06 January 2011

You Make it Easy

In my mind, putting on anything other than jeans each day is considered "dressing up." And since I started this wee blog, I have been encouraged to dress up more (which of course necessitated adding tons more skirts and dresses to my wardrobe) and appreciate the respect I pay myself by trying to look decent (i.e., trying to look better I do when I walk my dog at the buttcrack of dawn in my PJ pants, hair askew and white traces of Clearasil still on my forehead).

There are days though, where I don't feel like dressing up and the thought of having to find a matching pair of tights to go with the dress and then a cardi to wear over the dress because it is cold and do I have a belt that doesn't make me look like a tied up roast oh is the neckline too plain and how come I don't have a decent pair of brown shoes with the heels just so to go with everything - everyone - everyday - makes my head blow up a little tiny bit.

That's why some of my favorite posts from my fella bloggers are their casual day looks. I love getting inspiration by seeing how you fine ladies can rock a pair of skinnies and flats for school or throw on a cotton jacket over a lacy dress to go run errands or peg some baggy jeans to show off a glittery pair of heels for a movie date.

I have you gals to thank when I got dressed this morning, tossed on a pair of jeans and did not immediately reach for my hand-me-down Wrigley Field sweatshirt (can I continue to say how wearing jeans tucked into boots is still a revelation for me?). I am still put-together but comfortable and do not feel dressed up.

Sweater: J. Crew cambridge crewneck (similar cotton version here or rosette version here)
Top: J. Crew striped tissue tee (worn here before - similar here or here)
Jacket: Anthropologie Cartonnier Craftsmanship Capelet
Jeans: Forever 21 skinny ankle (similar here)
Boots: Bed:Stu Bullet (worn here before)
Necklace: UO multi stone bib (worn here before - similar-ish here and here)

★   ★   ★   ★

Don't forget, please send me your outfit picks for the next Respect the Outfits reader feature. This week we're doing you beautiful ladies with your cutie pets. Pics can be sent to respecttheshoes(at)live.com - post to go up next Monday!


  1. Lisa, another terrific casual outfit. It's really amazing how little things can make an outfit go from drab to fab. I just love that jacket (I would wear that everyday) on you. I draw inspiration from you (and from the bloggers I follow religiously) when I feel like throwing in the towel first thing in the morning. I don't look too terrible on most days thanks to your blog. :)

  2. I feel the same way about seeing casual looks from other bloggers. As much as I love seeing everyone's pretty dresses and patterned tights, seeing a good casual look is much more helpful since I'm a casual clothes moron!

    I love your sweater here. Too cute!

  3. This post perfectly describes how I've been feeling lately! Well said!

  4. I love casual outfits as much as I love dress-up ones! I think it's because with casual outfits, there is actually a lot more "inspiration" that can go on since nearly everyone owns a pair of jeans and several tops and shoes, whereas not all of us have fabulous teal pencil skirts or vanilla cream-hued dresses. I love this look -- the boots really take it up a notch! And with that capelet? Get outta here, you look amazing!

    Ooo, a feature with pets! Now if I can only get my goldfish to stay still long enough so I can snap a picture with him... hmmmmmm...

  5. Love your casual look! You are so chic! That capulet is just so cute on you, and those boots ... to die for! :P You just inspired me to collect some of my casual looks and post them. I should branch out a bit! :)

  6. You look great. I work from home, part-time, so going beyond jeans takes serious effort. But whenever I put on something a bit more pulled together, I have a better day.

  7. Aw man! I only have Spike (my tarantula) here in nebraska with me. My tortoises (Barry and Melon) are in Michigan until it is safe to transport them here. I will try and take a pic with Spike though. He tends to get antsy when the flash goes off though.

    Also, I love your outfit! Man, I really need to check out J Crew!

  8. You look comfy, yet incredibly chic! Those boots are killer!

  9. I know how you feel! Sometimes when I feel like I'm "dressing up" I'm not really dressed up. I used to never wear dresses and skirts but now I find them so comfortable (they let your belly expand freely when you eat your favourite foods). Still, it's good to throw on a pair of skinny jeans and a sweater once in while. This looks like such a comfy outift!


  10. I absolutely love this look! The layered strips underneath look so chic! I also love when you get to see the more casual side of bloggers. Casual can by comfy and good looking!

  11. I love that little cape! I'm a casual girl myself so I totally love this look. Casual but DEFINITELY not boring!

  12. I want to wear cute jean outfits like yours! One of these days I've got to get myself a pair of jeans. Maybe that should be another one of my goals for 2011...buy a pair of jeans and wear them at least once. Think I can do it?

    I really want to send in a pet picture, but the only pet I have is my mom's dog and she lives hours and hours away :(

  13. I really enjoy your writing Lisa, your description of your early morning with the dog had me laughing! Easy outfits are great because there are definitely those days when the last thing I feel like doing is coordinate the tights with the dress with the cardi, with the belt? oh and perhaps heels...or booties?? See, just writing it all out is exhausting!! Cute look.

