10 March 2011

Frills Ahoy!

Thanks for your comments in my last post about my hair, which implies to me that I'm probably due for an actual new 'do, as I was so bored with my hair that morning that I decided to flip my part. I ended up with bouncy hair and bangs that didn't poke me in the eyes, but also ended up with all my hair in my face pretty much all day. So, you're stuck with my old hair and the same ole should-they-stay-or-go bangs for another day, haha.

This is my girly sailor outfit. I know, I am one stripe shy of swabbing the decks here, but I couldn't help myself. Springtime equals white and stripes to me. Now if the weather would actually start acting some kind of spring-like!


Sweater: Anthropologe Guinevere roaming frills (worn here before - similar style here / here, color here)
Top: H&M striped (similar here)
Skirt: Zara elastic-waist (worn here before - similar-ish here, not really but me likey here)
Tights: Anthropologie berry bush (worn here before - similar here)
Necklace: Anthropologie nueva granada (worn here before - similar-ish here or I wish here)
Shoes: Anthropologie raines / Seychelles ring in the new year (worn here before - similar here or ish here)

♠   ♠   ♠   ♠

So what has got you all shopping-hot and wishlist-bothered for spring? What are some pieces you've gotta have to complete your it's-getting-warmer wardrobe?

Like I need more of anything, but here's what's on my current spring list:

✓  Platform sandals (I wanted to save some money for the inevitable platform-related hospital visit, so I got the teannas from Target for a steal - yes, both colors)

☐  Maxi dress (this means you, hydrangea petals dress, so go on sale already!)

✓  Lighter crossbody bag (I splurged on my first Minkoff - and apparently I have a thing for navajo prints)

☐  Lace-hemmed slip or half-slip (I rue the day I missed out on you, fool-proof half-slip, but I've got my eye on your taller sister, the lace-edged slip)

☐  Almost anything yellow (I need more shades of yellow in my life - which is funny because that was a color I stayed away from for the longest time because I thought it looked unflattering on me - ah, growth)

☐  A zebra head (I just need it, seriously)

☐  Blinge-y cluster necklace (the mini turned out to be a "huge" disappointment - anyone know of a good sub for the original J. Crew supernova necklace?)


  1. I love it! You are super cute in the those stripes! I want some flowy tunics for Spring - the longer I can wear *regular* clothes, the happier I will be :)

  2. you are so beautiful!! I love the stripes!! I'm a stripe-aholic, seriously. Everytime my husband opens my closet he says "Yikes! Stripes! Fruit striped gum!" if you remember that commercial from the late 80's early 90's...LOL. Great outfit :)

  3. I love this. I really thought you were wearing a one piece dress under the cardi. Very cute! Totally works.

  4. You look so cute Lisa, and I absolutely love your skirt! :)

    Forever 21 used to have a very close look-a-like to the Supernova last year, but I haven't seen it online in a while. I'm not sure if the stores still carry them or not, but it might be worth checking if you're able to get to one.

  5. Ok, I have got to go to Target today to scoop up those shoes. And that Minkoff clutch is so you! Seriously. You must take a picture holding it. :)

  6. I think stripes are very spring-y too! I've been looking for the perfect striped sweater for a couple months now, but none I've seen have really stood out. I looove yours though! It could even double as a dress if you wanted it to!

  7. For once I'm not last. Is the Roaming Frills Orange or Red? I've been scouring the Internet for a cute Orange Sweater. I think you are wearing it. I love this Nautical Style. What a great transitional outfit Lisa. I need some of the same things on your list. Including Yellow. Especially a cute non frumpy Cardi. In bright sunny lemon YELLOW.

  8. This look is adorable. Love the stripe-on-stripe, the flash of pink, and those amazing shoes. On my list: flowered pencil skirts, light cardigans, and finally to score a pair of winter boots on the cheap.

  9. I bought a lace-trimmed half-slip (18 inches) from Jones New York last month for less than $14. Not sure if it's still online, hope that helps!

  10. You look so cute in the look...that sweater pairs perfectly!! I like thos heels you picked up from Target...gonna have to take a look at them IRL. I

  11. Love that skirt and it looks great with that color! I also love your little wishlist. :)

  12. the orange cardigan brings such a great pop to your outfit.

