20 March 2011

Slightly on Target

I'm so glad to be home! Going to FL isn't far, but it seems so much longer when you have a BF and pup at home that you're missing! Especially since all the time in FL was spent rolling out at the crack of the dawn and finishing long after dark - I had zero problem sleeping like a rock in the hotel.

A little "surprise" that I enjoy receiving after a long week away is a little pile of fresh packages (OK, one package, but still, it's nice). I received my Target GO International dresses and wanted to share my thoughts on them (though I'll keep it short since I know reviews have already made their rounds in the blogosphere).

IMG_2383   IMG_2388

Tracy Feith by Target hibiscus print dress: I think most of you gals know by now that the Tracy Feith dresses fit real small, so you've lucked out on this one, petite gals. I am typically a size 2/2P and got this in a 5 and it "just" fit. If you're on the busty side, you probably need to size up. The length is perfect on my short frame and it is fully lined in a bright orange with a layer of crinoline along the hem for added flounce. I really like this dress - except I kind of feel like I need to be on a Hawaiian vacation to wear it. I'm undecided about this one ... I may trade it in for the all-white version.

See Kathryn rock the dress.

IMG_2373   IMG_2378

Libertine by Target striped tunic: I'm not sure about this. It is short, so I'm going to need some leggings or other bottoms to wear this out in public in. And the puffed sleeves - I am kind of feeling football player-ish. I got this in a S for the additional length and I figured the 100% cotton material will probably shrink in the wash. I think I'm going to end up keeping this so I can wear it for super-cas at-home weekends since I'm automatically in love with something if it has stripes.

See Pamela, M and Carol rock the tunic.

And this is what I wore today - hello, beautiful spring - albeit cloudy - weather! I even broke out my very first Minkoff, which I love love love, but which I also carry around like a newborn baby! I'm not much of a handbag person - this ain't Respect the Purse -  and honestly I'm cheap can't you tell, hehe, so this is a big purse splurge for me. That I will coddle around like a purse baby. My sweet little studded purse baby.

IMG_2351   IMG_2368


Dress: AT Loft dotty blossoms (worn here before - similar here, here or luxe here)
Belt: cheapie gold woven (similar here)
Shoes: Artisan by Clarks herring bow flats (worn here before - similar here or here)
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff navajo studs clutch


  1. Oh Lisa, you look fantastic in all 3 of these dresses! Even though you feel a little Hawaiian in the hibiscus print dress, it's so springy and feminine that I love it! The white version is also very nice, so whatever you decide will be a good decision. I think the striped dress is perfect for casual weekends. I'm most in love with the AT Loft dress. I love the pattern and the cut and the cap sleeves. As you say "you look good in everything you put on, girl!" I wish I had your wardrobe!

  2. Oh I love your Loft dress and gorgeous new handbag - I think pricey bags are worth it, they just polish everything off perfectly!

  3. I have to admit that I never gave that Tracey Feith dress a second glance on Targets website, but after seeing it on you I'd say it's pretty fabulous! I would probably go with the all white version, but that's just personal preference. I'm not loving the striped dress, I'm not sure why really because it seems to fit you perfectly. Your dotty blossoms dress from the Loft is making me kick myself in the rear for not buying it the second it was available....maybe I can find it for sale on ebay....Lol Congratulations on your Minkoff, it's beautiful! (drool ;)

  4. I love the print dress on you. The all white version made me think of cowboy boots when it came out the first time around. Stripes, cute!!!

  5. Love the bag. I also just bought my first Minkoff this week, the MAC clutch in the same almond color. I just noticed today that my jeans have rubbed off a bit on the back on the clutch, so be on the lookout for that--I still love the bag though! I love the pattern on yours.

  6. I really like the hibiscus print dress on you…I think it’s very springy and flirty. I also like the white version too – the exposed zipper is edgy and the lacey skirt is super cute. Either one of them would be perfect for spring. I like the Libertine by Target striped tunic too, but I would need to wear leggings for sure because I have long legs. And I love the Ann Taylor Loft dress…the cut and the pattern is beautiful on you. I also wanted to let you know that I'm hosting a $25 Anthropologie Gift Card giveaway on my blog. Hope you'll participate :)

  7. Really loving the bright colors in the first dress. The print is reminiscent of a touristy vacay pattern but the fit sure isn't! It looks so lady like. Now I'm oogling at the Tracy Feith dress too!

  8. I love all of the dresses! The striped one would be great with leggings too!
    I know how you feel about the bag. When I got a Louis Vuitton, I was scared to death. It was a gift from my husband, and I kept telling him, "this is making me paranoid!"

  9. Oh, I love the orange and pink version! I don't know that many could pull it off, and it suits you splendidly. The polka dot dress is a perfect summer dress, and the stripey shift is great for casual weekends!

  10. my favorite is the first dress! so floral and vibrant

  11. Oh man! I thought the last dress was part of the GO line! I was wondering how I had missed out. Darn it! Love that dress on you and your new RM.

    I actually like the Libertine tunic on you. I can also see it being a great beach coverup. I'm on the fence about the Tracy Feith dress. Would probably like to see the white version before making up my mind :)

  12. I think that first dress is such a great spring look...love it! I feel ya on the puffy sleeves on the striped one. It was also too short on me (like WAY too short) and the sleeves made my shoulders look huge. Pass for me, but I think you look very cute in it. Leggings would finish it off perfectly! ANd you are looking so cute in your outfit today...love that purse!!! =)

  13. Shut up!! I love your new clutch! :) Thank you for posting a pic and it gives me a better idea of the size of her clutches.

