19 April 2011

Full Disclosure: Eat Me

I have always been a gal who has loved food - I watch the Food Network all the time, Anthony Bourdain is one of my personal heroes, I love to try new recipes, new foods, new restaurants. I'll try any new food at least once. Second to fashion, I think about food all the time.

I am definitely a bored eater and a compulsive snacker. If you're eating, I want to eat too. If I am bored, I want to eat. If it is meal time, I want to eat, regardless of whether or not I am hungry. My body doesn't listen to the "feeling full" signals, it listens to the "am I satisfied" signals - and I am rarely satisfied when it comes to food.

IMG_3346  IMG_3323

I guess I've always had a hang-up about food but I hadn't started noticing it until a few years ago. I've always loved to eat and except for a period during junior high where I was quite a bit overweight, I've always been able to consume what I want and mostly "absorb" it. And through high school and college, I've dabbled with eating disorders but have never been a very "successful" at it - I loved food too much to deny myself.

As I am getting older, I am noticing that this eating what I want business is catching up with me. My diet is mostly unhealthy and it is getting out of control. I need to take charge of what I put in my own body. This is stuff I realized on Sunday night, after mentally recapping my day's indulgences ...

... which included:
  • Breakfast: turkey & salami sandwich on sourdough baguette
  • Snack: small movie popcorn & cherry frosty
  • Lunch: turkey sandwich on sourdough baguette, handful of Jelly Bellies
  • Snack: slice of apple pie, handful of green bean chips
  • Dinner: NY strip steak with waffle fries, salad
  • Dessert: slice of apple pie
  • After-Dinner Dinner: leftover steak fried rice
  • After-Dinner Dessert: apple Toaster Strudel

IMG_3331  IMG_3311

I think there's enough negativity about our body image in the world that I don't want to add to it, so please don't think I am being unecessarily vain and just whining about feeling fat because I know I'm not (though certain times of the month, I feel like the size of a zeppelin). But I was shocked at the amount and poor quality of food I consumed and I realized that I need to learn to eat healthier and be more conscious about what I am putting into my body.

However, I am also a realist and don't think I can turn myself into one of those "I eat local organic non-gluten vegan-only" chicks because I refuse to give up the dirty carbs which includes pizza, pasta, ooey chewey white bread, amongst other things. Plus I still think about food and trying food all the time, and live with a man who thinks of vegetables as a nasty four-letter word.

So what do I think will turn me around from decades of poor eating habits and a compulsion with food? I'm not really sure yet, I haven't done the research. But I am starting a food journal so I can keep track of what I am consuming, and I've bought a ton of gum so I can chew that when I am bored instead of stuffing Cheetos into my gullet.


For you healthy eaters out there, what started you gals on your healthier eating path? And for everyone, can you please offer me some advice or tips so I can stay on the "straight and narrow" of food, while not feeling like I am denying myself?

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Sweater: Anthropologie Moth jewelers choice (check stores - similar in red here or ish in green here)
Skirt: H&M silky floral (worn here before - similar here or here)
Shoes: Nine West temani patent wedges (worn here before - similar here or here)


  1. I'm with you, I LOVE food too. I also love Anthony Bourdain and share his obsessive love for Vietnamese food. ;) I will eat until I might explode, because as you said, it's not about being full, it's about being satisfied. But I also try to eat healthy, I do try to eat gluten-free and organic (but not vegan, never ever vegan), but that's because I have a lot of food allergies. :( It's tough to be a foodie and have allergies.

    Also, super-cute outfit! :)

  2. Oh Lisa, this post gave me heartburn!

    my husband is extremely health conscious so I get dirty looks when I eat M&M's (um artificial coloring is bad?) I even had to return a bag of dog food once because it had coloring. wish I was making that one up!

    ok, back to your questions, I had horrendous heartburn and had been taking medication for 5+ years that suddenly my health insurance didn't cover anymore.. I knew it was time to make some dietary/lifestyle changes (put down the gin and tonic!) I was also sick of my thighs so I started running more and figured out I could run farther and faster when I didn't fill my belly with garbage. So, it went hand in hand- the eating/exercising thing. I definitely became more committed when I realized how much better I felt and my heartburn went away.

