10 January 2011

Respect the Outfits (You and Your Pets)

Having Pacey join my little family has changed and enriched my life two-fold in just the week and a half since we adopted her. All my activities (and shoot, my purchases!) have become so much more pup-centric and I am really enjoying it!

That is why I am so glad I have been able to find some fella pet-minded fashionistas for this week's Respect the Outfits post, featuring some of you gorgeous ladies and your fabulous pets. So without further ado ...

  Kim with Addie from Array of Anthro:

Anthropologie Terrace House Jacket / Anthropologie Deuxhill Cowlneck

  Spiffy with Mario aka Buddy and Luna aka Tina from Where The Lights Are Bright:

F21 cardigan / Old Navy skirt / Anthropologie Berry-Stitched boots

  Laura with Heishe from Anthro Closet Chaos:

Anthro's Easy Keeper Skirt by Tracy Reese / Anthro's From the Poles Jacket by Sparrow / Anthro's Meteorology Necklace /
JPC's Opaque Tights in Purple by Worthington / Anthro Totem Heels by Miss L Fire

  Lori with Buddie from Lorispeak:

West & Vine sweater / American Apparel red long sleeve / Gap wool camel skirt / Grey herringbone tights /
Three Beacons Belt sz S / Colorful Brazilian wood beaded necklace

  Sarah with Ghibli from That Damn Green Dress:

Anthropologie Southward Stop dress

  Amy with Barnaby from kelinda.KELINDA:

  Alana with Zooey from The Good Girl Gone Blog:  

Vest- Kensie Girl / Jeans- Salt Works / Tank- Primark / Shoes- Madden Girl

  Beth with Zipper from Just Another Fish in the Sea:

top - Banana Republic / jeans - True Religion / flats - Nine West / hat and scarf - Kohls

  Mandy with Mara, Osiris and Louis from Stylistic Idiom:

Traced Twirls Dress (Anthropologie) / Seychelles Woven Heels (Urban Outfitters) / Red Tights (Hue) /
Buttercup Posts (Anthropologie) / El Condor Pasa Belt (Anthropologie)

  Lisa with Chloe from Confessions of a Call Center Gal:

Anthropologie Dusky Begonia t-straps

  Ally with Keppie from Modestly Fashioned:

  E Hayes with Penny and Baxter from Strawberry Swing and Other Things:

Left: J.Crew Merino Melanie Button Cuff Cardi / J.Crew Perfect Fit Tank / Hinge Skirt (Nordstrom) / UO Kimchi Blue O-Ring Belt /
BR Sonya Huarache Wedges / Anthro Earrings
Right: J.Crew Deco Dot Cardi / BR Green Top / 7FAM A-Pocket Jeans / J.Crew Metallic Marjorie Flats in metallic blush / BR Straw Headband /
Express Multi Strand Necklace (teal)

  LT with Carly, Riley and Hunter from One Cat Away From Crazy:

Dress and necklace: JCrew / Cardigan: Ann Taylor / Tights: Hue / Shoes: Nine West

  Kay with Athena from AnthroFlux:

Anthropologie Refined Cord Dress / Anthropologie Delancey Boots

  Erin with Hurley from Designer Me:

And here are my pics with my little ball of furry fury, Pacey (we were super cas'd out for the weekend):

Kind of good ...

Top: J. Crew tissue turtleneck / Sweater: Gap cotton shawl wrap cardi / Belt: H&M stretch /
Jeans: Forever 21 skinny ankle / Boots: Whooga

Happy Monday, everyone, and stay warm! Thanks again to all you lovely ladies who participated in this week's reader post! I am so excited that so many of your share the same kind of enthusiasm for your pets as I do for mine! Your pets are varied and adorable!


  1. These are great! :) I also love that you have worn your uggs exactly right, with everything else trim and slim! (People in my area could learn a thing or two from your example, lol.)

    I was thinking of doing a special mommy and me type post a la what you have done here with these lovely ladies and their pets! Pics are always better with company!

  2. oops I thought the deadline was today and was going to send you one later, never mind!

    These are lovely, it's so nice seeing other people's beloved pets. Check Mandy out with those snakes!!! Brave girl, gives me the heebies thinking about them around my neck....

  3. awww. so cute. Like children, I love pets when they are someone elses. How bad is that? But I recognize that no matter what I might think, we're not ready for it. No matter how much we ooh and awww and cuddle with the cuties. Such a fun post!!!

  4. So cute!! I love seeing everyone's adorable pets! :-)

  5. I absolutely love this post!!! Everyone looks fabulous and their pets are just too cute! Sadly my cat wouldn't cooperate for a photo shoot but it's great to see everyone else with their favorite furry friends!!!

  6. this post is adorable! I totally forgot to send a picture of Simon and I :(
    I love seeing everyone with their furbabies!

  7. This is such a fun post! Thanks for including me!! Pacey looks like she is settling in perfectly :) :)

  8. I love this post! Everyone looks great and I love seeing all of the fur babies! So cute!

  9. Aww these are just so adorable! I was running around like a crazy woman this weekend so this totally slipped my mind. Ugh! I would have had a great one to submit too if I remembered with Chewy! Thanks for posting these. I loved reading through them.

