23 March 2011

Green Utility


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Dress: Mossimo by Target utility dress
Belt: Anthropologie via Spiffy (worn here before - similar here or here)
Shoes: Xhiliration by Target teanna
Necklace: Overstock overlay camelia flower (worn here before - similar here)
Bag: J. Crew quilted tote (similar here or luxe here)

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First of all, a big thanks goes out to Aki from 7% Solution for the Stylish Blogger Award!

Second, I'm participating in my first blogger clothing swap over at the Swap Stop. It's a site started by Marie from Lemondrop Vintage and it sounds like a fun opportunity to meet new bloggers and a "green" way to trade your oldies in for something new-to-you. Check it out if you're interested in participating!

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(As for swapping - I've never done a swap before, virtually or IRL - are there unspoken rules of etiquette? Do any of you ladies have any experience with swapping and can offer some advice?)

Lastly, sorry for the short post today, ladies, but work looms. And have I mentioned how much I am loving Target lately for cute easy and cheap pieces for me to add to my wardrobe? What are you loving recently from Target?


  1. That dress does not look like it came from target! It looks tailored to fit you perfectly.

  2. I'm with Tien. That does not look like a Target dress at all! I did recognize the shoes though as I have them in the dark brown. :) A very lovely outfit. That belt is awesome.

  3. At first glance, this dress looks like it's made of a velvety material, and the fit looks perfect. Great buy :)

  4. I've been seeing those shoes EVERYWHERE. Haha. They look great! I just ordered the Mossimo Wilettes, myself :)

    Good luck with the swap! Sounds super fun, I might check it out.

  5. I love this outfit, Target is so amazing! I am still suprised how on trend they are! The shoes and dress, really?

  6. Target has some great pieces, and this dress is awesome! It looks on par with Jcrew and Anthro pieces!
    And those shoes Lisa!! They are TDF on you!!! I love them and need to go check them out STAT!

  7. Love this look Lisa! Had to do a double take when I saw the shoes are from Target!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  8. Great outfit! I love the shoes.

    I have never participated in a swap before, but I am intrigued. Let us know how it goes!

  9. First of all your outfit looks amazing on you! Secondly, I also signed up for the swap! I have also never participated in a swap but I am excited. Maybe we can arrange to swap some of your amazing shoe collection with some of mine. What are the chances we are even the same size??

  10. I actually have both the shoes and the belt. What a great idea with the green! I may need to check out that dress now.

  11. Well now I am kicking myself for not getting those shoes! I thought they were too similar to another pair I have but you look fantastic in them!

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    Otis and James accessory giveaway

  12. Those shoes make your legs look SO GOOD!!! I think I need a pair! That dress is such a great buy I love Target it always has something for my closet!

  13. Those shose are hot girl! I must agree with all above. The dress is hot too! Target or not. Funny story about your belt. My BF told me it looked like a Wrestling Belt on me. I returned it. It was after that I developed a belt complex and would not wear them. It makes you look svelt. Gorgeous and well put together look for you. I've never done a swap. You will of course try it and post a SHOW and TELL.

  14. your outfit is awesome- a perfect example of how you can create your own style out of anything- it doesn't have to come from anthro to look cute and different. love it all!
    I have to check out this clothing swap you speak of. I have never participated but I might want to ...

  15. This dress looks great and I am in love with the belt you paired it with.
    I saw a cute Target dress on the Look for Less blog as a Rebecca Taylor inspired piece. It was in my store this weekend and I couldn't pass it up.
    I've never participated in a swap before, but I'm going to check out the details and possibly give it a try. I have some goodies that need a new home.

  16. That dress is very reminiscent of Anthro dresses. I think it looks similar to the Days of Expedition dress, but fits so much better. The Anthro dress fit horribly on me and looked like a sack. The Target dress looks well made and fits you perfectly! I <3 Target!!

  17. Ummmm, how about those gams???
    You've got some seriously bad~ass legs there lady!
    Any tricks up your sleeve or just good genetics?

    I must also add that Target has been redeeming themselves in the cute stuff dept lately...for a while there was no feast only famine.

  18. We're shoe twins! i bought the shoes last week and I can't stop wearing them. I am sort of bummed that I can't wear them to work (heels + small children = bad idea). You look lovely in the dark green dress!

  19. I am kicking myself for not buying the Teanna sandals in both colorways. They look and feel like quality.

    And love that dress! Target is so great for me because I can give the kids bags of popcorn from the snack area and they'll let me shop and even try things on :)

  20. Love that dress on you! I saw it in the store, but didn't have time to try it on.....looks like I'm gonna have to now for sure! ;) I've never done a swap thing online but it sounds like fun...........

  21. I have been looking at that dress for some time now! I really love it. Looks great on you Lisa- and I am sorry I missed those shoes - I loved them. They have a newer version out now I don't like as well. I like some of their navy/white striped items as well as all the cardigans, they never mark down the cardigans it seems!! I got a nude pair of Dolce Vita sandals I love the other day.

  22. you look awesome! I love that dress. I now need it. You are great at putting it all together w/ the shoes and belt...very polished :)

  23. You always have the BEST accessories.

  24. Oh my goodness! You are looking fabulous in this outfit!

  25. I would have never thought that dress was from Target! Cute shoes you paired with them too. =0D

  26. I love that dress! I'd have never thought it came from target! You look amazing in it, the sheen is fabulous.

  27. Your Target dress reminds me of a shirtdress that i've seen on the Anthro website a few months back. I love Target too, as you probably already know :-) No doubt Target has misses, but if you go at the right time, there are plenty of hits! - including your dress!

  28. I love that dress. I tried it on myself! It reminded me of a Tibi dress Olivia Palermo was photographed wearing recently. It looks fantastic on you!

  29. I love your army green dress! I noticed that utility chic looks are all over the place these days -- I counted something like 8 different utility jackets at LOFT (all on my lust list, of course!). And I think your wedges look fantastic with this outfit!

  30. Yeah, the belt & shoes totally make this outfit great. I love adding fun details to an outfit...and can't believe you got this from Target. LOVE TARGET!!

  31. Thanks, ladies, I love it when Target makes things that don't look like they're from Target!

    chantilly - cute trendy shoes for under $20? Who wouldn't be in? ;o)

    Alice Marie - I think the shoes and belt pair so well together, it's an instant outfit maker!

    You crack me up, Laura! I can't tell the BF about the wrestling belt reference because he'll totally be all over it!

    Thanks, Eleanor! I have my dad's legs and used to hate that because the kids called me "mango calves" - now that I've grown into them a bit, they're my best feature! Now I'd trade some of my legs for a bit of your hair though!

    Linda - I'm surprised I haven't face-planted yet in these heels, I'm typically not used to heels this high. Well, there's still plenty of time left, haha!

    Anjali - I ended up purchasing the brown teannas from the web because there was no sign of them in stores, and snagged up a lone tan pair, which was probably someone's return!

    Peggy - check our Target's web site, sometimes they have better deals on the web than in-store, plus it is free shipping for orders over $50!

    Jamie - the fashion-makers got to get the contrast on! Where there are pretty pastels and florals, there has got to be drab green and lots of pockets!


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