27 April 2011

Hope in a Jar

I'm a bit over a week into my new morning beauty routine and though I can't say that I see an incredible overall difference, I do have an awful lot of bottles cluttering my counter now. A few of you asked last week, so here's the mish mash I've been using recently: pore redefining scrub, clinical dark spot corrector, brightening eye treatment, moisturizer with SPF, multi-tasking minerals for eyes in well rested, sheer matifying compact, and some blush, gloss and mascara, if I'm feeling particularly peckish.

Pretty much all this to look like I don't really have any makeup on. I have to admit though, that I think the eye brightener and concealer powder are working for me, when I can apply the concealer correctly! I guess these are the types of products I need to consider using more frequently as I find myself not getting younger day-by-day. So between that nagging thought and copious amounts of Real Housewives on Bravo this past weekend, I can't help but to wonder - if it is this hard to try to look "youthful, put-together and like I'm not trying" right now, how am I going to handle it five, ten, twenty years down the road?


I've never been a beauty queen but I've always been afraid of getting old and all the things (yes, yes, mostly superficial appearance-related - I am that shallow sometimes) that go with it - like grey hair, wrinkles, sagging, paunching, jowling. And I'm not doing all, or much of anything, of what I can to keep myself from aging - but the eating healthier and having a better skincare routine should help. But what about when that is no longer enough?

Am I going to dye my hair to keep away the greys? Yes, I full plan on being one of those 70yo women with a head full of black hair. Am I going to have purchase increasing-expensive creams, serums, ointments to keep the facial sag away? As long as my income continues to go in the same direction as those products costs, yes to that too. Will I supplement my days away with handfuls of colorful little pills, mixers, elixirs? Literal *gag* but I'll probably have one of those massive dated pill boxes on my counter once I take the time to figure out what everything does - mm, mm, vitamin cocktails. Do I have to reassess my closet and toss out the remnants of Forever 21? Say it'll never be so ... even though it probably already is. Will I consider even going under the knife to help myself in a way that Mother Nature can't? I don't know about this one ... but it is probably too soon to say "no way" at this point.

IMG_3710 IMG_3681

I'm not going to ask you gals how you feel about getting older because I think it is apparent that none of us are thrilled over the aspect of our fine lines developing into deep crevices. However, have you thought yet, even briefly, about where or not you would do anything to "battle" it?

Would you be like my mom and choose to age naturally and gracefully, and take all the salt-and-pepper hair and crow's feet with a shrug? Or would you be like my big sis, who still looks like she's in her twenties with her perfectly made-up features and trendy (but still working mom appropriate) ensembles? Or shoot, do you think you'll go full-bore Real Housewives style and get the fancy docs to help you kick Time's butt?

IMG_3706 IMG_3714

Jacket: Anthropologie Coquille cobbled lanes (I literally just wore this - but having no time will do that to a gal, worn here before - similar in grey here)
Top: Anthropologie Edme & Esyllte rose is a rose (worn here before - similar here or here)
Skirt: Ruche bold as love (similar here or as dress here, here)
Shoes: Sofft vivian (worn here before - similar here or here)


  1. Ah, questions for the aged, I mean, ages ;) I just got ONE grey hair last month and FREAKED. When I told my sis, who's had greys since her 20's, she scoffed. I have seen the finelines increase in number on my face in the last few years, but I don't think I'll ever go under the knife, instead, relying on creams and potions, and will try to stay out of the sun, drink lots of water, eat a well balanced diet, get lots of exercise, and rest, of course. You're a beautiful girl, I'm sure you'll age very well (and appropriately) :D

  2. I love the natural look on women. I like to think I'd age like your mom, fully embracing the crows feet and gray hair, but I also use anti wrinkle creams and tons of moisturizer to delay the onset. As I get older, I just want to look more like myself. Sometimes I see an older woman on the street and I bowl over seeing how natural she looks and how beautiful she is. Comfortable in her own skin. I'd take that over a plasticky Real Housewife any day.

  3. I have been thinking about that lately. I turn 30 this year and people still card me. I have always been slightly embaressed with how young I look. "No, I am not a teenage mom with two kids. I am a married, college grad mother of two..."
    HOWEVER, my skin care routine is horrible and I am not getting younger...so I need to start taking better care of my skin as I won't be the young looking one forever. I am really interested in your under eye routine. Having kids brought out some serious lack of sleep induced black circles :(
    Love your pattern mixing.It looks great!