  10. I love seeing all of these lovely ladies with their pets. How cute!

  11. I love love love this post! Your pup is adorable.

  12. so cute! I don't know how I missed this one!! My little beagle loves the camera!!

  13. Oh my gosh, I think I about just died from the cuteness reading this! And all these owners are dressed so stylishly too! What a wonderful post Lisa, thanks for putting it together :)

  14. so cute. my beasts would have to be sedated to cooperate for a photo. plus, they're black....wouldn't really show up. ;)

  15. Awwwww. Ohhhhh. Ahhhhhh. I really enjoyed this post. It's Paw Purrrrrrfect. Thanks for featuring me and my pooch Chloe!

  16. YAY! Everyone looks so cute with their pets. I can't believe Mandy has snakes!

  17. a. that cat is HUGE
    b. those snakes would not make good pets for me!
    What a fun post Lisa, I loved seeing everyone with their pets!

  18. Ahhh I love all these pics of bloggers and their pets. Great idea.

  19. Thanks for including me Lisa! I love this post and everyone pets, I'm a sucker for furbabies...

  20. awwww. i need to add my Charlie Brown to the mix.

  21. Cuteness galore! this was a great idea for the feature. I love seeing all the cute pets! Not to mention all the equally adorable outfits.
    I'm going to hassle the DH for a pet of my own now..perhaps starting with a goldfish like Amy!

  22. cute cute! love these pictures!

  23. This turned out so cute! I wanted to participate with my big puppy, but alas, he's camera shy. Go figure. Being that he's 90 lbs, I can't pick him up. Ha! My jaw dropped when I saw Sarah's cat ~ I mean, I think it's a cat...right? I love Amy's fish too! Great job ladies ~ love the outfits. ~ Susan

  24. heh...yes, that's a cat! Though due to his size and proportions he's really more like a sweet fat 24 pound bear cub...;P

    Oh Lisa, this was fun! So many cute pictures- I love the way pets try and insert themselves in your pictures, but then when you want to take one of them they are soooooo out of there...I mostly have pictures of my cats sleeping.
    Love all the doggies too- and would love to have a nice rack of antlers in my living room- so cool!

  25. Oh I love this post, thanks for including me and my crew :)

  26. Such lovely pets, all around. This was such a unique idea, Lisa, and I loved seeing all these submission. And I laughed out loud when I saw Ghibli -- such a fluffy kitty!

    I was about to have BF take a picture of me with his bulldog..but I'm sure it would have involved both of us fast asleep (he's my best snuggle buddies), which is not that interesting for an outfit pic! : )

  27. Lovely photos! Thanks for having this great idea!

  28. I just love seeing everyone's pets! Great idea, Lisa! :)

  29. dinagideon - I think a mommy and me post would be an awesome idea! Plus, kids usually respond better to cameras than pups!

    Aw, sorry, Louise! I'll be clearer next time - the response was phenomenal, I'll probably have to do this again!

    Pamela - reason why I know I am in no way ready for any sort of actual miniature human yet? I don't even think OTHER people's kids are cute yet! ;o)

    Kcookski - I am starting to realize my pup likes tights - as in, decides that only when I wear tights that she should try to jump and claw at my legs. Sigh.

    thatdamngreendress - your cat is AMAZING! She weighs the same as my pup now! And I totally agree, 99% of the pics I try to take on purpose with my pup are blurry messes - but when I try an outfit pic, there she is!

    Jamie - aw, a snoozing doggie and Jamie pic! ;o)
    vintageglammz - Amy K told me her goldfish is 4 years old! I don't know anything about fish years, but I think he's about ready for college at least!

  30. I died of cuteness. I love how owners pick up pets that are very large and I love how so many pets just sit and look at their owners so lovingly.

    I want a furry something or the other now. These features are the best, Lisa!

  31. What a fun round up! I'm so sad I was Waaaaaaaaaaaaay behind on my blog reading and missed it. big frowny face.
    Pacey is fantastically cute and I'm so happy to hear he's joined your family!!

    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

  32. How could I miss this?! I've just started getting back to reading blogs. For awhile, I was very busy with so much going on, so I missed a lot. Pacey is adorable and what a great idea for a feature. Congrats on your adoption!

  33. Oh bummer I missed out on this! I need to get back on the blogging bandwagon. Toby has his own blog now btw :)

  34. I love all the pictures with the pets! Too cute.

  35. This turned out so adorably!! Thanks for putting it together :)

  36. Kim, Love your pup and your Terrace House Jacket.

    Lori, I hope Budz is doing better after his surgery.

    Sarah, OMG! Ghibli looks just like my Heishe only 3 times as big. Oh my!

    Amy, Barnaby is the best fish in the house.

    Mandy, These aren't the babies that live in the coconut shell are they?

    From Heishe to Louis " You're adorable - for a dog!" Meow!

    Ally, I love Goldens. Keppie is gorgeous!

    Kay, Athena is looking great. What a handful. Love the Red Refined Cord Dress and Delancey Boots.

    Erin, Hurley Awwwww! He looks kissable!

    Lisa, Proud Dog Mommy and Pacey. Thanks so much for including Heishe and me. He seems to be a standard in all my pics lately.


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