    I say start small. Commit to a healthy breakfast and stick with it. Then start substituting your after dinner toaster strudel dessert (seriously, how do you stay so thin?) with a flavored tea and some berries. Small changes add up over the days and weeks and months and eventually years. Nobody is perfect but little changes will make a big difference.

    Promise me to never drink a cherry frosty again :)

  3. Oooh, I can relate. It helps me to watch frightening food documentaries like Food, Inc. Once I realize the degree to which eating healthy is not about vanity but truly is about not clogging my body with nastiness, it's a bit more natural to avoid OD-ing on processed food. Staying fit helps, too since you can see how much better your body performs when it's fed well.

    I'm with you, though---I do like some indulgences and wouldn't want to give everything up! It's all about balance.

    PS: I love that skirt.

  4. A food journal is an excellent place to start, Lisa! I keep one myself online, and it's helped me tremendously. What started me? Being sick and tired of my eating disorder! It meant starting over completely with my diet and my eating mentality. Don't worry, I'm no vegan/vegitarian either, gal! Listening to my body was the biggest obstacle to overcome because I'd been ignoring it for YEARS.

    I find the key to my sweet tooth is working around a BIG sweet treat a week (like going out and getting a big bowl of ice cream) plus keeping squares of good chocolate for everyday cravings. Popsicles are awesome too!

    I live with a guy who also doesn't eat veggies very well, gal ... but just because he doesn't eat them doesn't mean you can't eat them! I learned that pretty quickly, haha! :) For example, want some of that delish pizza? Have a slice with a nice side of salad and then re-evaluate if you'd like a second slice or not! :)

    Ok, I won't rant on this, but I'm passionate about it, lol! :)

    And gah, you have that gorgeous jeweled cardigan! I love how you paired it with a skirt with fruit on it! LOVELY!

  5. This post and the pictures accompanying are so cute!! What a pretty skirt as well.
    I'm definitely not the person you should be asking about healthy eating. Man, I eat to my hearts content. I find myself checking into maccas at say 3pm in the afternoon when i am bored of doing paperwork in the office. If it's fried, you bet i'll eat it! Oh and if it's loaded with butter...go figure--in my mouth in seconds.
    I try to incorporate vegies into my dinners though.
    I don't keep a journal - too hard to maintain and too "disciplined". I like to enjoy life, and although i love my junk, i don't OD on it.
    A lot of people have sworn by grazing where you eat five small meals throughout the day...have some fruit and nuts by your desk at work. Like i should talk :-)

  6. Your post today made me giggle, especially the cute photos of you with your favourite foods.

    Personally, I've always had the opposite problem - I forget to eat and I never feel hungry. That can get to be a bit of a problem, particularly when I'm out of my regular routine and don't have the "it's mealtime" cues.

    I can highly recommend the food journal - it's very helpful to be able to see what you've eaten all written out in front of you. I find it also encourages me to eat healthier foods than I otherwise would - and to try new things so that my diary isn't the same story every day.

    I actually wrote what I wore in my food journal as well to keep track of my outfits (so more of a "fashion and food" journal) and encourage me to be more creative in that department as well. It injected a bit of extra fun into what could've become a tedious task.

  7. I am farrrrr from perfect. But I think I try to limit unhealthy choices, and once it's a habit it's easier to do. Step away from that cereal, you can do it!
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
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  8. I so agree! I am a total foodie (hence the blog) and I never feel full! And I always eat dessert. I would rather have a bowl of really good, whole fat ice cream then something more processes though...

    I would say pick one meal a day and make it really healthy and delicious. Slow cooked oatmeal with berries, milk and brown sugar or maple syrup is always yummy. Or a whole wheat english muffin with an egg and a bowl of fruit.

    Lunches: Salads with proteins (boiled eggs, chicken or steak), hearty soups, or 1/2 of a sandwich with a side of fruit or veggies instead of chips or fries. Whole grain salads are also a great way to eat well and be really full.