  4. I LOVE the print mixing here. It is so expert caliber I was waiting to see if it was actually a dress. You look so fantastic.

    I am 31 as of this month and aging/skin is something I should think about more often. I do see a derm but for adult acne. I have oily skin so a part of me hopes that the payoff from years of battling acne will be an ability to fend off wrinkles naturally? We'll see I guess. I do use a prescription retinoid that is for acne but that happens to fight off wrinkles. And I use eye cream. I also wear glasses a lot which I irrationally believe hides wrinkles and shields my fragile undereye skin.

    I found my first gray hair when I was 25. It was actually that very day that I turned 25 that I saw the first one.

    I am not sure I will turn to injections/fillers. As they become more common, I fear the expectations of how age appears will shift as well. We'll see I guess.

  5. You look lovely, Lisa, and I don't think you need to fret too much about copious wrinkles and a head full of gray hairs just yet! That being said, you should check out this interview with Diane Von Furstenberg -- she has some great thoughts on aging! (http://fashion.telegraph.co.uk/news-features/TMG8430291/Diane-von-Furstenberg-interview.html)

    I think I'll pick my battles when it comes to fighting Time. My hair I'll continue to dye until it's full-on salt-and-pepper. My face I'll continue to slather in sunscreen and moisturizer to keep it as young and supple as possible. My body I'll keep maintaining to stave off The Paunch. But I don't know if I'll necessarily freak out when the wrinkles do show up and when the hair does turn -- it'll just be what it is! As for going under the knife -- I'm not an advocate for cosmetic surgery, but I do believe that if you have the funds to do it and you're stable of mind, then why not?

  6. I LOVE your outfit today. You did such a great job of pattern mixing! The shirt and skirt are amazing on their own... but put together they are absolutly fantastic!

  7. I think I know which Housewives episode you watched and I definitely won't put myself through that torture. I'm 23, but I'm already slathering on Ikove age-resisting serums and SPF 70 on my face to delay the winkles and such. I'd like to be like the older women who have imperfections, yet have radiant skin from using good products, eating well, and staying active. One thing for sure is that I will dye my hair :)

  8. I'm pretty strict with my facial routine and have been since I was an acne-ridden teen. I hope it'll pay off down the road with a more youthful complexion as I age. It better, at least, for all the money I've put into it! :) As far as hair goes, I already have a handful of grays and they're freaking me out. I have never dyed my hair before but definitely plan to once the gray takes over. Husband says, "just embrace it!" but I know it'll be one of those mental things that makes me feel older than I actually am. It's totally different with men...gray makes them look "distinguished"!

  9. Lovely post Lisa. I saw the RH Orange Co. recently and it got me thinking about the same thing. They were in this whole OTHER reality! For me, I just want to continue growing/aging the way I'm supposed to, yet keep putting on my lotions and potions, work out, stay mindful of my diet and try to stop comparing myself to others. I do that too often an it takes away energy from appreciating who I am and what I have.

  10. I'm 20, so I don't feel that old. But I feel like it's ridiculous when magazines give anti-aging tips for people in their 50s, 40s... all the way down to their 20s. Seriously?

    I really don't think of age (and all that comes with it as a disease). I hope I don't change my tone in 5-10 years.


  11. Keep putting together amazing outfits like this and no-one can comment on your age! You look fantastic and not just because your skin does look awfully radiant :) I recently changed my skin care routine to also be a bit more healthy. At the age of 24 I decided that it's probably time to start being aware now! By the time we are all in our 70's we will be the most fashionable, radiant ladies in the old people homes!

  12. I would never get plastic surgery...I am scared of going under the knife. It also could turn out horribly wrong too. I def would use all the anti-aging wrinkle creams though. And I lovet this skirt and blouse combo. Its so cheery and tribal....very on trend!

  13. Little known fact about me: I started getting grey hair at the age of 18. Not a ton of it, and the number hasn't grown since, but one day i woke up, and had a ton of grey hair by my right temple (and nowhere else), and I've been stuck with it ever since. I've also seen my body change as I age, and it freaks me out sometimes, but for the most part, I don't really do anything to stave off the effects of time on my appearance. I have a birthday coming up in a couple of weeks, maybe this year will be different ;)
    My mother chose to go the au naturel route with her salt-and-pepper hair, and it was easier for her (I think) because, unlike me, she took such good care of her skin and body when she was younger, that at age 50, she had nary a wrinkle on her face.

