16 March 2011

Respect the Outfits (your faves)

There's nothing better than putting on an outfit that just makes you feel fantastic, regardless of whether or not it is for a special event or just because it's Tuesday. Here are the lovely ladies who are sharing their recent favorites with you for this Respect the Outfits: your faves reader post.

Thanks again to all your beautiful gals who participated this week:

  Thirteen Pounds: I have also attached my FAVORITE DRESS EVER...worn literally 20 times this summer, at least.  This was my attempt to winterize it so that I could wear it even more.  The tights and boots are also huge loves.  I feel so "me" in this outfit!

Details: dress, bodysuit- Anthro / chevron tights- Target / Gray scrunch boots-Frye

★  Lisa from Confessions of a Call Center Gal: This sweater is from Roxy, and anything from Roxy makes me feel like I'm this young surfer chick with a HAWT bod. And this is my fav. go-to outfit as I'm not a fan of ironing. So jeans ~ no ironing, sweater ~ no ironing. The Snowscape tank requires ironing, but since it's layered under my sweater, you can't see the wrinkled mess.

See Lisa rock her look HERE.

Outfit: Sweater ~ Roxy / Tank~ Anthro Snowscape / Jeans ~ AE / Shoes ~ Canda

  Chantilly from Chantilly Songs: i knew off the bat that i wanted to wear this bright orange scarf with the purple skirt. but when i opened my drawer, this yellow shirt just seemed to fly out at me! as soon as i put it on, i knew i had a winner.

something about these colors together made me SO HAPPY. i can't explain it! t's like i was going back to being a little kid again, putting together cri-zayzie color combos, and not giving a f*ck. it just goes to show how an outfit really can make a difference in confidence! this particular ensemble made me feel like a ray of sunshine.

See Chantilly rock her look HERE.

scarf- anthropologie / shirt- ebay / belt- thrifted / skirt- uniqlo / leggings- f21 / boots- frye via ebay

  overcaffeinated: This is one of my favorite outfits and it came together quite serendipitously.  I started off with the cardigan, and just started building from there.  I think it is a good representation of my personal style with it's overall simplicity, and little extras like the ruffles and colour to make it special.  The boots are quite possibly the most versatile piece in my wardrobe.  I've worn them everywhere this winter.

See overcaffeinated rock her look HERE.

dress - Target / cardigan - Winners / necklace - Anthropologie / tights - Old Navy / belt - H&M / boots - Frye

★  Steph from Minnesota Maven: I love this dress, probably because I always feel so good in it! This time I paired it with red, one of my favorite accent colors, and a favorite (and well worn) pair of shoes. This outfit makes me feel so confident and polished. I wear this dress as often as I can!

★  Kristin from Lovely Apidae: This recent outfit made me feel beautiful! I knew that I wanted to wear this skirt and I tried on numerous tops/cardigans/shoes with it. Finally, this combination came together and just worked. I didn't go anywhere or do anything special that day, but the outfit made me feel like a million bucks.

See Kristin rock her look HERE.

Top: Anthropologie Precious Particulars blouse / Skirt: Urban Outfitters Pins and Needles pleated skirt /
Tights: J. Crew / Shoes: Anthropologie Flaxen Wedges

★  Liz from lizzypunch: I loved this look because the top was a gift from my mom and the accessories just pulled everything together into such a comfortable yet stylish boho ensemble! I love the print on the top and the neutral accessories help ground it. I also love wearing a loose top with skinny jeans tucked into boots so wearing this was awesome!

See Liz rock her look HERE.

gifted tunic from Sweet Jayne, Portland OR / vintage belt / pashimina stolen from sister / old jeans / gifted boots / 
earrings from One Sydney Road via Maddy Chronicles giveaway

★  Inkmark from Objects of Desire: My recent favorite outfit has to be this one with the  J CREW Floral tulle mini. I am just a total sucker for things that has texture to it. It is an unexpected find at store (at sales price too!).  Geroge, the SA who helped me took it down from the manikin,  actually remembered me even though I haven't shop at JCREW local store since Christmas.  He is the kind of SA that makes you feel good about shopping at a store.  Nice, warm, not pushy at all,  and not afraid of giving you some fashion advice. I remember last time when I check out the plaid skirt from him, he was telling me how it would look cute on me with the boots I was wearing and it would work great with a pair of legging and ballet flat too.  I still have to try his advice now the weather is a bit warmer.  

See Inkmark rock her look HERE.

Top: JCREW cowl neck  / Skirt: Floral tulle mini / Cardigan: JCREW cashmere / Boots: Hush Puppies

★  Lisa from Sweet Laundry Loves: This H&M bird dress is my favourite to wear because it's comfortable, cute, and very versatile. I feel great in any dress, but I like this one in particular because of the print, the neckline, and puffy sleeves. I can wear this dress in the winter with tights and a sweater, or in the spring/summer with a cute pair of flats and a belt. I also think you could easily style this dress for a night on the town too!
See Lisa rock her look HERE.
Dress: H&M / Tights: Hue / Boots: Aldo

★  Danielle from mrschong: This is my casual go-to outfit whenever I don't feel like doing up buttons, zipping up zippers, or playing with accessories. Simply throw on the stripey top, put on some skinnies/jeggings and you're set. The overall fit of this top is loose so even after having a fuller meal, there's no need to worry about the bulge. Best part? This brand new looking top was thrifted for only $3!

See Danielle rock her look HERE.

Shirt: VV looks new - $3 / Jeans: Bluenotes / Boots: A&N

★  Marie from Lemondrop Vintage: This is one of my fave outfits because individually I love each part! The shift dress is vintage and great by itself in warm weather. The flannel is one of the best plaid combos ever, and I wear my Fryes all of the time! I just feel comfortable in each piece, so they make me feel pulled together even when I am not.

