03 May 2011

Take a Step that is New

I love seeing all the gorgeous pics of my fellow bloggers rocking their maxi-length dresses and midi-length skirts but I have a difficult time joining the bandwagon. I'm short and not tiny, and those lengths just tend to cut me off at weird places and make me look stumpy instead of svelte (seriously, I've tried, I'm not just whining for the sake of whi - well, so what if I am).

Granted, I should just take that as a reminder that trends are not made for everyone (and that's OK) and I should instead embrace the ones that suit me - like you, bright saturated colors, and you, tribal prints, and even you, early '80s-inspired platform sandals (Chrissy Snow would be proud).

But I still can't help to stare enviously at the leggy gals with their long skirts swirling at their ankles or grazing across their calves, looking both incredibly modern and on-trend, yet classic and modest. So I think I will get as closely long as I dare at the moment and sport the boldly shocking just-below-the-knee length. I know you're all impressed, I can tell.

Are there any warm-weather trends that you are intimidated by?


IMG_3890  IMG_3841


Top: LE Canvas stretch poplin (worn here before - similar here)
Chemise worn as tank: Anthropologie (similar cami here or here)
Skirt: LE button-front chambray (good sub for the Madewell sightseer skirt)
Belt: Mossimo by Target (similar here)
Shoes: Xhiliration by Target teanna (worn here before - similar here, here)
Necklace: Overstock overlay camelia flower (worn here before - similar here)
Cuff: Sweet Auburn Studio via Etsy


  1. That cuff is GORGEOUS!! This outfit is definitely something I would wear especially the skirt. Classic mixed with cool! :)

    ps. I'm pretty short too, but I really want to try a maxi dress or skirt.

  2. I like your outfit a ton. Especially that awesome cuff. You mentioned in your post one of my fears - calf length skirts. Eeeek! Oh, and those new "hammer" pants. I just can't see myself in those looking like I was carrying a load and all.

  3. I agree with Mrs. J about the cuff-it is stunning!

    I also agree with Katrina about the harlem pants-I just could never pull it off (though in their prime in my elementary school years, I like to believe that I rocked 'em)

    My spring fashion trend that I get nervous about is the all white look. I love it. I try to pull it off, but I have three kids and a clumsy, hurried personality wherein I attract dirt, stains, pet hair, people hair and other nonsense floating about. I will keep trying, though.

    I think you look great in your skirt and have enjoyed reading your blog.

  4. I'm TERRIFIED of maxis - I love the look, but like you, I don't know if I've got the figure (I'm 5'3" and wear a size 8!) - I keep telling myself I'm going to try one on the next time I'm in forever 21, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.

  5. Yeah I want to try a maxi too, but my proportions are funny and I'm SURE I'll end up looking shorter! I'm also scared of shorts though so skirts and dresses in between are right up my ally :)

  6. lol I have NO idea what you are talking about, you look gorgeous and svelte in all of your pictures. I am actually afraid of skirts like the one you are wearing, they emphasize my mancalves 10x over. They look incredible on you though so I'm living vicariously. :D

  7. Love. Such a chic classic and low-key look, and then the cuff adds a nice element of surprise.

  8. Oooo, I am going to have to steal this look from you! I have the Madewell Sightseer skirt, and I have no idea why I didn't think of just pairing with a nice, classic white blouse. You look so gorgeous! I'm short and not skinny as well, and I love maxi skirts! I always have to make sure that they go allll the way down to my feet, though -- anything shorter than that and I get the dreaded stumpification effect, ugh! I think a summer trend I don't know if I can handle for myself are platform sandals -- I feel too self-conscious! Not to mention that I walk all wobbly in them. :( Same with amazing shift dresses -- thanks to the 2-size difference between my top and bottom, no shift dress could ever fit me correctly.

  9. Want cuff now.

    I think anyone can rock a maxi with the right fit. Though, I will admit that I don't care about looking shorter. Or stumpy, as you put it, haha.

  10. Same problem, girl! I look like a frump and a half in maxi dresses and midi-skirts, so I've been praying for that trend to leave forever! But, alas, last summer, I gave in and wore a full-length skirt around for a while because, well, it was really twirly. That cuff is BEAUTIFUL.

  11. You got the proportions spot on here!

    I am actually in love with most of the trends that a popular right now...bright color blocking a la Jil Sander, anything 70s, maxi dresses...I just tend to do things more subtly.

  12. You look awesome!! Maxis are always so cute...I always hear people say they are afraid of looking frumpy but I've never seen someone in one and thought "yikes...that looks frumpy.." IDK...

