about them :)

  17. I have been to both the cities recently and you can find good eating places in Paris in the latin quarter, do visit notre dome its beautiful, in milan you can eat at biffi near the Duomo http://biffigalleria.it/index_en.php
    visit il salvagente for discounted designer stuff

  18. I like your outfit colors! Have an amazing trip! I love it when you do giveaway roundups! I have one over at my blog too.



  19. Oh, you will have a wonderful time in Paris and Italy lisa. I've never been to Milan so can't give you any recs there. But I did go to other italian cities last year and to be honest, you don't really need to speak Italy to get around. If I were you, i'd head to the nearest gelato bar! It doesn't matter which one you go into...they'll all be soooo good ;-)
    Have a safe trip!

  20. Lucky you! For places to eat in Paris, I would recommend reading David Lebovitz's blog, http://www.davidlebovitz.com/, and his book, A Sweet Life In Paris. It's a great read for a foodie too. :)

  21. Oh, wow, that sounds like it's going to be an amazing trip! And thank you so much for mentioning my giveaway! ♥

  22. Cute outfit - red, white, and blue always look so crisp together! Hope your work engagements go smoothly and quickly!

  23. My husband and I lived in France last year and spent a total of about 9 days in Paris during different seasons. I highly recommend taking an evening sightseeing cruise on the Seine River. There are several that take off near the bridge across the street from the Eiffel Tower, and they are only about 12 euros. Take it right around the time it's getting dark so you can get good pics of the tower sparkling and the buildings/bridges along the river at night are gorgeous. Eat some crepes at the street stands. YUM. Inexpensive bistro food is typically great as long as you're far enough away from tourist sights. Visit Versailles if you can, but skip the "whole package" that includes the other buildings on the grounds and just visit the palace and the gardens.

    We visited Milan very briefly, so we really only saw the Cathedral. Very pretty, on the giant square (piazza). Eat some gelato, but not right on the piazza. I've heard that the Last Supper is really nice, but we skipped it (you have to schedule an appt in advance, so take care of that before you go if you want to see it).

    If you'd like any more pointers on Paris, I'd be happy to email. Just drop me a line at lasitera at yahoo dot com.

    Cute outfit! Tres chic!! :)

  24. Exciting, have fun Lisa! I haven't been to Paris yet but we go to France 3-4 times every year and even in the back end of nowhere people do speak basic English so don't worry about your French speaking skills.

    One of my friends pops to Paris on the Eurostar a few times a year to spend the day wandering about - she literally walks everywhere so take comfy shoes and get exploring!

  25. I really love the silhouette of your outfit here. Very chic! And OMG Milan and Pairs?! How cool! I've never been so I'll be no help, but I hope you have a wonderful time!

    Melanie@Unravelled Threads
    Follow @UnraveldThreads on twitter!

  26. I am seriously SEETHING with jealousy right now! MILAN!! PARIS!! Promise me, I mean like blood sister promise me....that you'll not leave Milan without an amazing pair of Italian real leather shoes. Will you be by a Chie Mihara show room? I would die with envy...
    I LOVE this nautical freshness you've got going on here. The little clutch is so happy I can hardly stand it. You look awesome!

  27. Have fun on your trip!!! I wish that I could go with you!

  28. Lisa, you are going to have SO MUCH FUN! I have a few places I always like to visit in Paris, but I am by no means an expert on the city. Let me know if you want any recommendations!

  29. Have fun in Europe! Thank you also for the honourable mention!

  30. Ah girl, you're living my dream. Enjoy Paree!
    Bien dans sa peau!
    Bisous, xoxo L

  31. How exciting! If you've got a few hours I reccomend walking around Le Marais, such a cute area with unique shops (some great vintage), and the BEST falafel you will ever have. Seriously! (L'as du Falafel) Bon voyage!


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