18 May 2011

Dear Anyone Else

I've a got a case of the Help Mes today, so please bear with me. Consider this a reverse Dear Abbie and I am requesting a bevvy of style-related advice from your highly-regarded collective fashion know-how.


Starting with this dress. I purchased the Anthro blackboard dress from Ebay months ago but aside from my initial glee over its well-fittingness, I haven't worn in. Because I am not sure how to wear it.  The ruched shoulders make wearing it under cardis awkward, and then throwing a jacket on seems to make it loose its nice lines, and with just a belt, it still doesn't seem right.

IMG_4328  IMG_4331

You ladies have any ideas on how I can style this? Or have I fashion blogged too much and I can no longer accept leaving a dress on its own - because it seems like a fine piece all by itself? 

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And then way back in April, I fell victim to the Lust for a Yellow Bag and purchased one of those hot-to-trot Cambridge Satchels in yellow. Swallowing the retardedly high cost for shipping anything overseas, my lust for the satchel was so great that I didn't even bat an eyelash when the web site advised that due to demand, blah, blah, blah, it may take up to three weeks before I received anything.

And so I clickety-clicked my way through a purchase and have been sitting on my hands as three weeks came and went. And I've received nothing except an initial order confirmation e-mail. Even after I sent customer service a ping a few days ago inquiring about my status. Whole lotta nada.

Has anyone else purchased a Cambridge Satchel before from the states? Is this kind of wait and silence normal? Was Pippa Middleton spotted carrying this exact bag weeks ago so that the Satchel company has been raided of all its wares by a bevvy of fanatical trend-following London-ites and they're tanning hides as fast they can right now through the dark of night to keep up?

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I know fashion is a cyclical thing and retailers take inspiration from each other and I typically have no probs at all when doppelganger looks pop up from different stores. But I do find it amusing when an inspired-by look clocks in as more expensive than the original. Case in point:

Ramona Buckle Slides - Anthropologie (3 colors - $98) OR Worishofer 251 Sandals (21 colors - $59.95)

What do you think about this style? As a backlash to the sucky Anthro sale yesterday, I bit on the yellow Worishofers and bought them online. I know about the shopping ban ... I know they're comfy as all get and they are kind of IN right now, but I'm still undecided on whether "orthopedic chic" is a good thing?


  1. OK, I like it with the belt, add the jacket and some chunky jewlery or maybe even pearls!!! Its a blank slate and you can't go worng with layering on accessories! Less isn't more, its just less, so go for it, add something!!!!

  2. I'm pretty fashion incompetent (I can dress myself, but I'm terrible at trying to dress anyone else), so I'm no expert at trying to style anything, but I think I would wear this dress without a cardi/blazer/belt, and just go for some really bright bold jewellery. I totally understand the urge to style something within an inch of its life, but sometimes simple is best!

  3. We have a lot of the same thoughts, you and I. Whenever I put anything on, I always find I'm layering or accessorizing the heck out of it. Particularly with belts. It's like an addiction. Anyway, I think the dress is beautiful all three ways that you posted.

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  4. I like the dress on it's own. I'd opt for a belt, and bold jewelry or shoes in bold colors like a bright red or turquoise.

  5. I agree with the others. Just add jewelry and a cute bag!

  6. the dress is perfect on you...just a statement necklace or a pretty scarf is all you need. - j

  7. I recommend:

    bright skinny belt rather than a wide belt- maybe yellow or aqua, etc
    a bright necklace
    and some seriously awesome sandles/peep toe pumps- particularly tall with awesome details. I wouldn't go with a simple shoe

    No need for toppers (cardis, blazers, etc).That dress is GORG! Have fun styling! : )

  8. The dress looks wonderful on you! I agree with Meli22 - no need for a cardi/jacket - try some bright shoes and big jewlery!

  9. i think it would be fantastic with pearls!

  10. This dress is GORGEOUS on you!! I love the neckline (you have beautiful collar bones)the seams, the shoulders, and the feminine flare at the bottom!!

    I think it would be cool if you let the dress showcase YOU...wear your hair pulled back in a sleek bun to emphasize your purdy face, maybe match lipstick to shoes, let your collarbones be the visual interest of the neckline (no necklace), and maybe an earthy belt to match eye make-up! :)

  11. The dress looks great! Maybe a bright skinny belt and a large necklace?

    You shouldn't have shown those shoes--they have every color imaginable!

  12. Or a scarf instead of a necklace...

  13. I ordered the green cambridge satchel from their website, not arrived yet, hope I will like it!!!

  14. I totally know what you mean about not being able to leave an item alone....I always want to add things to them! I love this dress on you....so flattering and cute! I would add a wide belt (colored--like red, green, aqua) and add chunky jewelry. Sometimes I think I need to treat jewelry as throw pillows...they're the perfect way to interject color into an otherwise bland color palette.

  15. I think you should leave it be and let your accessories become the extra pieces instead. The dress is beautiful by itself and looks great on you already.

    The shoe comparison is crazy how did the price double! smh

  16. I like the dress left alone ( i know it's hard)

    and you know I love worishofers! I bought two pairs this spring and I'm wearing them all over town- and getting lots of compliments! I think it's all about how you style them (like anything else) I'm not wearing knee length pleated khaki shorts with them. ..so that kind of removes the old-lady frumpy-ness just a bit (of course maybe everyone is secretly laughing at me behind my back??) but I love em!

  17. I think accessories (bracelets, necklaces, your redish-orange croc heels)rather then adding layers to the dress would do the trick.

