12 January 2011

Quirky Pleather

I watched All About Steve last night, which is a movie starring Sandra Bullock as a socially-awkward crossword "constructor" who becomes infatuated with a news cameraman and follows him across the country because she believes he likes her. The movie was kind of meh-worthy, but I'm a big fan of Sandra in general and thought she knew how to rock a pair of red go go boots (partly the reason why my new rain boots are the same shiny hue).

It also got me thinking about how everyone has their own character traits that could be considered different by other people - quirks or eccentricities. Things that may not be understood or even liked by other people, by that help to define who we are and how we're unique. Three cheers for quirks!

My personal quirks? Do we have all day? When I drink milk, it must be very very cold and I will chug it because I don't want the off chance of it turning even a tiny bit not icy cold. I always have a pen in my purse - always. I enjoy food prep, I find it soothing. I don't like having loose items in my purse - they are always in a pocket or in a satchel inside my purse. I have chronic foot-in-mouth syndrome and a truck driver's sense of humor. I not-so-secretly want to live in loungewear, all the time (thank you for your super-cute sweatshirts and hoodies, Anthro). I sometimes talk to myself in public. I laugh at inappropriate situations. I chew on my lips sometimes. I enjoy shoulder dancing and bursting out into spontaneous boogie-ing except in an actual environment meant for dancing. I read historical fiction and am addicted to King Arthur mythology (is that quirky or just plain nerdy ...). I will correct people if they say "in regards to". I look at the Anthro and J Crew sites daily for updates (but I don't think I'm alone there, am I). I have a stuffed sheep named Sheep and until Pacey, she was a bedtime buddy. I think I am a ninja - because I am one. I like using humor to overcome my general awkwardness. I don't eat things that look like they've already been chewed: oatmeal, applesauce, cottage cheese. I tend to be more sympathetic towards animals than people. I incessantly make lists and enjoy crossing "projects" off. I will only eat Cheese Nips - no bobo brands and definitely no Cheez-Its (I can taste the difference - don't try to fool me, people). I obsessively look over my written documents to make sure things are spaced correctly - I am a formatting fiend (do you know how many times I hit "preview" on Blogger for a post?) When I eat, I always eat the least-favorite items first, saving the best bite for last. I am going to stop there.

☻ ☺ ☻ ☺

This is an outfit I wore briefly yesterday - for about two hours to prance around the house in. What I actually wore through most of yesterday (heck, the past two days) consisted of Uggs, skinnies, a tee and a fleecie, all the better to be able to walk the dog in, because that is all the getting outside I've been able to do these past few days. Is the whole dressing "just to dress" thing considered another quirk?

Do you gals have any personal quirks or eccentricities you care to share? I'm not alone in quirky-dom am I? ;o)

Top: Ann Taylor jeweled bib (worn here before - similar-ish here or here in black or just necklace here)
Sweater: Gap (worn here before - similar online here)
Skirt: H&M pleather (worn here before - now in stores, or similar here in brown or dress version here)
Belt: J. Crew metallic skinny (similar here)
Tights: F21 (similar here)
Shoes: Madden Girl tweed herringbone (worn here before - similar here)


  1. Of course you're not alone in your quirkiness! I chew the insides of my mouth too (especially when I'm stressed). As soon as I get a new magazine in the mail, I flip through and tear out all the subscription cards and anything thicker than a normal page for easier browsing. I can't stand to have voicemail unchecked or any icons showing on my phone that I've missed a call, have a new text, or whatever. I need to have a clean slate. Same thing with email. I need to clear out new messages as soon as they come in! I'm obsessed with pumpkins and dimes are my favorite coin. I could also keep going...but isn't it nice to know that what we consider quirks are endearing to others? Thanks for sharing yours! :)

  2. I eat a lot of bananas to fuel my running but cannot eat them if they have any specks of brown on the skin or if they smell of banana. I read the newspaper from back to front as I love sports. I too check Anthro everyday, EU and US. I can't sleep if there are clothes on the floor in the bedroom, they must be in the laundry basket. I fold my clothes before putting them in the laundry basket (!).

    I don't know what a cheese nip or a cheez-it is but thanks for sharing your foibles, it made me giggle over a cuppa :)

  3. I don't like anyone commenting on what I am eating at lunch. To the point I may just stop eating it. Hm.. this may be more than just a "quirk"... I also love lists and often have several going at one time and always make sure I cross things off as accomplished. I will even add to the list a task I've completed just so I can cross it off. I prefer black over blue pens, and after using the microwave, if someone forgets to hit clear, I will ALWAYS get up and clear it so it goes back to display the time.

    Thank you for labeling these as 'quirks', I always thought of them as 'neuroses'

  4. uhhh, I have a stuffed sheep named sheep too..it's the only childhood stuffed animal that has stuck with me in all my travels.

    I don't hit the snooze button- ever! and I secretly get annoyed at people who do (?) not sure why...

    I absolutely HATE standing water on the bathroom or kitchen sinks...or the floors or just outside the shower- HATE.

    The toe line on my socks MUST be lined up striaght, without extending to the sides of my toes.