    When I need to kick start eating well again I prep bowls of veggies (in water) in the fridge. Then I can grab some (which are all crunchy from the water) and dip them into a low-fat homemade dip or hummus.

  9. I'm a vegetarian with vegan tendencies and would never tell you to give up pizza or bread! Love those. It does seem like you eat a lot of processed food, though. There's a lot of junk in there you don't want in your body! Pita chips instead of cheetos. A good hunk of cheese with apple slices and olives instead of a toaster strudel.

    I am a snacker/bored eater as well, and just try to keep "better" snacks on hand-- cashews, apples, lemon sorbet, dark chocolate, homemade kale chips, carrots and hummus. I also tend to drink a beer or wine after dinner, and am trying to curb that by having herbal tea or seltzer water instead.

  10. My eating habit is like you, eating whatever I like at the moment. On the other hand, I am super picky in terms of the taste and texture. I rather starve than putting things I don't like in my mouth. I also get bore of same food even it is good. I guess that is the only thing stop me from being too fat @-@ the picture of you and ramen box is so fun. Iam a Korean noodle fan myself. Eat it with two poach egg in the middle of the night all the time.

  11. Me and food have this interesting relationship. In my high school days I was very insecure about my weight (was rail thin) and with the fact that I was a ballet dancer I always felt the need to prove myself. Prove that I didn't have an eating disorder and that I can gain weight. LOL I didn't gain weight until college hit but I finally learned that I didn't have to eat a digusting amount to prove myself. But I still loved food back then and now. The only healthy food that I learned was eating fruit in the morning like bananas in cereal, grapefruit, smoothie is really good for ya! There is also no problems in eating multiple meals throughout the day! I think I read somewhere it is actually quite healthy for ya.

    *Talked too much about food LOL. I like how you matched a fun print with an intricate beaded sweater.

  12. I think you're on the right track because you do include some healthy snacks--just eliminate the apple pie with your snack, even though I totally believe it's ok to indulge every once in a while. Your dinner was certainly well-rounded--I would say that's not a bad dinner as the waffle fries don't outweigh the steak!

    I think adding veggies and nuts as snacks is a good idea--it's so easy now with snack packs of carrots and celery and nuts at the grocery store. I find that during the warmer months, I tend to eat more fruits and veggies anyways because they're loaded with water. You can also convert some of those carbs to whole-grain options.

    My DH is a healthy eater so sometimes he frowns at my food choices, but I don't eat a Sonic chili-cheese coney everyday! You can also explore some healthy substitutes for desserts at the grocery store--Skinny Cow Ice Creams are soooo yummy and the Smart Ones Desserts are pretty good too (esp. the Key Lime Pie).

    I've thought about starting a food journal too. Seems like a good habit--you should showcase some of your entries so we can watch your transformation!

  13. A food diary sounds like an excellent place to start. Seeing it written down can really hit home! The main thing when starting a healthy eating plan, so to speak, is to make sure that you don't feel like you are denying yourself anything, otherwise you'll fall right off that wagon!

    Luckily for my growing baby, I love fruit and veg, cooked or raw. So I snack on that Mon-Fri, not so much at the weekends but a couple of 'bad' days never hurt anyone. Breakfast is always cereal in the week but nothing sugary, porridge is another great way to feel full (do you call that oatmeal over there?) - I add a touch of runny honey or blueberries.

    I eat at my desk 5 days a week and work in the middle of the countryside so I make my lunch the night before - salads with tuna or feta or sandwiches or pitta pockets. Before I got married I ate homemade soup a lot to trim up!

    Dinners are a little more tricky as hubs likes his meat & carbs so we meet in the middle, e.g. he'll have white potato, I'll have sweet potato. We use turkey rather than chicken in stir-fry’s or pasta & bulk meals up with veg & beans/pulses to fill you up & make extra portions for the freezer, especially bolognaise, chilli & lasagne.

