30 June 2011

A Matter of Convenience?

Your comments the other day about my friend's office crush situation were all really interesting and insightful, so thanks a ton, ladies. While I think her friendly flirt is totally innocent, I do agree that she should be careful about things potentially becoming more than they should be. I'll be keeping a friendly ear open!

A lot of you gals also made comments re: honesty to your spouse and that got me thinking about what would I do if that situation was happening to me. Would I tell my BF? Because I know if he was spending a ton of time with a young pretty female co-worker of his and thought highly of her, I would be internally steaming a bit under the collar, even though I trust BF implicitly. Yep, jealousy, ugly head, that whole bit - though I'd be too proud to admit the insecurity!

What would he think if I came home raving about a male co-worker and telling him that we'd be spending a lot of time together? This Lisa would probably totally (but innocently) be caveating it with multiple repeats about how a whole bunch of us would be working together, not mentioning anything about age or looks, probably cracking a joke or two at co-worker's expense and downplaying any inch of potential inclination that I favor said co-worker. Because even if BF has nothing to worry about which he never ever would - I wouldn't want to give him anything to worry about!

I mentioned this in the comments, but I had a male co-worker who wasn't "allowed" to be out with female co-workers. And when he brought his wife to work events, she rarely even spoke to the girls in the group and spent the evening almost possessively by her man's side. Now it totally is not my place to even try to understand their relationship dynamics, but did that keep co-worker from going out to lunch when there were gals in the group? Nopers. Did he tell the wife that? Nopers.

So slippety-slippery-slope - would those situations be considered lying or just conveniently not providing irrelevant information?

And bigger question: are there certain situations that you think is appropriate to keep from your significant other? Are there innocent enough items that you don't tell the hubby or boyfriend becaus you think it'll cause unnecessary reaction?

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IMG_5420   IMG_5425


Top: J. Crew stripe button-back
Skirt: NY&Co. abstract (worn here before - similar luxe here, reg here, pencil here)
Necklace: J. Crew pearl cluster (worn here before - similar here, here)
Shoes: Sofft giovanna (worn here before - similar here, luxe wedge here)

28 June 2011

The Chromatic Office

A friend of mine asked me the other day whether or not I thought it was a harmless thing to have a little crush on someone other than your current significant other. As in not one of those "I love Christian Bale, he's so dreamy" crushes (though I DO love Christian Bale because he IS dreamy) but one of those I actually know this person and they exist and know I exist crushes.

Now, friend of mine - we'll call her FOM for short - is married and has been happily with her man for the past three years. But recently a co-worker from another office has come to town for a project and they've been working closely together. Co-worker also happens to be close to FOM's age, is unmarried and pays her a lot of attention. Like takes his lunch breaks with her, gets angry when he feels that she's been walked over by her fellow officemates, and always goes to hang with her when there's a lull in work. Plus, according to FOM, he ain't too bad a looker either. But I bet he isn't Christian Bale ... le sigh.

So I'm thinking that little miss FOM is just basking in the temporary light of getting some male attention at the workplace and feels flattered. I'm thinking that since co-worker guy will be headed back to his office clear across the country soon and they will then rarely get to see or speak to each other after this project is over, there's nothing wrong in having a little something that makes a person actually want to go into the office each day. And maybe be a wee more careful with her makeup and hair.

What is a leeeetle bit questionable to me is that apparently co-worker guy has a girlfriend back at home. Which in all their conversations, he has failed to bring up to FOM. (I did get this info from a reliable source, we'll call that source Other FOM who also happens to work at the same office and does dude stuff with co-worker guy). So does this mean there's a returned office crush ...? Is there sketchiness going on?

OK, OK, short of turning this into an episode of Days of Our Lives, I honestly think FOM just has an innocent work crush that already has an expiration date. I think co-worker guy probably is just basking in his female office attention while he's away. And that's that. But this is such a shaky ground to walk on and all I can think of is be careful, girl! And dude, if you've got a girl and you're getting flirty on the road ... bad, dude, bad ...

This post is way more gossip-y than I am usually am, but since I've already spent this entire post being nosy neighbor who loves to spill other people's beans ... I'd love to know what you ladies think?


IMG_5383   IMG_5395

Dress: Anthro Floreat chromatic canvas (via the EA Trade Market - similar-ish herehere in white)
Cardigan: J. Crew jackie (similar here)
Belt: Banana Republic braided (similar here)
Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction pine a colada (worn here before - similar here)

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27 June 2011

Crusty Chewy Buttery Paris

Bonjour mesdames! Yes, I'm still with you and I'm finally back from (grey) Paris!