    I don't have a lot of quirks but those that I have I am very passionate about :)

    Cute pleather skirt!

  5. oh and I couldn't agree more about the difference between cheese nips and cheez its- seriously, NOT the same!

  6. I'm an adult who can't sleep without her blankie. :)

    Love the top. Pretty much anything jeweled wins my affection.

  7. Oh my oh my - you love Arthurian legend/mythology? *squee* *waves hands* ME TOO! Oh dear ... quirks (or OCD ... whatever you call it!)

    - I have to wash my dishes RIGHT after I'm done using them. I can't let them linger in the sink, or they drive me mad.
    - I don't like stuff on the floor. I vacuum often and if I see dirt ... out comes the vacuum or the broom.
    - I make lists. A lot. For really random things, not just groceries. The act of organizing my thoughts is soothing for me, keeps my brain busy.
    - I love all animals except I'm afraid of butterflies. Petrified. I've gotten better as I've aged. I used to run away screaming. Now I just smile and walk away quickly when I see one.

    That's a few of mine! Love your list of quirks!

  8. Love your post, and your outfit. I too am extremely quirky. I am sensitive to smells and will not hesitate to pronounce when a room or something smells funny. I know lyrics to more songs than is conceivable and will start singing the first few lines whenever I hear a song (radio, TV, whatever). I line up all my paperwork on my desk, squared off. Come to think of it, I line up my toiletries on my bathroom counter too. I correct people when they say "anywayS". I can talk like a construction worker *wink wink*. I make faces at my BF on skype when I think he's not looking. And oh yes, I think I'm low maintenance.

  9. You did such a great job mixing textures in this outfit. I especially like the contrast between the smooth pleather and the soft wool. A little edgy, but definitely still pretty and put-together.

    In terms of my quirks...hmmm...I like my fruit to be room temperature, rather than refrigerated...with the exception of berries, which really aren't supposed to be kept cold, because it ruins their freshness. Close-toed shoes MUST be worn with socks/tights/nylons. Chipped nail polish irks me. And I don't like to receive emails in which the sender capitalizes the second or third word of his/her closing line ("Best Wishes" or "Yours Sincerely" or "Thanks For Your Help". Leading caps, only, please!!!

  10. We all have quirks, I only eat my eggs scrambled and eat my cereal dry. I have not gotten dressed in about three days, all this ice just has me on the couch. Hopefully things will start to thaw soon.

  11. Haha...this is a great entry and it got me thinking what mine are. I don't like to finish any drinks unless it has ice and a straw in it. I think the bottom of drinks is dirty. I hate hate hate hair on the floor so I'm super meticulous about carpets and our hardwoods. I can't stand dirty dishes in the sink...it always has to be washed and put away.

  12. I have a lot of the same quirks as you. I'm really obsessive compulsive about my hair and brushing my teeth. But girl, Cheez-Its > Cheese Nips. Hands down.

  13. My quirks seem to be getting tamer as I age, but more deeply rooted.
    I LOVE that you got dressed just to get dressed. It never hurts to feel pretty - especially when you can go back to super comfy easily.

    And you do look pretty!
    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

  14. Oh geez! I have a lot of quirks...

    When I eat, I seperate my food into two even portions so that I can chew on both sides of my mouth. It bugs me when one side of my mouth gets more chewing than the other.

    I pace around all day. I can't think right when I am sitting, so I pace at work and I pace at home and it drives everybody else insane. The worst part of it is that I make sure to take steps that are the same size when I pace.

    I cannot leave the bed unmade. The second I am up, my bed is being made. An unmade bed makes me craaaazzzzy!

    I am always rechecking that I locked the house up before I go to sleep at night. Even if I know I did it, I will not be able to sleep until I have twisted the handle and seen that it will not move. I actually had my house broken into once at night though, so that's probably when this one started.

    That's it for my quirks now. Sharing this in public is probably not a good thing. Everybody will think I am OCD. :)

    Let me just tell you that you look REALLY pretty today. I love the pop of color in the cardigan, the glitter in the shirt, and the subtle pattern of the tights. This outfit is one of my favorites that I have seen you in!

  15. I love all your quirks! Especially about milk :)
    I don't know if this is a quirk, or an annoying habit, but sometimes when someone is talking to me I will move my lips and mouth the words, just so I can make sure I am understanding what they are saying. LG hates it :)

    As for this outfit, it isn't quirky at all! It's totally awesome! I love the jewelled bib top and the colour of the sweater!

  16. Of course we all have "quirks". Like Pamela, I must have the time displayed on the microwave. I like my front door (all door actually) locked at all times (it is the city girl in me), I can't have any kind of food or drink anywhere near a bathroom, including gum, which must be spit out before entering. Also, I know tons of lyrics to standards and show tunes and will sing out loud, while watching Glee-much to the embarrassment of my boys. I also clean while I cook, washing bowls and cutting boards before going to the next project. I don't like a messy kitchen while I'm working in it.

    PS-Fun post. Love the outfit and the new pup.

  17. i'm with ya on the food prep. it's kinda therapeutic to just chop, isn't it? :)
    cute outfit. i'm also with you on specifically dressing for a blog posting and then, um, changing into something decidedly unblog-worthy...shhh. don't tell.