    If I want something sweet that isn't chocolate or cakes I make jelly (by which I don't mean what we call jam & put on toast, it's the wobbly stuff from a mould, you might call it jello?! I'm not 100% sure) from powder sachets in blackcurrant, orange or raspberry or Angels Delight (no idea if you have an equivalent, it's a powder that you whip with milk to make something that sets in the fridge like mousse!)

    Drinks lots of water, hot water with lemon if you like it too. I don't like coffee but love tea so I try to drink peppermint/green tea with lemon rather than regular tea everyday.

    I guess I just see food as fuel, I do enjoy eating but am mindful about what I put in my body. I'm never hungry other than at meal times so it seems to work, plus it gives me the energy I need for running.

    Good luck Lisa and keep us posted on anything you try, I'm going to read the other comments now and see what tidbits I can make off with too :-D

  14. You are 2 Cute--you eat all that and still look so tiny???!!! Beyotch! smile
    I'm not gonna say I'm a vegetarian--but I mostly eat veggies/fish/dairy--cheese is my thing--and drink alotta water.
    Ohhh...and I never met a carb. I didn't like!!! smile

  15. First, I adore your outfit (the jewelers choice cardigan is so lovely on you!)

    I struggled with my weight for years, but now I have a healthy relationship with food. I love food, I eat what I want, and I don't diet and have maintained a healthy weight for almost 6 years. The meals we eat are prepared at home (we eat out maybe 2 times a week) and it's mostly whole (unprocessed) foods that we buy, so I consider it healthy eating.

    It's good you are recognizing your eating habits
    and that there's room for improvement :) But I would've never known you eat "unhealthy" because you have a great figure.

  16. You are a girl after my own heart - I love food and eating as well! I think you are doing a good thing by starting a food journal. What saves me is exercise - I try to practice yoga 5-6 days/week and run 2-3 times/week.

    Your photos in this post are cracking me up - love the one with the Reese's Puffs box! Lovely outfit too :)

  17. Good for you for wanting to make some healthy changes! I think it comes down to moderation (like a healthy 80/junkie 20 ratio). Eating well does make you feel better all around, if nothing else, to be able to say crap like, "This salad is locally grown and all organic and in season!"

  18. Love your post title. LOL. You eat like my 11 year old son would love to. :)

    I started my first blog when I decided to start eating healthier and working out again. It's a rough road but the older I get, the more I feel it is necessary. Those cookies don't burn off the way they used to. It's been about a year and I am healthier but not necessarily in better shape. I'm lazy on top of being a cake junkie.

    I hope the journal works well for you. Can't wait to hear how you do. Good luck!

  19. A subject near and dear to my own heart!
    We cut out most processed foods here about 2 years ago, but a holiday spent working around the clock in the mall left me eating more fast food than I had since I was a kid!
    At my age and height I have to watch it like a hawk...little indulgences can turn into a mountain of problems!
    My husband and I are big foodies too, and we cook a full meal basically every single night.
    We love the whole process and we love us some wine!
    But as much as I love food, I'm with Kate Moss when she said, "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" which, to me, can be translated into self confidence is irreplaceable!

  20. Mmm, I love food too. I've found that always making and having a detailed grocery list when I go helps me eat better. Planning meals means I snack unnecessarily less often and am less tempted to just go crazy and buy things I don't need.

  21. I love, love, LOVE this post!! You are hysterical!

    Keeping a food diary is such a great idea. Don't stress about food...just do your best, give yourself some grace if you have bad days and pay attention to how you feel when you eat healthy foods. Also keep in mind that healthy food can be mouth-wateringly delicious!! Find new recipes to try...I love picking one new recipe a week. This week: carrot zucchini muffins!! :)

    I've always really loved healthy foods...and I'm so into performance nutrition--I'm so sporty dorky. My Mom always does a homemade dessert for every dinner. She also has a motto "If you're not overweight than you are not having fun." ha ha

  22. When you get to my age (hahahha) fashion and food have a tough time coexisting ;) I use the Liz Taylor approach, eat like a nun Monday to Friday, and let loose like a Borgia (have you seen the series, so much fun!) Saturday and Sunday. I cut out dairy a few years back, and working on weaning off carbs but it's sooooo hard. I do believe that you can eat anything you want, as long as you're willing to put in the time exercising. Good luck and let us know how you're changing your eating habits. We're here to support you :)

  23. oh god, where do i sign up? i have 3 if not 4 weddings coming up in the next 16 months (mine included) and i've decided that i really don't want to look unhealthy on my wedding day. so i'm starting to restock my fridge and shelves with healthier options, drink water only (no soda, augh) and watch my portion control. oh, and motivate myself to go to the gym more often, too.

