27 December 2010

Uggs are for Mondays

Greetings again from NYC, aka the frozen northeast, aka the icy wasteland, aka the site of mini-snowpocalypse 2010. As you've all noticed (or lived through), we've had a bit of snow in the past 24 hours. What a difference a day makes, huh?

Fashion does unfortunately take a backseat when it comes to bodily warmth and battling the elements. I was so thankful I had purchased my first pair of Uggs (and thought to bring them to NY, whew) and dug through my old closet to pull out this puffy mass of warm shapelessness from high school!

I shoveled the whole front walk (you can probably tell because it looks like a 1st grader did it) and then had to help my dad unbury the driveaway entrance (thank you Mr. City Snow Plow Worker guy - sigh). A Jackie Warner workout ain't got anything on plain ole shoveling snow for a few hours! The snow was for real knee high!

I'll be headed back to the SE in another day or so, so I am hoping hoping the local airports get themselves sorted out! I did thoroughly enjoy my visit with the fam though, and we had our usual holiday over-indulgence on everything, plus some time to enjoy the big city holiday cheer (though I do mean "enjoy" a bit lightly though - check out the usual Christmas crowds at Rockefeller Center, egads).

And the cool one-legged seagull down at the Seaport:

In a modest fashion front, I had some quality time with the big sis and we went to three different Anthropologies (two of them yesterday during mini-snowpocalypse) and I think I'm thoroughly indulged in one of my fave retailers for a while. In fact I may need to go on a purchasing diet for January (sshhh, don't tell my wallet).

I don't know how much longer this Anthro tag sale with the additional 25% off runs for, but if you NYC gals have an opp (and can get out of your homes or even up the block!), I highly recommend paying the Greenvale, NY store a visit. It is located as a stand-alone store in a non-descript corner in Long Island (i.e., not convenient to anything) but it has such a massive sale inventory that there were two huge sale sections and a lot of one-off older items!

Here are some of the goodies I scored on super-sale between online and the Greenvale location:

Are you thoroughly indulged this holiday season, or is there still lots more to come this week? What was the best thing you got to do this holiday season? (And did you fella Anthro-lovers score any super-sale "last one standing, can't believe I found it in my size" goodies?)


  1. That's not a mini-snowcapolypse, that IS the snowcapolypse! Holy moly, I thought Jan/Feb's blizzard wasn't to be repeated for a long while, but boy was I wrong. Great Anthro haul as always and can't wait to see those items on you :) Nothing really for me post-Christmas, although I was kinda bad at J.Crew before the holidays. Sigh, poor credit card. Stay warm and have a safe flight home, Lisa!

  2. You got some wonderful stuff. Glad you enjoyed the time in NYC. Good luck with the travel :-)

  3. As soon as I published my post, I read yours! Lol!
    I had to wear my old Bass "duck boots" outside...last winter when I tried to shovel in Uggs I got yelled at.
    Apparently they are not made for snow.
    But camo waders are.

    Safe home Lisa, and I hope your holidays were filled with warmth and happiness!

  4. Ohhhhh! The first dress and this jacket with small bow... I hate Anthropologie for those two, and love it for those two. Why there is no Anthro shop here in Poland. This week I am heading to Florida ( near Panama City) could yo recomend me some store in this area please :) Maybe I will visit it, finally.


  5. thats soem really good scores :)

  6. homg, is the dagmar still there? SO JEALOUS!

  7. I am loving your heels and boots you purchased! Stay warm!

  8. Good luck staying warm in all of the snow! I was supposed to fly back to NY tonight, but now it will be Wed or Thurs before I can get back :( I got an Anthro gift card for Christmas, which I'm most excited about. I'm waiting to see if there will be a sale this week before making any purchases though.

  9. I have been looking for the Dagmar for months. Months! We're snowed in, too.. hoping work is canceled tomorrow as well, as our street is not yet plowed.

  10. Cee - There was a bunch of Crew stuff I wanted but had to give my wallet a rest and abstain - but oh, that pretty sequin sweatshirt!

    JulieStyles - Thanks much!

    Eleanor - Oh home Uggs are not good for plowing! I got the big ole waterproof ones with the rubber soles so they have served me quite well! Otherwise I would have been shoveling in ballet flats!

    Mokkafiveocloc - unfortunately I don't think there are any Anthro stores near Panama City, FL but you can look through the list of Anthro locations from their web site, or go to their Euro to see if they ship to Poland!

    Thanks, Swati!

    Peggy - I was just as surprised I stumbled upon it, and I couldn't resist myself!

    makeupandpearls - as of yesterday, there was still one size 0 dagmar at the Greenvale, NY location!

    audreybella - thanks much! The weather doesn't seem so bad when you're staring at it through a window from the warmth of your house!