  18. Lots of your quirks are the same as mine :) I chew on my lips constantly in the winter and am always putting on a new layer of chapstick/lipgloss, I check the Anthro site daily, I eat my least favorite foods first so that I can keep looking forward to the good stuff, I would live in sweatshirts and flannel pants if I could, and I can't even count the number of times I hit preview on Blogger (Every time I find a grammar mistake or something I want to add, I have to go back to edit the post, fix it, and then preview it again...takes forever!).

  19. Cuteness! I love the pop of color from your cardi and those tights are awesome! Your list of quirks is hilarious, I definitely have many (many, many!) of my own idiosyncrasies!

  20. oh my gosh! that movie was pretty bad, but you can't forget it. those boots were just too awesome! i love all your quirks - funny, because i was going to start including some aimee-isms into a few of my upcoming posts. here are a few of mine... i don't have an off switch, and always tend to say things that are totally not appropriate for the situaion i'm in, but don't care. i love seeing people's reactions :) - i dislike, okay... HATE black socks. I will not touch them even if they're clean. and one more... before i dated my husband i made sure he had nice hands.

  21. Your quirkiness is what makes you you :) Thanks for sharing, they were a fun read. I check J.Crew's site daily too. Oh I hope my work doesn't keep a log of sites visited or I'll be in trouble :P Off the top of my head, if I see toilet papper put in the wrong way (comes out from underneath instead of atop), I must change it. Immediately. And if it's in public bathrooms, which are usually locked, the urge to resist is soo hard!

  22. Oh the list of my quirks would be never ending!This was such a cute post! I love your outfit too...the whole look is perfection right down to those awesome tights!

  23. You have great quirks! I am so with you on being more sympathetic to animals than humans.

    I set 3 alarms and sometimes can't get to sleep unless I double check that all 3 are set.

    I also sometimes change my socks in the middle of the day as an instant pick me up, especially as I'm on my feet all day at school.

  24. Ummmm I loved this post and your ootd :)

    And without sounding too stalkerish... if your quirks are quirky, I am very close to being your quirk twin.
    Ice cold milk, totally necessary. Loungewear obsession, starts at 5pm pretty much everyday. Inappropriate laughter, embarassing but awesome. Return of the King, top 5 books of mine, ever? Stuffed elephant named Efenant, yes indeed. Shed tears for animals before humans, and it makes me feel guilty sometimes. Heheh. Quirks definitely make us who we are - I'm also a multiple snooze buttoner, have a freakish cheese obsession (except Gouda) and a serious problem with picking one television show and then watching ALL of the seasons of it on dvd in a row in less than 2 weeks.

    Thanks for the fun post :)

  25. This jeweled bib is amazing! Love it on top of the sweater!

  26. I always hate when people ask me, do you have a pen? Of course, I have a pen. I always have a pen. What colour would you like?


    I love this entire ensemble!

    Stay Happy and Positive!




  27. Great post Lisa and thanks for sharing your quirks with us! I think i eat the least favourite things on my plate first too. I have a few more to add:
    - when it comes to chicken, I prefer only the chicken breast. I don't like drumsticks and wings. There's a difference!
    - To put down the toilet seat at home, I have to use toilet paper (same when touching public toilet door handles). Guess this is more of a germphobe!
    - I check myself for grey hairs almost everyday...
    I'm sure i have many more!!
    PS - cute outfit :-)

  28. first, super cute outfit. i love the cardigan paired with the jeweled sweater ~ you look great. second, i'm cracking up at your quirks. half of them i do too, i.e., talking to myself, quadruple checking blogposts before posting, checking anthro and jcrew like a loon (ok, i added loon referring to me). third, (1) i'm a chronic listmaker but always leave the list wherever i wrote it. (2) i freak out if i don't have chapstick on me at all times ~ even if i'm not using it. (3) i find it relaxing to handwash all dishes after any meal, including thanksgiving. it's weird, but a ritual. you're not alone! ~ susan

  29. Aw, gals, it warms my heart to know I am not the sole quirk-filled gal here - but these are all traits that make us who we are and make us unique. Plus, for girls, quirks are cute, aren't they? ;o)

  30. Aww yea, I heart Sandra Bullock too. I enjoyed reading this post. We have quite a bit in common in terms of our quirkiness. I think it's ok to be quirky, I like to think of it as quintessentially quirky yet absolutely adorable at the same time :) Cute outfit!

  31. p/s - I like how you styled your hair today! :)

  32. You are definitely quirky, Lisa, but I love it! And your love of ice cold milk -- does that mean you've never had a glass of warm milk? Or is it just room temperature milk that you dislike? And my boyfriend is the same way about foods that look "prechewed," haha! He won't eat congee for that reason! Too funny!

    I'm strangely particular about how things are arranged -- I always like rectangular arrangements and clean 90-degree angles. I also freak out if there is hair on the floor, so the bathroom gets Swiffered a lot. Those two "quirks" just make me sound severe, hahaha!

  33. I love your quirks and shoulder dancing is the only way to stay sane during long car rides :)


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