  24. I wasn't a healthy eater until I turned 40. Now I firmly believe that 'you are what you eat.' It actually wasn't too hard for me to change my eating habits when I realized that eating unhealthy foods leads to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and a host of other health problems. My goal had always been to be thin, but then I realized that being thin didn't mean that you were necessarily healthy. I highly recommend reading "Eating Well for Optimum Health: The Essential Guide to Bringing Health and Pleasure Back to Eating" by Dr Andrew Weil. After reading this book, my diet changed dramatically. I'm all about eating high fiber, complex carbs, tons of veggies, a bit of protein, and of course treating myself on occasion to my love of sweets....though I try to stick to dark chocolate instead of baked goods which I love.

  25. Btw, one thing that helps keep me eating healthfully is now when I stray off my healthy diet and eat something unhealthy, I actually feel pretty rotten physically after eating it. You will start to notice that when you eat healthy, you have more energy and just feel better. Knowing how rotten I end up feeling when I eat unhealthy, is a great deterrent.

  26. one of my favorite outfits of yours to date! I loved this post! For me, eating healthier and working out came hand in hand with wanting to drop my baby weight! I read, and read, and read some more! The more I read, and saw what bad foods were doing to my body, the less I wanted them and the more I wanted to fuel my body with good foods! Also, with age, bad foods starting really affecting my body, so it was out of necessity, I wanted to eat right so I could feel good! Start small and educate yourself. Really, it's just about eating real, whole foods - all in moderation. Don't go too wacky in either direction, carbs, protein, blah, blah, blah. Of course, I will recommend to you a daily Green Smoothie - my favorite! I even love juicing now too. Great way to get in those nutrients. Good luck!

  27. This is off topic from the thoughtful things you posted but I just adore your outfit! What a fantastic pairing. I want that cardi and now I want to hunt down that skirt. You are adorable!

  28. Oh food, how I love food. I also eat recklessly. Gone are the days where I can eat what I want and not gain any weight. I have recently consulted a Dietician about cutting down my caloric intake. She is teaching me to think about my food choices. I have replaced soda with flavored seltzer and decreased my carb intake, boooo. I feel better so I guess it is worth it. Reese's cereal? NOOOO, don't do it. You look great just remember moderation. Your freckles are soooo cute by the way!!!!

  29. Lol! Lisa, I love these poses with food items! You're too adorable. Luckily (though it didn't feel that way growing up), my mom is a health nut. Junk food and soda couldn't be found anywhere in the house... unless they were hosting a party. So of course on those days I would have no problems binging on unhealthy food. Now that I'm on my own, I've found this habit hard to break... I still don't snack a lot and still veer towards healthier type foods. I have my mom to thank for my love of fruits and veggies. Speaking of which, have you tried the new V8 drink? I think it's called V8 fusion. It's 100% real fruits/veggies and is actually quite tasty.

  30. you need to turn that container into a little hat- so cute!

    everything in moderation, I guess, but I wish I enjoyed cooking more. I think there would be a lot more interesting edibles getting imbibed in our household if it was funner. we just have staple dishes, and then get bored of it frequently. need a new cookbook I guess!

  31. Moderation. You can't deprive yourself of your coolwhip or toaster strudel, but definately keeping it in control is key.

    I have that sweater and love it!

  32. oh my gosh, i gotta start eating healthy too! :O

    <3, Mimi

  33. You are so darn cute. These pictures are hilarious. Too many people stress too much about this. Just remember moderation is key. no black and white thinking. It screws you up. No "free days" (because, well, that's kind of doing the black and white thing!) Don't label eating unhealthy as "bad" or "cheating". Amazing what happens to our psyche when we start degrading ourselves like that. Moderation. Period.