  14. This outfit is perfect!! I adore the way you mix prints and this may be one of my favourite print-mixing-ensembles on you yet! You look gorgeous.

    As far as aging goes... I freaked out a few weeks ago because I looked in the mirror and saw laugh lines/crow's feet starting to appear at the corners of my eyes. But you know, my husband pointed out that it's a marker of someone who has smiled a lot and laughed a lot in her life, so maybe I should be proud instead of ashamed. I think that aging can be a graceful thing, where we are proud of how our looks change to reflect the life we have lived. I wish the media would embrace that, too, because it's becoming more and more "normal" for a woman at 80 to look wrinkle-free........ which also means expressionless since some of their faces are pulled so tight they can't even smile anymore. I kind of like the idea of a few wrinkles and grey hairs. It's like a map of my life :)

  15. Love the blouse and skirt together. I hope not to resort to the dr, but all that is reasonable and relatively painless is fair game for me.
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  16. I saw this outfit and swore you would be wearing a dress, imagine my surprise at it being two separate pieces. Love how you mixed these patterns together!!!

    I'm at a point where I'm started to show small signs of aging (I have a nice strand of gray hair on my head) and find myself inspecting my face. I try not to worry too much now, but do wonder if I would dare go under the knife at some point to look younger. That scares me. I have to say my mother still looks pretty young, so I have hope that getting older won't be too scary. I like to think that the salt and pepper hair and wrinkles are signs of a life lived and should be honored.

  17. LOVE the prints you mixed here. Great style!

  18. You look so pretty I love the colors!! I am in my 30's and have a TON of grey hair!! I hate it! I dye it but someday I think I will let it go and embrace the grey I just think it's unfair that I had grey hair in my mid 20's! I have lot of crow's feet and wear moisturizer but I don't think I will ever get into all that plastic surgery I want my kids to learn from me to love themselves for who they are and not try and change it!

  19. You look adorable!!

    I started finding grey hairs last year (when I was 31) and had never highlighted my hair before. As a total newbie I got suckered into dyeing ALL my hair AND full highlights...I konw...wicked stupid. So now I'm trying to go back to my natural brown color...not this unatural brown with looks odd in certain lighting!

    I am so bad with the sun--LOOOVE the sun, I wear sunscreen but I will put it on, surf all day and never reapply. I get at least 4 sunburns a summer. Oh well.

    Plastic surgery?? My initial reaction is "no way!" because I've never seen a face lift or a pair of breast implants that I thought looked great...they just look very unnatural and sometimes quite creepy. BUT--I don't want the giant convoluted veins all over my legs either...I dunno...

  20. I love your pattern mixing- nicely done lady!

    I will admit, I might dabble in fillers... maybe. Just a little fill fill here and a fill fill there.. nothing too crazy. I don't like the idea of getting older either. I have blonde hair so that makes hiding grey hair super easy, I don't even know if I have any yet. I do feel like I am in excellent shape physically.. I can do pushups like the big boys and my blood pressure is that of a dead person, I think I'll always FEEL young, so why not look it too, right?

  21. I love this mixing of prints, terrific outfit!
    Ever since I turned 26, I've been borderline obsessive about anti aging products. Having said that, I think a lot of products out there have false claims and offer too many promises. Aging is inevitable. I've been doing my very best to stay out of the sun and use sun protection whereever I go - major cause of wrinkles and dark spots.
    As for Botox, at this stage I don't think so. It doesn't seem natural to me and I refuse to look frozen in the face when I smile. Ditto for plastic surgery. The most I'd do is dye my hair!
    But you have nothing to worry about Lisa, you look so young!! Still plenty of years ahead of you to start worrying ;)

  22. I'm doing my best to grow old with grace and dignity, but that doesn't mean I will do anything in my power to look my best. I am not outright saying never to any cosmetic surgery, but I don't really see myself going under the knife either.

    I love your mix of patterns here. You look fantastic, as usual :)

  23. ahh I totally thought that this was the best dress ever because I thought the designers did such an amazing job with an unexpected pattern mix... But it was you who put the skirt and top together. Absolutely phenomenal. It's classic because of the red/blue/white combo but totally fresh with the pattern mixing and on-trend with springy florals and tribal prints! <3


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  25. What a fabulous example of print mixing!