See Marie rock her look HERE.

Vintage: Dress, cuff and purse / Shirt: Harold's Old School Clothing Co. / Belt: Obi from AudraJean on etsy / Fryes clogs

★  Hanna from banhannas: Every time I wear it, my boyfriend always goes, "remember when we first met ..." It isn't something that I would wear at work but something that I won't get tired of wearing. The shirt dress is a little outdated and that is what I love about it since I don't want to wear something just for the sake of being "in".

See Hanna rock her look HERE.

Shirt dress from Urban Outfitters / Lace tee from a blogsale / Necklace from Macys / shoes from Piperlime

★  Anne from My Own Little Spot: "Welcome Aboard the Motor Vessel Viking!  We are required by the US Coast Guard to familiarize you with the location of our life saving equipment aboard the vessel."  Ha ha!!  This was my uniform shirt from way back in the day when I was a deckhand on a Cape Cod Canal Cruise boat.  It's the shirt I wore when I met my the handsome Harbor Patrol Boy who is now my husband of 9 years.  I wear this silly shirt every St. Patrick's Day, and it never fails to make me feel comfortable, nostalgic, pretty, and if I have some Irish beverages, I may even feel like rambling off the commentary!  So please sit back, relax, and let the beautiful waters of Cape Cod Bay wash away your stress!

See Anne rock her look HERE.

Old Hy-line Cruise polo shirt / citizens jeans / forever 21 belt / anthropologie spectator shoes

★   ★   ★  ★
 Last and least is little ole me - here's two of my fave recent outfits:

What does J. Crew like to say - borrowing from the boys? Well I guess they've got it right because two of my fave recent looks had me in some menswear-inspired pieces - from the tailored blazer and white spectactors that had me feeling vaguely dandy-ish, to the crispness of a clean white cotton shirt that is so simple yet polished to me. I would love to look casual yet polished everyday - and though I don't accomplish it all the time, I think I did myself a bit proud here.

You can see the original posts HERE and HERE.


  1. I love this feature, all the ladies look so fabulous! You can just feel their confidence oozing through :)

  2. This was such a fun post! Everyone looks fantastic! It's so fun to see what people love and feel great in!

    I hope your conference week has been as fun as it can be!

  3. So many cute looks! I might have to break out that green skirt tomorrow for St. Patricks Day :)

  4. What a great feature! Everyone looks beautiful. I love seeing all of the great outfits and reading the stories behind the outfits!

  5. awesome, thanks so much for including my outfit lisa! xoxoxox

    i love the very first dress, and marie's flannel top :)

  6. Doggone! How did I miss getting in on this?! (Note to self - spend more time online catching up on favorite blogs!) Lol I really enjoyed seeing all of these very creative outfits!

  7. Love all the cute outfits from all these lovely ladies...so fun!

  8. Oh, I love these! You can tell just how happy everyone is!

  9. Great post! And great bloggers! XOXO, www.NatalyasCloset.com

  10. Thanks again for including me Lisa! I love these looks! What great inspiration!

  11. Thanks for including me! I LOVE these looks. It really seems as if we "glow" when we wear clothing that feels special to us.

    I love Hanna's and Liz's looks- stunning!

  12. Yay! I love all of these outfits. You can tell in the body language that everyone loves what they're wearing :)

  13. this was fun! Thanks for the great idea Lisa!!

  14. Awwe, you all look so amazing! What a great feature Lisa :)

  15. oops, i forgot to submit! Sorry Lisa, i will try my best with your next feature.
    It was a pleasure looking at (and reading) everyone's fave outfits.
    And you look great Lisa - you are good at putting together casual/polished looks!

  16. Love it! everybody looks amazing and I really enjoyed the storied behind the favorites :) This is fantastic, Lisa - can't wait to see more. I'm inspired to find something for your next feature now!

  17. Thanks for putting up the post Lisa, I know it can be pretty time consuming with all of the links and pictures. =0D I loved reading everyone's little excerpt on their favorite outfit!

  18. What a great post, Lisa! I love seeing and reading about everyone's favorites!!

  19. I love reading these! Everyone has such unique reasons for why they think it's their favorite and they always amaze me. So great!

  20. Everyone looks amazing! Thanks so much for including me in your post. I feel so special being grouped with such a stylish group of ladies!

  21. I love both of your recent faves Lisa. You look so prim and proper but in such a chic way. I feel like you're channeling Emma from Glee. And that is a very serious compliment, my dear!

    xo, Ashley

  22. Darn! I totally forgot to get a submission to you. My sincere apologies. These ladies are fabulous. I love all the different vibes from each outfit showcased. And you can tell they all feel fab in them. Great post! And Lisa, your most recent outfits are some of my favorites from your arsenal as well!

  23. I always save my favorite blog and blogger for last. I am shocked at all these fabulously dresses ladies that I don't even know. Now Lisa Lim I do know. I've been reading her book.

    And I'm shocked again to learn that Roxy sold her the Snowscape Tank. It was Roxy that gave me the idea to layer the tank under Anthro's Pinafore Pullover. I can't believe she parted with the Tank. Love what Lisa did with it though.

    Isn't Kristin fortunate to have such a lovely backdrop as Portland for her photos. And her pleated Skirt is so Vintage Sophisticate.

    I just recently was paid a visit by Minnesota Maven and just left her blog before stopping here. This gal is a fellow Colorphile if I have ever met one. I'm keeping my eye on her for possible ideas to steal.

    Great job on compiling this huge post Lisa! You truly have become a Queen for Readers Outfits. Kisses to Pacey!

  24. Nice touch with the red flower!!!

  25. This is such a great feature. I've found some new blogs through your post. Thank you! Everybody has such great style. I so need to hire one or two of them to come here and make some sense out of my closet. :)


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