24 May 2011

D'Armee vs. Navy

Oh I wonder how many cheesy military references the inception of this dress' name is responsible for. So of course I totally had to up the smirk-inducing factor by going full-on girly with my ensemble today, including the Shirley Temple-esque curls (still working out the "kinks" with the curling iron, OK - though the bobby pin was all me).


BF and I watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part I yesterday evening. And though I know the character are supposed to be full-blown teenagers and the actors are even older than that, it was still cringe-worthy to me when I saw Harry help Ginny zip up her dress (really, girlfriend, you're not rockin' a bra or slip or anything?) and {spoiler} even eye-covering in that nightmare scene where Ron saw manifestations of Harry and Hermione totally hooking up. Can I help it if I still envision those multi-millionaire actors like wee little wizards running around in their too-big robes, frizzy hair and squeaky voices?

IMG_4402 IMG_4433

Not sure if my hesitation and squeamishness is due to feeling all nostalgic about these characters/actors not being all young tiny children anymore - or if in the way back of my mind, it is just a reminder to me that if they're getting older, than also means I'm getting older.

So apparently I strike out with a head full of "good ship lollipop" curls and a work-appropriate version of a little sailor outfit. Watch out, at this rate after Part II comes out, I may end sporting my version of a baby new year costume.



Dress: Anthropologie Parameter d'armee (worn here before)
Belt: J. Crew skinny (similar here)
Shoe Clip as Brooch: Lilywinkel via Etsy (worn here before)
Tank: Gillian & O'Malley via Target (similar here)
Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction swim n fool (worn here before - similar luxe here, reg here)
Clutch: Rebecca Minkoff pouch (one of a set - larger version seen here)

Is it just me, or has anyone else had difficulty leaving comments on Blogger today?


  1. haha...I think it's totally weird that the Harry Potter actors are grown up - I mean, I guess they're about the same age as me (well, Emma Watson is definitely younger), but it's still weird. Plus, it makes me feel bad about myself - they're my age and have already made more money than I probably will in my lifetime. It's a weird moment when you finally realize that your chance of being a famous young actress/Miss America has gone out the window because you're just too old. Dang.

    Anyway, I love this RW&B outfit - the clutch is awesome!

  2. So pretty! Funny how Hollywood can't seem to film quickly enough to avoid actors looking older. Maybe they should have super-imposed their faces (like they did in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button! lol) Either way, I love your nautical outfit. It's so perfect for spring/summer!

    Melanie@Unravelled Threads
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  3. Lisa--LOVE this outfit! Your hair looks cute, too:)

  4. Ha ha! I love your "good ship lollipop" hair. This outfit is adorable on you and I love when you do close ups of your freckles. Too cute!

  5. I love love this outfit! So classy and yet fun with the leopard.

  6. You are toooo cute, I love this dress on you!

    And I am like four movies behind on the Harry Potter movie franchise...I am thinking a HP marathon when the last one comes out. :0

  7. Ahhh! That horcrux scene makes me blush... it's just not right! You know what really gets m feeling old though? The Bachelor and Bachelorette shows. Those people used to seem SO old to me and now a lot of them are younger!
    Love the outfit! It's so fun and those shoes just perfect it!

  8. I love the subtle navy accessorizing of the army dress. Too cute!

    The one thing that totally annoys me about the HP books is how the kids act so much older than they are. They're just off saving the world and those stupid adults keep getting in the way. Um, yeah that's realistic! :P

  9. Love love love this Lisa! The navy, the peeking stripes, the shoes, everything!! Score!

  10. Love this dress!.......what material is that?

  11. Oh my god, I love this. I am such a sucker for anything "good ship lollipop" so I'm most probably going to go and steal all of these things from your closet when your back is turned.

    I mean, what?

    Haha! I seriously love your little curls, too! So adorable! And I got weirded out seeing the H.Potts people all grown up too in that movie. I mean, remember when they were all mop-headed and adorable and barely taller than Professor Snape's elbow? D'awwwwww....

    Though I am happy to see Ron and Hermione finally kind of admitting their feelings for each other. Took them long enough.

  12. PS. I gave you a little shout-out on my blog -- participate if you'd like! (http://kelindakelinda.blogspot.com/2011/05/orange-punch.html)

  13. I think you are the queen of cool and quirky accessories :)

  14. Haha, thanks, ladies, I am glad I'm not the only one who finds it weird that the HP "kids" are all grown up - and that smooching scene from the latest movie was disturbing!

    Ashley - more true and kind of sad things! And I don't want to downplay the craft of acting, but those kids are making more from one movie than like all the PhDs from Harvard combined or something!

    Melanie - I know - I feel bad for all those guys in the vampire movies/TV shows. The girls are "aging" well but it is kind of sad to see these forever young things getting visibly older!

    Kathleen - haha, I never thought about it like that but it is so true!

    amy kelinda - is it wrong if I've always secretly rooted for Harry and Hermione to get together? I guess it would've been too obvious! And thanks for the tag love!

  15. Love the nautical look with or without the shirley temple curls. :)

  16. I am speechless.
    That combination of the stripes, navy and leopard?!?!?!
    Girl, I am in utter awe of you right now and am bowing at the altar of awesomeness to you!!!!

    Love Love Love ~ and might I be so bold to say that this may be my very favorite outfit on you EVER?!?!?

  17. CUTE!! I love this adorable nautical inspired combo. The flower corsage placement is perfect too!
    As for HP, I still seem them as little kids. Oh, and I agree with you about Harry + Hermione - how come those two never got it on?! Their level of intelligence is more on par with each other than Rons :-)

  18. Love it- and you've thrown in some animal print to keep it fierce...although I dare say cute can be fierce too, and you're it!

  19. The shoes are to die for. :) Love the clutch too!

  20. Oh man, if I see a D'Armee dress I'm definitely gonna have to buy it! I love this look. The blue and stripes are perfect together. And the leopard flats are such a nice touch.

    Complex Cardigans

  21. This outfit is great...I love the peek of stripes under the dress.

  22. This is absolutely adorable, Lisa. Like LC, I really like the striped cami that you added. You know, I just ordered a striped tank from J. Crew and am thinking that I can try something similar once it arrives.

    And all the sweet touches make me smile -- that flower, your gorgeous curls...and THOSE SHOES! You look fabulous!

  23. Cute curls!!!

    I totally had problems commenting yesterday on blogger. It was so frustrating!!

    I like the tank and the fun shoes, but the flower on the waist is the winner of this cute outfit. Love it!

  24. You look great in that dress. The shoes just add even more interest! And I am loving the new hairstyles.

  25. Callandra - the dress is poly/rayon and is actually feels quite nice. The sleeves are a jersey and the body is this kind of wrinkly material that hangs quite nicely to me.

    Aw, thanks, Eleanor!

    vintageglammz - right on!

    Pamela - thank goodness (?) it wasn't just me! I was often stuck in eternal comment/login/comment/login never-ending rut! Ugh!

    Thanks, modernmom! ONE of these days I'll get the hang of the curling iron!

  26. I think the best thing about the Harry Potter series was literally growing up with it. They are all grown up now. I don't think the later Harry Potter books/movies are meant for "kids", they're meant for the age groups that the characters are.

    Came here via Sal of Already Pretty, Love the navy dress mixed with stripes and "spots".

  27. This is so incredibly CUTE! I love the stripes peeking underneath and the darling flower..your hair was the perfect touch!


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