  34. Oh Lisa, if only we lived in the same city, we'd be bffs!! I am the same way about food and omg, it's starting to catch up to me, especially now that I'm well into my 30's. I love food as well and if I could spend the day with Anthony Bourdain, I'd do that over spending the day with the President. It's a lifelong struggle for me to eat more healthy, especially now as Chris and I start to think about a family. We want our diet to be good when we're preggo because good eating habits means good babies. But it's OH SO HARD!! He's actually out right now getting us vietnamese food! :) I love food and it is a constant battle. A food journal is really great but what I find the most helpful is to stick to what I call a "working person's diet". It's simply done by being good on your 9-5 days and indulging a little on the weekends. It's easy to stick to a "diet" for the lack of a better word, when you're in a routine (in this case, the weekdays) and then hop off the wagon a bit during the weekends because we all have fun things we'd like to do and we tend to eat out. Maybe that'll help you get on the track of better eating?

  35. I snack a lot. My drawer at work has raw almonds and quick oats mixed with raisins (which I cook when I feel like a hot snack). My lunch bag in the fridge has apples, oranges, hard-boiled eggs, cheese, yogurt. I also try to keep a large container of organic salad mix and dressing in the fridge at work. Once I get hungry, I will start munching on something. In a couple of hours, I will move on to something different. So keeping busy with all these choices I have, I never get bored with food. This is what works for me.

    Starting a food diary is a step in the right direction, I think. It will help you eliminate some not so great choices: cereal with lots of sugar, candy, etc.

  36. I felt like I was reading my own story. I am so a boredom eater! Just so, so, so a boredom eater...sigh...glad to know I'm not the only one who does this! Love that sweater with that skirt! =)
    Kristina J.

  37. Oh my goodness. You are a freakin' black hole. I have no idea where you put all of that food. I try to be conscious of what I'm eating, though I've never gone as far as to write it all down. I don't eat fast food, fried food, soda, red meat or pork or anything with a lot of salt in it. I think we're all boredom eaters to an extent. When I do, I have to will myself (and sometimes it takes a lot more will than other times) to eat an apple or a fist full of strawberries or nuts rather than, say, White Cheddar Cheezits. Ah, vice. Sometimes when I know I'm not actually hungry I'll drink some water. I know that sounds like crap, but that usually works. You could also try to go on a walk when the boredom eating bug bites. Good luck lady! It looks like you're getting a lot of advice in your comments :)

    Melanie@Unravelled Threads
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  38. I am older than you, always extremely thin, and could eat whatever I wanted. Suddenly I became heavy, developed heart disease and asthma. I ended up at Mayo Clinic. One of the things they told me is to keep my fat intake to 3% or less (this is very difficult). This scared me into eating healthy.

    I have slowly modified my eating habits. I measure everything to keep my portions in check (when I was thinner, this was automatic; however, as I got heavier, my stomach expanded and this gauge became 'broken'). I keep track of my calories and fat intake. Fat takes twice as long to burn, so you should double those calories (I don't - but I try to watch the intake of those calories more carefully). I substitute butter for smart balance.

    Don't let yourself get too hungry fill up on veggies and fruit. Veggies are especially low cal. That being said I don't deny myself too much. I satisfy my cravings with smaller portions. Also there are lot of things you can do. A good cookbook is Deceptively Delicious, where she uses a lot of vegtable purees to spread out sauces, like sweet potato or carrot puree for cheese sauce or califlower puree for a cream sauce. Mix the sauces with the real stuff (like cream or cheese) and some low fat stuff (like low fat cheese or skim milk) and you don't really notice the difference. You've satisfied you craving for mac & cheese or fetticini alfredo, slashed the calories, fat intake, and gotten some good veggies/nutrition. When your making a recipe where the ingredient isn't the 'star' (serving it's on it's own), you will hardly notice the difference. I have men in my home who hate tofu, and I made barbequed tofu and I think they thought they were barbequed ribs. HA HA.