    Summer trends that frighten me...umm, not much scares me, but I do worry I may show too much skin at times. I try to pair short shorts with a 3/4 length sleeve tops...or strapless top with capris...but when it's hot I sweat! I like to wear tanks/strapless tops with shorts...but I worry it's too much. Usually I opt for dresses. ideas on this??

  13. You look fantastic in the crisp white button-down and the cute skirt! I think you probably could rock a maxi skirt, you always look amazing. I, on the other hand have a plethora of trends I will not be partaking in, shorts, harem pants, seventies jeans...really I could go on and on. Love love love that cuff!

  14. Your cuff is AMAZING.


    *stunned silence*

    That is all.

  15. in a way, maxi dresses even though i'm dying for one (or 5). i don't really want to draw attention to my midsection since thats the area i'm trying to work on...

  16. so cute and put together Lisa! I'm not wearing a maxi, nope, not gonna do it. AND I will not wear a skirt that cuts my calves at their thickest spot, no sireeee. I'm happy being NOT in style this spring :)

  17. Super cute outfit! Especially the cuff. Love your blog!

  18. awesome bracelet and I love your chambray skirt!

  19. ahhh white on denim can never go wrong- i love this look on you, it's fresh and classic.
    I'd love to try the maxi dress/skirt one day as they look fantastic on bloggers i've seen, but am too afraid to go there myself. I do however want to try the midi skirt even though it will cut the thickest part of my calves...game on!

  20. WOW that cuff is cool!


  21. I freaking LOVE that skirt. The perfect length! You look so classic and cool. And that cuff is totally rockin. Too much skin in the summer time...that's what turns me off. We still have air conditioners, people! That's what I'd like to tell many offenders.:)

  22. All I get discouraged by are super short shorts, but I am not intimidated at all by flouncy skirts or even bathing suits, really. I can't be. It's 100 for three months here. If I were scared of bathing suits I would never be able to leave the house!

  23. You should stick with what works for you. Unless it's something you have never tried.

    I can enjoy living vicariuosly through your beautiful White Wisp of a peasant blouse (from a few weeks back) actually the entire outfit was angelic. You can enjoy my one Polka Dot Maxi Dress.

  24. love how chunky and high those heels are!

  25. I'm still on the hunt for the perfect maxi dress... I'm having a hard time finding one that hits me at the right place. And then I have a problem with what shoes I should wear with it. Oh, dilemmas.

    Holy cow that is one lovely cuff!

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  26. Is it bad that I'm glad I'm not the only one who fears the maxis and midis?

    Frannie Panz - I have one pair of white shorts and one white skirt, both of which I hardly wear for the same reasons. I become a ketchup magnet in the face of white! And as much as I love the look of a white dress, I steer clear of them, because that will be like a big target for dirt and grease for me!

    Ashley - F21 has been pushing the maxi trend hard and they do have some really pretty pieces now. Let me know if you find something that works!

    Elle - man calves - you? oh please, girl, you've got an awesome athlete's body!

    amy kelinda - for some reason I am OK with these platform sandals - but I've got some platform wedges that make me wobbly around like a new-born giraffe!

    Anne - I know what you mean - if it is hot as heck and you're outside or somewhere warm for most of it, the last thing you want to be is feel like you're covered head-to-toe. Maybe just keep a wrap or nice cardi around that you can reach for if you end up going inside? Or I always love a good breezy linen top!

    Minnesota Maven - I tried the harem pants once. And that is all I'm going to say about that!

    Molly - I always have a hard time finding a good summer compromise in attire. BC it is hot as heck outside but sometimes its like a freezer in homes or stores. I've gotten good at leaving a few cardis or wraps in my car now!

    Laurel - I lived in the SW for the few years - whew, talk about hot! Good thing it was desert with no water though, I can't fit my bathing suits like I used to!

    Laura - haha, yes, I need to live vicariously through you regular-height gals who can rock maxi-lengths and don't have to worry about inseams!

  27. Oh gosh I'm afraid of maxi dresses too...and capris, and shorts, and loose/flowy/boho tops, and probably a few other things I just can't think of right now...I'm afraid of everything when summer comes around because summer clothes force me to show off my pale skin and my not so toned arms and legs!

  28. Lisa, I love this outfit - so classic and clean and pretty! I like maxi lengths occasionally, but they're not my favorite - mostly because the skirt kinda gets in the way, haha. My personal length-I-hate is the tea length skirt (mid-calf). I look so stumpy, I can't handle it.


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