IMG_5360   IMG_5365


Top: Anthropologie city cousin (worn here before)
Skirt: Banana Republic (worn here before - similar here)
Necklace: Anthropologie gold finger (worn here before)
Bag: Cambridge Satchel (11" w/straps tucked in - similar here, metallic here)
Shoes: Anthropologie Boutique 9 botanist heeled loafers

As for Paris - well, what can I say? To be honest, I wasn't really looking forward to going initially - this was a marathon of a business trip for me and I was anticipating (and received) thorough exhaustion. Plus several semesters of college French had really done nothing to better help me understand the language. And the weather was supposed to be rainy and dreary (and it was).

And what better way to kick off a trip than to have your travel agency call to tell you that your flight had been cancelled - but not to worry, you got rebooked on pretty much the only available flight left. Oh and it is leaving five hours earlier than your original flight so you've got .... oh say, less than an hour to get to the airport and get squared away. Back of the bus, middle seat, woo hoo!

So really what can I say? Not much - except I loved it: Broken French/English interactions, dodging traffic, 14-hour workdays and super-long dinners, gorging myself on every baguette, pate, brulee, crusty buttery confection that crossed my path. The sky cracking open with rain pretty much every time I stepped outside. Trying calvados for the first time and hating it. Treating myself in bed to a midnight snack of macarons and wine. Walking a million miles in heels and feeling like my feet were going to fall off so of course when I got home, I had to buy a pair of even higher heels. Waking up with the worst hangover in years and still making it to work with a faux smile. Emptying the mini bar of bottled water and Orangina. Daily. And not getting charged for it. Paying 25 Euros for a single drink for the "privilege" of sitting in a table directly next to the evening entertainment and not getting a view. Not going to the Eiffel Tower. Eating a "XXL" portion of steak tartare and liking it. Not making an ass of myself with a snail shell and what appeared to be an eyelash curler. Checking out the hookers hanging around outside close to a posh venue where we were hosting a reception. Squeezing too many people into a compact car. Choosing to eat instead of shop even though it was semi-annual sale season.

So here's Paris in a photo medley blur:


IMG_5337    IMG_5334

IMG_5309    IMG_5270

Padlocks for lovers along the Pont des Arts foot bridge.

IMG_5237    IMG_5283

IMG_5300    IMG_5301

A midnight treat.

IMG_5289    IMG_5285

IMG_5264    IMG_5223
A French version of a façade.


IMG_5218     IMG_5217

IMG_5313     IMG_5271

17 June 2011

A Very Minkoff Giveaway

Blogiversary 1.5 years for me coming up this month whilst I am away, so what better way for me to celebrate than to share a little somethin' somethin' with you fantastically fashionable ladies?


I've received a ton of compliments about my striped Rebecca Minkoff pouches (seen here and here) so how better a way of saying "thank you" to you readers for hanging in with me through my sartorial mismatching, broken physical fitness promises and overt wordiness than to offer one lucky gal her own set?


This giveaway is for one set of three Rebecca Minkoff striped pouches. The pouches are brand new, coated canvas with goldtone RM hardware and fully lined interiors. The smallest pouch also has a keyring.

I love using the two larger pouches as standalone clutches, but they would be perfect little wallets or cosmetic bags or whatever you like. The largest pouch measures 9.5" x 7" and the smallest is 6" x 4".


Entering is super-duper easy:
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Merci beaucoup!


Fine print: This giveaway is sponsored fully by me for my readers. It is not sponsored by Rebecca Minkoff. That's all.

15 June 2011

Respect the Outfits: You Being You

Isn't it a great thing when we can put together an outfit that is stylish, chic and instantly puts us at ease? Something that not only looks good but conveys confidence at a glance? Welcome to this month's Respect the Outfits reader feature - all about YOU lovely ladies wearing what you love.

These are the outfits that these lovely fella readers have selected to represent who they are sartorially (right now at least) - because as you gals have already told me, it's our perogative to change our style!

Please read on and check out these beautiful ladies just being their chic, unique selves:

♥  Lauren from Small Talk, à la simple yet chic.

