07 May 2011

Anthro Do It

For all you moms out there, I hope you ladies get spoiled this weekend! And for the rest of us, please remember to call or write or visit or smoke signal - 'cause that's your mom!

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On the acquisitions front, I know a lot of you gals are like me and have blogged on to participate in Kim's shopping ban challenge for the month of May. What I think is great about this is that no only can we support each other from making more frivolous purchases, but we can set our own rules if we want to.

Now I'm one of those mind-of-a-five-year-old gals and if I try to limit myself completely from doing something, I'll want it even more - so my personal rules for this challenge? Well, they're kind of lax, but pretty much I can't purchase anything unless I've sold or donated something similar - one in, one out.

So since a lot of us are trying to be good right now, I thought what better time to think of saving money but still being able to appreciate one of our more favored retailers - Anthropologie. I think we can all agree that even during open pocketbook season, their prices aren't so easy to swallow. And during this month, even sale prices are not supposed to sway me. So what can I do to show my love for the brand and still satiate my grabby hands needs?

Maybe it's time replace those worn out credit cards with a pair of scissors and a hot glue gun for some Anthro-spired DIY ...

✿  Sarah from Welcome to the gOOd life is an Anthro-rational queen of crafts - she made her own squeezebox top, majorelle necklace and an Anthro-worthy dress from a skirt!

✿  Rachel from Shoes & Sewing is another reigning seamstress Anthro queen - she takes inspiration from favorite Anthro pieces and makes them look and fit better than the originals! Like this tria skirt - or this powdered pigment dress:

✿  Ryan from Saving Artist Ryan shows us that DIY Anthro creativity goes beyond only clothing - and it can be easy peasy, like her version of the wise walker sandals:

✿  Taylor from Taylor Made recreated all the glam from the flamenco show curtains, but made them to suit her color scheme:

✿  Emily from The Boy Trifecta recreated the budget-busting mai ogi bag for only dollars(singles):

✿  Lindsay from Living with Lindsay took inspiration from the canine crest chandelier shade and it made it even bigger and better:

✿  And Aubree from Yellow Blackbird and Maegen from ... love Maegen make me feel all sorts of uncoordinated and lazy by creating their versions of the accordian strands and cluny lace necklaces:

Do you have a cool Anthro DIY or know of a great blog with some? Share the love in the comments!

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And what's an even better way of saving money than to hopefully get something for nothing from some of our fave fellow bloggers? Here are some cool giveaways of the week:

✿  sharonlei from elisharon is giving away a claire tote shopping bag from Fabric & Handle. Contest ends today!

✿  Morgan from Meet Virginia Design is giving away a piece of jewelry of your choosing from In Honor of Design. Contest ends tonight.

✿  Sydney from The Daybook is giving away a pair of makai sandals from Blowfish. Contest ends May 8.

✿  Medine from The Man Repeller is giving away a Jay Godfrey dress. Contest ends May 8.

✿  Lei from every mom has her day is giving away a $50 gift certificate to ProFlowers. Contest ends May 8.

✿  Anh from 9to5Chic is giving away a $50 gift certificate to Alainn Bella. Contest ends May 9.

✿  Cheryl from Oh to Be a Muse is giving away a fringe shimmy necklace from Jennifer Elizabeth. Contest ends May 14.

✿  Carrie from this free bird is giving away a $100 gift certificate to ShopBop. Contest ends May 19.

✿  Grace from This-Grace is giving away a Marc by Marc Jacobs tate medium tote. Contest ends May 31.

✿  Abbey from Along Abbey Road is giving away a $30 gift card to Anthropologie. Contest ends June 4.


  1. what a great idea to put these together into a post! These are some fantastic anthro inspirations- I'm not officially joining the challenge, since I'll probably rebel and find even more to buy, but I've cut back a lot recently (I think my mailman might be sad). What works for me when I'm really pining for something specific from anthropologie, or just something new, is to try some thrift-store shopping. I can find something similar (or even sometimes better) for a guilt-free $5 and go on my way. That does often entail some tailoring or crafting fun to get what I want though!

  2. wow. I can't believe how crafty some of these gals are. It's quite a feat to take something from Anthropologie and make it better... thanks for sharing this! it is super inspiring and makes me with I was craftier!

  3. i love that white dress! it looks so clean.


  4. Okay that flamenco curtain is simply amazing. Wow what a great diy (as are all of them, but that one really got me). ps have you seen the may catalogue? D.I.E.
    ps-thx for the giveaway shoutout. such a fun one!

  5. thanks for the shout out! i'm loving your blog!


  6. Hola Lisa, thanks for sharing all these inspiring Anthro DIY project. It looks like fun, but Miss Crafty I am not. lol. I even mess up my kids school projects so I doubt I can make anything close to Anthro-esque.

  7. Great idea! I think I will go on this challenge as well. My credit cards could use a rest anyway. I like the compromise too. ;-)

  8. Smart, smart, smart! This was a great post - thanks for sharing all of these!

  9. Oh my goodness. They MADE all those things?! These amazing ladies never cease to inspire the crap out me! Wow. Just wow.

  10. Wow! I can't make anything crafty, which is why I constantly turn to Etsy for anything handmade!

  11. Wow! Those Antro-DIYers are extremely talented. I'm trying to be good about shopping, too, even though I had no idea about the blogger-wide May shopping ban. I do have a bunch of fabric though and since I'm itching to shop, maybe sewing something will help.

    Melanie@Unravelled Threads
    Follow @UnraveldThreads on twitter!

  12. Thank you so much for featuring my blog. I really enjoy reading yours.


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