    It's a beautiful dress!

  18. I think with a lbd like yours, all it needs is either a pair of dangly earrings or a statement necklace.
    Those worishofers look exactly like the anthro pair! I can't see the difference besides maybe the label. I like them and think they would be easy on the feet, but I wouldn't know what is wear them with besides casual denim.

  19. I think let jewelry do the talking because you are so right- this dress fits you beautifully. I would love to see it with bright jewels and gorgeous sophisticated pumps.

  20. I like Besos Lynn's idea of the belt *and* jacket. I also like the idea of it plain w/just some necklaces and cute shoes. You wear bright colors very well. Perhaps it feels odd to not have any on.

  21. I agree that the jacket is too much with the cut and length of this dress, but it really doesn't look bad with the belt or you can do as the others suggest and wear a bold necklace.

    And I can't believe the price difference with those shoes. That really gets me.

    P.S. Check it - I'm wearing one of the dresses I bought from you!


  22. I own this dress too. I usually wear it with a long cardigan [i.e. jcrew boyfriend cardigan], or I go totally girly prep. I bought this dress because I own pink argyle socks to wear with it, along with a pink headband, and pink heels that all match the dress. I don't know if I posted any pics on my blog in any of those pairings, but I know there might be a pick of me in this dress and cowboy boots floating about.


  23. I agree with the pack- the dress has enough structure to stand out on its own, with maybe a bright belt (skinny rather than wide, to echo the subtle cut) and ohh...maybe some 'statement' shoes!

    I think it's weird that you haven't heard anything from the company about your bag order (but I love the thought of ravenous brit streetstyle zombies rampaging through the factory).

  24. Woo hoo! You got the Worishofers! You wont be disappointed, because those cheerful babies are so comfy, you can mow the lawn in them (or whatever). I think the dress is cute on it's own, but with a bright colored thin belt and a different colored bright pair of shoes, you will really knock it out of the park.

  25. You gals are fantastic - thanks for your wonderful styling ideas! Is it wrong that I feel nekkid when I wear a dress on its own now, and not belted, pinned, smothered, covered, etc.?!

    It is great to know that most of you agree that this dress probably needs nothing more than some bold accessories! Though I've added some skinny belts to my wishlist now - what a great idea too!

  26. How about a sleeveless cardi babe? Something of a different texture and belt over it. that way, you keep the cap sleeve details!

    Or - if ur lazy like, you are looking daaamn fine with just the dress!


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  27. I must confess that when I saw the yellow 'slippers'...err I mean... yellow sandals on Anthro's website, I definitely pictured a little old granny wearing them as her house shoes along with a semi see-through nighty. Sorry. They're totally orthopedic to me, and I was surprised to see them on Anthro's website, along with these.....
    But different strokes for different folks.

  28. Hey! I think the dress is alright. It's a versatile color but maybe not so much versatile in the cut. The bottom has a distinctive flow to it the way it's sewn so wearing a blazer seems too boxy and crops off the bottom of the dress kind of weird. Try a cardigan or a more flowy top, and depending on how it looks, roll up the sleeves to create a cleaner fresher look. As for accessorizing, a skinny belt to lessen that 'tension' a thicker belt creates. It's also more simple with a skinny belt. A yellow on that color would pop nicely or anything bright.Try dangly earrings or a statement necklace but best to not do both. That's my two cents - hope it helps! Please show us a photo when and if you decide to restyle this dress! I wouldn't put it into my wardrobe but if you have it, it is workable.


  29. I think the dress is beautiful on it's own. Maybe a pair of pumps and a nice long necklace? I do like that belt with it - maybe for a more casual look wear the belt and tall boots with that dress?

    Either way, it's beautiful and suits you quite well! :)

  30. I think a soft silk sash at the waist would compliment the structure of the dress and be harmonious with that ruched sleeve.
    I have heard that the Cambridge satchel is all sorts of sold out because of Pippa.
    Hang in there...I'm sure it will come!
    The only thing is, by the time it does will you still want canary yellow??? ;)

  31. A skinny bright belt, bright shoes, a statement necklace or a scarf - all the ideas I've seen above sound spot on to me! Be sure to post some "reader styled" pictures of this once you've purchased those skinny belts!!

  32. I'm going to echo what so many have already said. Belt similar to what you have and a fun brght shoe. Or how about a colorful silk scarf tied around the waist and then a simple classic shoe?

  33. Lisa - I know what you mean, I totally get that vibe too. I am hoping cute wins out over granny, but we'll see. I purchased mine from Endless so I can always return them if after I try them on, I get an inexplicable urge to don some ankle socks, a sun visor and go play shuffleboard and canasta!

    Eleanor - I hope I still want a yellow bag by then, haha!

    Louise - thanks much, excellent idea!

  34. i think you're right. sometimes we blog so much we feel we need to have a dozen items together to make it feel styled. i think this dress just needs some high heels and simple but well-thought out jewelry. less is more.

  35. I agree with Meli22 and Kristin. A narrow belt in a pretty Spring color with an awesome necklace and pumps. I like the dress with the Blazer. Rev it up with some color.

    I would be anxious about the Satchel. Was your account debited already. Especially considering what happened with my Orla Kiely. They sent me the wrong color and never responded back to any of my emails.

  36. Hi Lisa! I love the yellow satchel you found. So pretty! In case your order ends up getting canceled, Kate Spade has a similar one that might fit the bill:


    The yellow color isn't shown online, but I saw it at the Westfield, NJ Lord and Taylor, if you're interested! I was so very, very tempted...


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