Anthro Apothecary skirt / Anthro Aviatrix Tee / Anthro cuff / Anthro Dearie Me wedges / Diana Warner earrings / Palabra Designs necklace

♥  Jessica from Monster Cakes: This picture perfectly captures me because I am a bit geek chic (hence The Great Gatsby shirt and glasses), but I'm also girly and not afraid to embrace both sides. Yey for nerds. : )

♥  Lisa from Sweet Laundry Loves, à la sophisticated and classy with a bit of a twist.

Striped Dress: Jacob / Tights: Hue / Shoes: Nine West / Bracelet: Ann Taylor / Sunglasses: Miu Miu

♥  Stephanie from Bar Chic: I think this is definitely me being me! I think of my style as being floaty and feminine, but also fairly relaxed, so I picked a girly dress and paired it with some casual flat sandals. I'm also being classically "me" here in the sense that the first thing I do when I put on a dress like this is give it a twirl!

Dress: Anthropologie Gull Wing Dress / Cardigan: Ann Taylor Loft / Necklace: Kate Spade Twirl Necklace /
Shoes: Seychelles Cream of the Crop Flats

♥  Gigi from Gigi's Gone Shopping, à la modern + classic w/bright pops or touches of sparkle.

Jacket: J Crew 2010 / Blouse: Anthro 2010 / Necklace: J Crew 2010 / Jeans: J Crew 2010 / Shoes: J Crew 2008

♥  EE from Eek!, à la polished but comfy.

top: Anthro / skirt: Old Navy / pumps: Jeffrey Campbell / sunnies: Dsquared / belt: Gap

♥  TG from La Petite Anthropologiest: This look is quintessentially because this whole look is repeated in my closet a lot. My look is always about SHAPE. Shapes are sensual. And I love to shape my body in bright colors and fitted clothes.The shoes with the buckle, the fitted pencil skirt soft white shirt: that's TG.

Top: Anthro Climbing Cowlneck / Earrings: Anthro / Skirt: Anthro san pedro skirt in / Belt: sash from the Anthro Tiny Windows Dress /
Necklace: Anthro / Shoes: GUESS

♥  modernmom from I Dream of Anthropologie: I LOVE pattern mixing, and wanted to copy the product image from the catalog for this skirt. It used a pink plaid top, but I am not a big fan of that much pink. I love taking a risk with fashion, and being just outside the norm.

Shirt: J Crew Perfect Plaid / Skirt: Anthropologie Penciled Abronia / Belt: DKNY / Thrifted Shoes: Guess, DSW /
Bracelet: Anthropologie Omnifarious / Earrings: Dillards pearl hoops

 ♥  Rachel from Promises Like Pie Crust:

Anthro Verdant Slip Dress / Club Monaco cardigan / Hilary Druxman necklace / Miss Sixty Tracy shoes

♥  Jamie from Thrifty Threads: One of the things that I love about personal style is that it can be multi-faceted without being contradictory. Many of the outfits that I post on my blog incorporate beaded cardigans, pencil skirts, bright colors, and plenty of florals. I almost sent one of those signature "Jamie" outfits, but decided to send you a very different outfit: one that is more city sleek than suburban sweet. And I felt just as much myself in this look as I do in my usual assortment of ruffles and lace! I think it's wonderful that personal style affords us the opportunity to explore different aspects of ourselves every day, without requiring that we compromise our identities or chose any one aspect of our personality over another.

J. Crew Wave Tank / LOFT blazer / Hudson Collin jeans / Franco Sarto wedges / Talbots belt / Banana Republic necklace / Kate Spade bag

♥  Tara from Mix and Match Fashion, à la colorful.
Blouse: LOFT / Cardigan: NY & Co / Skirt: J Crew / Shoes: Nine West

♥  Kelly from Fashion Fuel: I can't say I always adhere to one particular style, but I always feel my best when I'm wearing a skirt or dress. Plus, blue and green are two of my favorite colors, which makes this outfit one that truly defines me.
Esprit Tunic (worn as shirt) / Anthropologie Skirt & Belt / American Eagle Necklace / Jessica Simpson Shoes

♥   ♥   ♥   ♥

And here iz me in a very Me look and Lauren's skirt twin - bright colors, requisite stripes and a statement-y necklace:


IMG_5156   IMG_5157

Top: J. Crew perfect boatneck (worn here before - similar here)
Skirt: Anthropologie Parameter apothecary (worn here before)
Necklace: Old Navy ethnic statement (now on sale - worn here before)
Shoes: Seychelles she's got the moves (worn here before)
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