28 February 2011

Winter Afoot

Happy Monday, ladies! Here's a rundown of my cas weekend attire (and can you spot my pup - aka Trouble - in some of these pics?):

Sweater: Per Una by Marks & Spencer (worn here before - similar here or -ish here)
Dress: Mossimo by Target tiered
Belt: Anthropologie looping lanes (thanks to Julie from the EA trade market - similar here)
Tights: Target
Shoes: Xhiliration by Target teanna
Necklace: Laila Rowe (similar-ish here)

Top: Anthropologie Splendid two story (on sale, check stores - similar here)
Jeans: Banana Republic classic skinny (worn here before - similar here)
Earrings: Target (similar here or here)
Shoes: Anthropologie raines / Seychelles ring in the new year (worn here before - similar here as a booty)

And this is why short Lisa can't wear wide-leg jeans ...

Top: J. Crew milliner tissue tee (worn here before - similar-ish here)
Sweater: J. Crew cielo ruffle (similar here or color here)
Jeans: Gap essential (similar here)
Shoes: Guess Lawri (worn here before - similar here or lux here)

♣ ♣ ♣ ♣

The lovely Anne sent me an e-mail last week asking if I could put together a few recs for cold-weather footwear essentials. Now, I know we've all got spring fever, but if you live anywhere north in the States (or San Francisco, apparently), you're either still covered or you know there's yet another snow storm or two in the horizon, so unfortunately many of you gals are not out of the cold foot trenches just yet. Plus now is the perfect time of year to invest in a few cold weather pieces at fantastic savings ... So here are my decidedly "un" expert ideas on what I consider essential winter footwear:

♣  The All-Weather Snow Boot: Gotta have a pair - that's all I can say. Traction. Warmth. Waterproof. My Ugg DeSotos have taken me through Christmas snowpocalypse in NYC faithfully - just make sure yours has the rugged sole like these. They stayed blissfully warm and dry through three hours of shoveling and several other hours of snow frolicking. Sorels also can't be beat - they got the fur!

♣  The Rain Boot: If you live in a warmer weather clime, puddle jumpers are essential footwear as winter precipitation is rain. I personally prefer classic styles but this the perfect style to play up some bold color or fun pattern. My big sis swears by her Burberrys, but my personal faves are Kamiks as the insoles are padded and they've got awesome traction.

♣  The Flat Boot: Wanna the footies completely covered, sublimely comfortable and still be stylish? Then flat boots are for you. There are literally thousands of options out there - my flats for fall included ones from Bed Stu and Anthro (why have I not purchased shoes from Anthro until this winter?) Frye and Madden also make reliable and stylish options - think classic styling, unique details like brass rivets or buckles, a versatile pair you can wear with anything.

♣  The Heeled Boot: This is another style with two million options, but I'd say opt for go-with-anything colors black and brown first. I especially love these ridonkulous hot Choos or Pradas, but I must admit to clomping around like a baby trucker elephant in my heeled boots, so I'd opt for brands like Born that make super-comfy stacked heels that still rock.

♣  The Bootie: This was my cold-weather go-to shoe when I needed the footie coverage but still wanted to rock a cute skirt or dress. I'm a newbie to booties so I only own a basic pair by Vince Camuto but I really dug the lace-up combats, like ones by Seychelles for a more urban look.

What do you gals think? What are your cold-weather foot essentials? What gets you through the winter?


  1. Born is my go to shoe for the horrors of a Minnesota winter. However most shoes seem to be ruined by all the salt and snow melt! I've never purchased any shoes from anthro, but I'm seriously considering it!

  2. sooo cute. i especially love that second look. and you can wear wide legs, you just have to rock one of those pairs of awesome heels. ;)
    i saw pup - that wasn't a shoe in her mouth, was it?

  3. Well you sure looked great all weekend! :) I especially love the second outfit. That top and those shoes - perfect. I so want to copy that look right now!

  4. All three outfits are so chic, but I am especially in love with outfit #2. It looks so effortlessly stylish.

  5. Oh, and thanks for the sweet offer of NM dining recommendations. I'd love some!!
    kathollywood (at) gmail (dot) com if you get some time to jot down a few.


  6. I love the color of that Target dress on you, and that second outfit is ever-so chic!

  7. I spot Pacey in the 2nd pic; he's ogling at your shoes like ~ "yummy shoes, get in muh belly." Has he chewed up any of your shoes? He's probably a good pooch. My dogs have chewed up quite a few of my leather shoes, don't blame 'em though. Leather shoes smell like doggie bones.

  8. Minnesota Maven - I have ruined too many pairs of boots through the NYC winters, so when there's snow out, I'm in my Uggs or Kamiks - come on slushy snow, take your best shot now! But I love Borns because they are oh so comfy, and the quality is really good!

    Kcookski - Unfortunately these stupid jeans are short, so they only work with flats or real low heels. When I wear heels with them, my whole foot is exposed and my pant legs look even more ridonkulous! And thankfully, that's my pup going crazy with her stuffed alligator. I had to do surgery on gator's mouth yesterday!

    I'll shoot you an e-mail, Betty Ray!

    Thanks, overcaffenaited and La Historiadora!

  9. Lisa - Pacey chewed up two pairs of my BF's home Crocs (I didn't bait her, I swear!) and a pair of my sneaker laces - the BF yelled at her so badly for it that she hasn't touched another shoe since - except my home slippers. She is all the time trying to get at those, even on my feet!