  14. love this, as usual!
    and i love the necklace.

  15. You look adorable and casual yet very sophisticated! Well done!

  16. This is the perfect causal outfit!! Love the boots!!

    Sarah at Classroom Chic

  17. You and Tricia have me ready to race out and buy more striped tees to layer with - love yours peeking out from under the sweater - you look adorable! And the cape just amps up the cute! I actually think YOU make it so easy, your casual outfits are some of my faves and I definitely wear my share of jeans!

  18. Fantastic casual look here. I agree, sometimes perfecting a good casual look is harder than dressing up. Like you don't want to look like you tried too hard but you don't want to look too sloppy. You got it perfect here.

  19. thanks girl for the sweet comment!

    my go to outfit is always skinny jeans, boots and nice sweater or a long shirt. i love ur boots!

  20. I love your casual outfit. The sweater looks so warm and comfy. I just found your blog.

  21. Lisa dear, I've missed you! That bib necklace is so pretty!


    Happy, Happy New Year!


  22. You look beautiful in the casual outfit! I really like to dress down and dress up! It all depends on how I am feeling that morning!

  23. You're rockin the casual look girrrrl. Love those boots.

  24. I'm loving the cape on you. I complete agree with you about how sometimes you just want to be comfortable. Especially the cold days, even tights doesn't feel warm enough.

    Don't have pets, can i submit a outfit with kids? @_@

  25. That grey sweater looks great on you! (Reminds me of how I need more sweaters.)

    And I don't see jeans as "dressing down" at all. For me, fashion needs to be practical. ...Or it can be runway fashion and just beautiful, but that's another story.

  26. Lisa, i've been guilty of leaving the house with white traces of sunscreen on my face! My hubby is always the one who blends it for me afterwards:-)
    I think you look so adorable in casual gear. I too don't dress up that often. Only when there's a special occasion. Most of the time,i just bum around in my denim mini skirt and plain old tshirt! - not blogworthy enough :-)

  27. This is lovely Lisa, I too love easy dressing - Fridays at work = mufty day, I love it!

    I wore my capelet today (yellow) too - my husband keeps calling me Batman, Superman etc etc. Funny guy!

    I like the stripes peeking from the bottom of your sweater, might have to borrow that idea if you don't mind?!

  28. I yelled at Mr. A yesterday for wanting to run errands in pajama pants because I think it looks sloppy and lazy. It isn't difficult to throw on some jeans and a T-shirt. Athletic pants are even better than pajama pants.


  29. Hey hey :D stumbled upon your blog today and I am lovin your outfit posts! ..as well as that lush capelet!!!

  30. Your casual look is great! That sweater looks so comfortable. And I think jeans would be considered dressed-up for walking your dog at the buttcrack of dawn haha (I mean, you're gonna be looking wayyy better than all the other sweatpant-wearing dogwalkers!)

  31. I love this casual look. You look so polished!

    I feel the same way about pretty dresses, they are nice, but can require so much effort that I sometimes throw my hands up and go with jeans and a t.

  32. I love your casual look! It's very classy. Can't go wrong with a cableknit sweater :) Other bloggers (such as yourself) inspire me to dress up! It takes A LOT for me to put on a dress, with tights, etc. But I feel accomplished when I do!

  33. Hi! Just found your blog at other's bloggers suggestions to submit puppy pictures to you! I'm so glad they pointed me in your direction! Love your blog. Your OOTD posts are wonderful!

    I'll be sending along pics for your next feature soon!

    Come check out my new blog!


  34. Haha, aw, thanks, Elle. Reading fashion blogs has really saved me from all the wonderfully sloppy levels of fashion hell!

    Thanks, KDot!

    amy k - you can always bring back out your geese-a-laying! ;o)

    Ady - holy cow, your tarantula!? You are one strong woman - arachnids scare me!

    Sara - you still haven't bought yourself a pair of jeans yet? Oh they will change your life - but it is weird to think a pair of pants could be so difficult to find the perfect pair for!

    Inkmark - I am cracking up about the kids comments, but my BF's sister does call her children her "little pets" ...

    Louise - ooh, I need to see you in the yellow capelet, that one sold out soooo quickly on Anthro! BF refrains from commenting on my outfits anymore, however, I had to keep from putting both my hands and my waist with the cape on or I do look a wee hero-ish, haha.

    Bonnie - oh I can't stand seeing people at the market or Target in their PJ pants or house slippers! Come on, people, try a little bit!

    Mugdha - buttcracks of dawn are made for PJ pants!

    New readers - thanks so much for stopping by, staying awhile and commenting!

  35. this 'casual' look is so cute!!! and that cape...oh, that cape!!!!! what a perfect topper for the outfit.

  36. The cape looks smashing on you.


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