  26. I have been thinking alot about this aging thing because lately I have been feeling really really old. More so in my body, than my face I would say. So I just realized that I will need to start working out and watching what I eat even more. In terms of dealing with other signs of aging, I am definitely going to colour my hair, but beyond that who knows what I will do. I don't think I would pay for any cosmetic surgery because I'm too chicken :)

    Anyway, you look great as always, not a day over 20 (too young?) and at the very least when you're 70 years old, you'll be better dressed than most women your age. I love this outfit you're wearing btw, it's a great look with the patterns and neutral blazer!

  27. Wish I could mix patterns as well as you do!

    I don't use makeup at all, but I use 9 or 10 different skin products each day for acne and anti-aging. So far I don't have many lines for my age (yay!) but still the face creases/droops as you get older, and there's nothing in a bottle for that. I wish. I won't have plastic surgery so I'm just going to have to get used to it... and to practice, I am trying to get used to grey hair. That's harder than I thought, but easier than messing with hair dye.

  28. Oh wow - I feel like I've been battling my gray hairs since I was a teenager. *Luckily* for us being asian means that time stands still at least for a bit. I'm embracing my "youth" while I can even though I'm technically more than halfway up the hill. :)

  29. Your pattern mixing just rocked my world right here and now. And darn you for taunting me with a skirt that's sold out! I say if you do all you can first to eat well, exercise, and overall take good care of yourself for years, and genetics are still unkind, then why not? As long as I don't come out looking NOT like myself. That I don't agree with at all.

  30. i so love your top it looks so dainty

  31. My, oh my... I have been worried about this since I was 23 years old and found the first grey hair on my head after having my daughter. Yes, I was THAT young and ever since I had my son , they won't stop coming! It's really ridiculous to think I'm going to look like an old lady at such a young age, but I can't do anything abou tit besides sye. I have never dyed my hair before and really don't want to, but I have been really tempted. The husband is firmly against it, and I love him even more for that, but it still doesn't make me feel much better about the greys. I've got crows feet too! mostly from laughing so much and also because I really really need to get glasses. I use creams with spf, but am not totally consistent. :( Maybe this post of yours will be motivation to get me on a routine again.

    Anyway, you're gorgeous and the outfit is genious. Your ability to mix prints like that is pretty impressive! LOVE!

  32. I will probably color my hair. I'm working w/cremes & serums now as a preventive measure. If I look anything like my grandmother, I won't need Botox. However, I won't rule it out. ;-)

    Great post.

  33. I love this outfit so so much. Great print combo. Getting old? Eh, I don't know how I feel about it. I'm getting lots of greys but haven't started dying it yet. There isn't much I'm saying no way to at this point though. :)

  34. Gorgeous! The prints go together perfectly!

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  35. Darn you, blogger, for deleting a ton of responses I spent like twenty minutes typing up! Arghhhhhhhh!!!!!

  36. You, my dear, are beautiful and stunning and gorgeous NO MATTER WHAT. Whether you have gray hair and wrinkles and gain a bunch of weight (which I really can't see happening, ever). You're stunning. Always.

    And by the way, I really love this outfit. :)

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  37. I plan on doing it all. All. But as of yet, only a good skin cream + retinol; healthy eating; exercise; and apple cider vinegar are on the daily agenda.

  38. Your skin looks fabulous. I, on the other hand, have found a current routine of cleansing, retinol, and moisturizer with a few odd masks thrown in. I would totally do botox and fillers but can say that I would NOT go under the knife. I think that doctors can do miracles with that stuff. Now, I just need the miracle to afford it! :)

    Did you see Oprah on Wednesday? Your post is timely bc Bob Green was on talking about how to turn back the clock 20 years by altering diet, exercise, increasing sleep, and taking care of your skin!

  39. I def do not plan on going the real housewives route! I think in trying to avoid look old, some of those women cease to look human. And an alien is so not what I want to be whenI grow up.

    I have to say Lisa, I have been reading Respect the Shoes for some time now and never once have I thought oh wow, Lisa looks old or older. So whatever your doing - keep it up!!

    xo, Ashley

  40. You look stunning, I love the outfit! Thanks for entering my giveaway! :) XOXO, www.NatalyasCloset.com

  41. Lovely outfit perfect mix of prints! To answer your question I will just age gracefully like the women before me. I won't worry about a grey hair(I have 4 already), wrinkles and sagging body parts. I'll just try my best to stay healthy and let time do it's thing. ;)

  42. You look lovely! And as someone who just turned 30, I have a lot of same thoughts. Wrinkles don't bother me.... but the jowling/sagging, I'm terrified!


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