  10. Where do I start? How about thank you, thank you, and thank God for you :) I seriously needed exactly that--now I have a good shoe shopping list. I swear I would go out and come home with all open toe...and then it's 10 below zero and I'm like "Ahhhhhh!" LOL

    But we have to talk about how amazing your #2 outfit is!!! I mean, all three are adorable, I LOVE that striped sweater, but #2 is so unique. I dont' even know how you came up with it. Awesome. Thanks so much Lisa :)

  11. I agree - #2 is a great look on you! Simply, yet oh so chic!!!

  12. I also love the 2nd look with the splendid top, and the jeans and heels--so chic and effortless!

  13. I love all three looks but really love #2 and those Target earrings are beautiful!!! The only shoes I have on my mind right now are flip flops how much longer till Spring?!

  14. I'm loving your second outfit....so chic - fabulous!

  15. loving the bright color on you!!!:)

  16. I'm thrilled you gals all like the two story cowlneck - it was a spur-of-the-moment purchase for me, and BF kind of hates it and calls it a maternity top - but it really is all kinds of comfy, and I love those skinny it makes my arms look (and it even makes my boobs look bigger, haha!)

    Aw, thanks much, Anne. I wouldn't give me that much credit, but I'll take it! ;o)

    triciathomas - I know what you mean! I am on the market now for some comfy black sandals and already purchased two pairs of high heeled sandals - OK three pairs, but they were on sale!

  17. Oh, the Splendid Two Story top looks great on you! Love it! The earrings are super cute too.

    I love seeing pacey peeking through in some of the shots. Looks like she's up to something:)

  18. Cold weather what? I live in Florida. We don't wear boots often. :)

    I absolutely adore that bright pink dress on you, the color is so flattering and the top in the second outfit is HAWT! You look great in all of these!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  19. The Splendid top is simply SPLENDID! I love it!

    You always look so pulled together! So inspiring!

  20. My gosh, Pacey is TOO CUTE! I love that she's staring at your heels in one of the photos!! You look gorgeous as always, dear :)

  21. You did a very thorough review on what kind of boots are out there for the colder weather! My favorite boots have got to be the booties, especially since I bundle up so much at the bottom that I can't zip up longer boots! LOL.

    I adore your second outfit! So drape, asymmetrically and loving the floaty earrings. =0D

  22. I love your first look. So bright and cheerful for this time of year.

    All I'm missing is the heeled boot and bootie, which coincidentally I've had on my wishlist for a long time but just can't find the perfect pair :) Great review and list!

  23. Love the sweater in the second set! And those earrings! I had a similar pair, but I lost one of them recently and it's been a sad life ever since.

  24. That Splendid top is killer. They make amazing stuff that's so cozy.

  25. I love that outfit with the Splendid Top and the Seychelles heels...You look totally Foxy Cas!! I've always lived in warm weather climates, so the only boots I have to worry about is for light precipitation and 40 degrees. But if I did live in snow, I think I'd snag a pair of Sorel's.

  26. Striped cardigan - I like! Second outfit is nice and relaxed.. seriously, I'm in Vancouver and it's been snowing : ( either that or raining.. When do we all get to mass post on our florals. skirts, and shorts ... lol


  27. I love the Two-Story Cowlneck look! It looks really great with the cuffed skinnies. I love the top so much and can't wait to wear it.

  28. Fabulous post! You are making me so sorry I didn't get those black shoes at Target!

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    Super cute necklace giveaway!

  29. I super love your first outfit - the one you submitted and I love those earrings - now I'm on the hunt. I can shop again in 2 days!

  30. First of all, I love that you are rocking honeysuckle! And outfit two is so going to be an inspiration for a future outfit, I'm obsesses with cuffed jeans!

  31. Awww, Lisa, you look so cute in wide leg jeans. I think the key is the higher the waistline the longer legs! Love all your outfits - the second one is probably my fave look of them all - even though you are wearing denim, you still look elegant. Such gorgeous earrings too, and your freckles are adorable girl!
    I think it's funny how pacey is in a little corner of some of the pictures...hehe.
    Thanks for the comprehensive winter shoe guide!

  32. kristin - oh you a puppy is always up to something! I love the first shot of her on top of the stairs most because she's looking at me like "what are you doing? why aren't you coming up here and playing with me, aren't I cute?"

    Carly - I think she was waiting for a moment where I would turn away and she could chomp on my shoes, feet in them and all!

    Cee - it felt like it took forever for me to find my flat boots. And with extensive online shopping such as it is now, I think I got more confused with the more options I saw!

    Danielle C - but I know how beautiful it is out in Vancouver! And they shoot all the Twilight movies out there (team E - better yet, team B!)

    Peggy - I've said it to death but Target really has a ton of cute spring dresses and shoes out right now! You've done so good with your challenge!

    vintageglammz - I think that was part of the problem with my wide jeans - they were higher-waisted but perhaps not enough to "elongate" me. Plus the length of the pants weren't long enough for heels - just made me look like two stove pipes, haha!

  33. Such pretty outfits. I'm totally in love with the second outfit. You look so casual and yet so undeniably chic. Thanks for the boot guide---I totally agree with your advice.

  34. Hi! I have those ruffled Seychelles. I adore them - the only problem is the heel height. They kill me! Do you have any secrets?

  35. Anon - no real secrets except that I guess I am used to the pain, haha! But I do have ball-of-foot insoles that I wear with my higher heels to at least delay the numbing pain. I usually get the ones from Dr. Scholls for Her Ball of Foot Cushions. They give me some padding but don't crush my toes in the process. I hope this helps!

    All three of those sweaters are adorable. Love the stripes, love the ruffles but really, really love the cowl necked Anthro top. You've got such great taste.

    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!


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