  14. Great buys Lisa. The hibiscus dress looks so summery and fresh on you! I do like the all-white dress a little more, just because well, i love frilly white dresses :-)
    The stripe tunic is super cute on you - i'd keep it!
    I've never heard of Minkoff until now - what a fantastic design. LOVE that Loft dress on you. The simple styling works!

  15. I hadn't seen the hibiscus dress and I can only say one word: LOVE!!

    Now I'll say some more: it is so bright and cheery and perfect for spring and summer. What a find Lisa!! I got a chiffon Jovovich that hasn't been removed from the wrapper. Somehow I already like yours better...


  16. Lisa, you look great in all three dresses! My favourite is the last one :).

  17. I love the hibiscus dress on you! I think during the summer you won't think twice about the print. I definately think you should keep it! The striped Libertine looks great on you, too!! I sized up for length so I can wear it on weekends w/o leggings, similar to your styling. It looks great on you and thanks for the link love :)

    I have the RM clutch in in orange and just love the size. It's perfect for a phone, wallet and little odds and ends. I love the studded pattern on yours! A great investment, you'll be happy you spent the money.

  18. Really love the second and third dresses. Clearly I need to go to Target...

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  19. You look great in all three dresses. Personally, I would give the all-white dress a try. I think it'd be really versatile for spring/summer and I am a sucker for the flouncy eyelet ruffles.

    I absolutely adore the ATL dress... love love love.

  20. First off I have to comment on the purse. Goooor-jus! And you look cute in all the dresses. I did see that first one at my Target but thought it looked a little like a chid's easter dress or something. But on you it looks great. I can see where you'd have trouble finding an occasion to wear it though. Maybe with a cardi to tone down the "floralness"? :)

    Your OOTD though is beautiful and simple. Just pefect.

  21. fun purse! it's good to have an awesome, splurge-y bag.
    ok, if that libertine dress is that short on you, it would be practically porn-o-riffic on me. yikes. i ended up with just the paul and joe black dress because that was in the store and i could try it on. the junior sizing is so weird.

  22. I haven't had a chance to read all the comments but I'm sure I'm not the only one to say "Keep that hibiscus print dress"! You look amazing in it. I love purses! I gravitate towards shoppers/totes and have an embarassing number of them. Shoes? I haven't allowed myself in the last few years to accumulate many but it's a close second "love" after the bag obsession. :)

  23. I LOVE that striped dress on you, and that purse is to die for. Don't be afraid about wear-- good purses age to this beautiful patina, making them even prettier as they get older. So wear it more!

  24. Love those dresses and that handbag has me drooling!!

  25. Callandra - I'm with you on the striped dress, but for the price and the fun colors, it was a worth a Keep for me. I think it is the puffed sleeves and the wide scoopneck!

    gigiofca - I kind of wish Target had their customers vote on the best Go collection dresses and the top hits made it back to production - because there were bunches of other Go collection dresses I would've coveted a lot more!

    mcmanda - thanks for the heads up! I had been looking at the pale yellow MAC and didn't get it because I was afraid my clothes would rub off on it - I've got to keep my eye out for that!

    Natasha - I know about the tunic! If it is that short on 5'2", it is WAY too short on you normal-size gals!

    Banhannas - Oh I wish the TF dress came in a different patten, there'd be no confusion then!

    modernmom - My sis is big on designer bags and she is so effortless with them - I clutch and look after mine like someone's trying to steal it from me!

    Cee - I'd love to see YOU in the white version - I can envision you rocking it with some of your cute flats, a scarf and a cardi for some easy spring style!

    vintageglammz - oh you would look stunning in the TF white ruffly dress!

    this free bird - oh you would totally make the TF dress seem more Audrey Hepburn than National Lampoon vacation (i.e., me!)!

    overcaffeinated - I love how crisp and clean white is - my only issue with it is that I am a dirt and splatter magnet whenever I wear it!

    Betty Ray - funny you mentioned that because the BF said almost the same thing - except he wanted me to wear a LOOOONG cardi to tone down the floralness (i.e., hide it all, hahah!)

    Kcookski - These are my first GO purchases, and I had no idea the sizing for all the dresses were all over the board. I guess they needed to stay true to the designers, but dang, TF, you size small!

    Closet Crisis - haha, I'm a total shoe person. And now a skirt person. And a dress person. I actually have an embarassingly small number of purses for a girl!

    Thirteenlbs - my greatest fear with this bag is my pup getting to it! She's already had a sniff and I saw her eyes light up with "mm, leather!"

  26. Both of your new Target purchases look fantastic on you! I have been eying the Rugby stripe dress, but can't decide if I would get enough wear out of it.

    And your AT LOFT dotty blossoms dress is adorable. It's a good thing that it's no longer for sale, or my happy little trigger finger would be ordering it right now.

  27. I have a RM clutch and I wear it ALL THE TIME! I absolutely love it. I have even contemplated getting a second one. Mine is purple and I would love one in grey. You will have no problems getting your moneys worth with that bag!


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