    Start now before you get the heart disease and have over 50 pounds to lose.

  39. If you have an iPhone a good app is myFitnessPal. Another good website is www.CalorieKing.com.

  40. Your photo shoot is hilarious! I am super jealous that you can consume the foods that you do, and now show any worse for wear (ie: you look fantastic, healthy, etc)

    I snack too much as well. My only advice is to start snacking on fruits and veggies when you feel munchie. After a few days, you'll find them more satisfying then the "junk", and won't even miss the bad foods. Also don't deprive yourself... just be aware of portion sizes.

    This is one of the cardis that I never considered for myself. Seeing it on you makes me want to hunt it down. The entire outfit is amazing.

  41. My Mom has been preaching this sermon to me lately - I need to grow up (in my diet) and stop eating like I'm 15 years old and have a stomach made of steel. Getting close to 30 and realizing that if I don't make some lifestyle changes it's never going to happen and that, I'm not ok with!

  42. Also...LOVE THE OUTFIT TODAY. That cardigan is so cute and I love the skirt you've paired it with.

  43. Oh, I love this outfit, and this post! And your freckles are the cutest thing ever.

    You know I wouldn't dare give food advice, but I think writing down what we eat is helpful for everyone.

    You really look great.

  44. Hey, I'm late to this party, but for whatever it's worth, one thing that completely works for me is to concentrate on ADDING stuff to my diet: nine different vegetables/fruits, of different colors, every day. I generally try to eat healthily otherwise, but I don't really worry too much about it. Counting calories and telling yourself you can't have something you want makes life miserable.

    The nine-veg-a-day plan works great. I get all the antioxidants I need, have all the motivation a person could want to pay extra for delicious asparagus or fresh blueberries (it's for my health!), and stay too full to feel really desperate for junk food. My weight is in a good place with no deprivation and I still get to eat chocolate whenever I feel like it.

    Of course, as everyone else has already said, you look fantastic and not in need of losing any weight!

  45. Excuse me if I repeat anything that anyone has written above, but here's a little trick I like to do. Do you like peanut butter? I love it. So for an afternoon snack I'll have rice crackers (I know, boring) smothered in peanut butter (masks the cardboard taste of the cracker) and it's so delicious. I might even have this after dinner if I'm craving something desserty. Peanut butter and rice crackers, it's not bad for you, but somehow it tastes like it :)

  46. This outfit is so adorable, I love the print on that skirt! I wish I could chime in about healthy eating, but I have zero knowledge on the subject ;)

  47. The pictures in this post are too cute! I love that cardigan on you, I can't wait to wear mine!

    I think the food journal is a great idea. I use an app on my phone (myfitnesspal) to log what I eat and it also keeps track of calories. It really puts things into perspective! Have a good weekend :)

  48. HAHAHAA! This photoshoot is the best ever! Super fun! Wish I had advice for you on the eating. I eat whatever I feel like eating, and I eat all day. but I also crave a lot of healthy food. I crave veggies A LOT. And I love plenty of snacks that are reasonably healthy (e.g., cottage cheese, hubby's pickled carrots).


  49. I was a #3 McD's QP w/cheese eater, super size, until I decided to start trying for a baby. I also had no problem keeping the weight off. What I didn't know was that all of the processed foods I had was causing fibroids to grow. Thankfully, in the interest of TTC, I had started to change my eating before I found out about the fibroids. They say there's no cure for them, but I don't believe that 100%. I really believe the risk can be lowered thru diet. There are so many chemicals in food these days. Even the stuff they proclaim is healthy, has chemicals in it. I am convinced today's foods are adversely affecting our general health, and very specifically, fertility. While on my soapbox, I'll just say that any woman who is having menstrual and/or fertility issues should research estrogen, soy, phytoestrogen and parabens. This is a very long way of saying that I probably wouldn't have changed my diet very much if my body hadn't alerted me that there was a problem. Once the stakes were high, it was easy to give up many of the foods. Although, I will agree w/Gingergirl. I think it's still possible to have the stuff, just cut way back on it. Or make healthier versions at home.


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