  13. I've been searching for the perfect Orange Cardi. Here you are, wearing it in a fantastic, fun Nautical Style that's the perfect transitional outfit. I don't remember the Roaming Frills in Orange. Is that Red?

    I too have Yellow on my radar. Particularly a bright, sunny Yellow Cardigan. I ordered 4 Cotton Cardi's (no Yellow or Orange) from the GAP online for a grand total of $135 with Free Ship and $20 off over $80 promo. Good deal. And for once I'm not your last comment. I would have been #5 but work distracted me. TeeHee!

  14. I thought I saw another comment. I did! I did! What a space cadet I am! I blame my iPhone. Ha-ha!

  15. i swear you are just too adorable for words i can't help but smile when i see your OOTD'S!!

  16. You literally took my breath away in that outfit it's stunning! My wishlist is very similar to yours!

  17. Such a cute, cheerful outfit! :)

    You spring list makes me want to go out and do some shopping too! Hehehe! ;)

       ♥ Teresa ♥
    - Pretty Dandy -

  18. I love the red ruffles with the stripes. Great combo! And great idea making a spring wishlist. Those Target platform sandals are to die for. And they're only $19.99 ea?! Insane!

  19. Jan Russell - you're so tiny you'll be able to wear regular clothes for a looooong time, I'm sure!

    Anne - you're like me - my drawers have specific areas for striped tops now, it is seriously getting ridiculous. And the hard part is I'm still always looking for new ones and have to stop myself from buying them!

    FFM - thanks for the tip!

    Ashley - I can't take a picture of my new clutch because I'm too busy holding it, haha! Seriously, I kind of don't know if I can bear to remove the tissue paper, I am baby-ing it so much!

    Mugdha - I hope there's a H&M near you, because they always seem to have twenty of everything I'm looking for - wanna striped sweater, they've probably got a dozen different striped sweaters to pick from!

    alltumbledown - ooh, the flowered pencil skirt! I think AT Loft has a bunch of different ones right now, and they are always having some sort of discount or another, so I bet you can score a skirt for a steal!

    Faith J - thanks for the info - and the deal!

    Jenni - I got my first pair online when Target was doing that 20% apparel and shoes deal, and loved them so much that when I spied the lighter pair in-store, I had to get them too!

    Aw, Laura - thanks for the multi comments, haha! I think on the Anthro site, this color on the roaming frills cardi was listed as red, but as we know, Anthro color naming is sometimes off! The cardi is really what it appears like in these pics - a bright orangey-red. I was actually thinking it was too much color when I first got it, but now I love this color!

    Sweet Laundry - and what I love is that those Target sandals are not real wood, so the shoe is not clunky-heavy and the insole is padded! Yay for cheap-cute Target shoes!

  20. Nice choice in the length of the cardigan, one of those rare instances where I think it doesn't even need a belt! Colors are so bright, I can see you are in a cheery mood. ^-^
    Nodding my head in agreement with the maxi dress and half slip but scratching my head with the Zebra mount. LOL.

  21. Oh Lisa!.....what would I do without your fabulous pairings?!! Totally loving this look....even now mentally rummaging through my closet finding items to replicate ;)

  22. A zebra head?? Cool!!
    I've always loved the nautical look so you have to believe me when i say i totally adore you cute little sailor girl outfit :-)

  23. I love the long sleeves under the 3/4 length cardi sleeves! So fun and interesting. You look darling! Yes, more yellow!! I always need more yellow in my life. And I want to see where you're going to put that zebra head. I have wanted those sturdy cardboard layered deer heads for a while now. I think they're cool and funky.

  24. Super cute outfit!! And ruffles? What don't they go with?? ;-)

    Happy Friday Dear! xo

  25. Banhannas - be glad I'm not looking for a real mounted zebra, yech!

    vintagelammz - All I'm missing is that little white sailor cap, then I'd be ready to "ay, ay" away!

    Molly - I hope those funky animal heads go on sale soon so I can grab a couple. I think they'd make a funky little arrangement on a wall in my home office.


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