    Kelly - oh no on the travel! That is unfortunately right on bc the news is saying that the airlines aren't rebooking folks who had been cancelled except for flights on Thu or Fri!

    alltumbledown - we had to go dig ourselves out twice because the plow walled us back in! My sister needs to go to work tomorrow too - oh it is going to be transit badness!

  11. You look cute and toasty, and omigoodness, I love what you picked up on sale - especially those shoes and boots..and that sweatshirt. Do I need that sweatshirt...

  12. You won't be by yourself on the January purchasing diet. Oh, but we will look soooooooo good during our abstinence lol. Oh, and leave AAAAALLLLLLLL that snow in New York. Have a safe trip back.

  13. Great buys! I have been wavering on those Raines Heels, and I know you have great shoes so I'm really tempted now. I stumbled across a Finessed Sweaterdress, which I've been looking for forever! Even the SA was surprised.

  14. Holy Sacred Indian Cow! That's a ton of snow. Wish I could go shopping with my sis too. I picked up 2 pairs of shoes at Anthro during the tag sale. btw those Anthro boots you picked up are darling! And you got your 1st pair of Uggs? You GO GIRL. I love my Uggs no matter what the haters may say. Viva la Uggs!!

  15. you make a really cute cold chick ;)

  16. Oh, wow, what an Anthropologie haul! I have been resisting that sale so far, although I fell for a couple of other sales today. Let's see, the best thing I got to do this holiday season was just relax a little bit! It was nice. I'm glad you had a fun holiday.

  17. hehehe...this post of yours makes me go "brrrrr..."
    You still manage to look super cute, especially in those Uggs :-)
    Looks like you found some amazing bargins at Anthro! I WISH i was close to an Anthro store :-( oh well, back to the internet for me!

  18. I am awaiting very patiently for three ADDITIONAL(!!!) packages from Anthro today. lol
    You look very cute and cozy wrapped around that puffy little jacketty outer shell you have on(and I have the similar one on today + ugg)


  19. You look adorable in your snow gear! I'm so jealous of all this snow *sigh*. I am completely burned out on shopping right now. I don't even want to look at sales! I'm sure I'll return to my old self soon though :)

  20. Hello there. . looking all happy in the snow! (and awesome new hauls too!)

    Happy holidays x

  21. I am in awe of you! You shoveled that whole walkway?!?!? Amazing!
    PLUS you found some fantastic pieces at Anthro. Hope your mega biceps will fit in them. ;)

    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

  22. Looks super chilly there in NYC! Whenever I hear about snow shoveling, it makes me glad I live somewhere that never snows (though it does have the downside of not offering the opportunity to rug up in cute winter clothes!)

    Great Anthro haul too - I also picked up the Pebbled and Primped boots as well as the Marilyn Dress, Aurora Airs Maxi and the Right Way Cloche.

  23. Yowza's, that's alot of snow. Strangely, Toronto hasn't had snow in over 2 weeks. Usually, we have so much snow by now. I'm scared for Jan/Feb. Great finds at Anthro. Strangely (also), I haven't been to Anthro for their post Christmas sale yet. I don't know what it is, but for some reason I'm not really into going to the shops these days. Maybe I over did it in the days leading up to Christmas. Stay warm and safe travels!


  24. Nice loot! Stay safe and warm!

  25. You got the Dagmar Dress -- Hooray! I'm so glad you were able to find one -- I'm sure it will look amazing on you! And good thinking on the Uggs -- hope they didn't get too dirty!

  26. My my, that's quite the loot! Score! Glad you're enjoying time with the family!

    Call Me Ishmael

  27. Jan - if you ask that question, the answer almost aways is "of course you need it." ;o)

    Patina - we can abstain together in style!

    LC - Seychelles shoes have been a great surprise for me, they are sooooo comfy!

    Lisa - I only get to see my sis 2-3 times a year if we're lucky so I am thrilled to be able to spend any time with her. That she also has incredible good taste is a bonus!

    LT - oh you wouldn't be jealous of the stand still and city drama that this snow has caused. And by the end of the week, it is just going to be a slushfest!

    Molly - I FELT the shoveling the next morning when my back was all like "you're getting old, you fart!"

    Lauren - I remembered when I lived in the SE and we had a huge snowstorm, almost no one on my block had even a shovel! One of our neighbors had a shovel and we had to wait our turn and pass it around between houses!

    Sweet Laundry - I'm a little OVER the shopping thing myself now. Haven't scanned the Internet regularly for deals/steals in a few days, which is big for me!

    Jamie - I'm not sure how/when I am going to wear the Dagmar yet (I'll have to look back at you gals for inspiration), but I couldn't just leave it all by its lonesome on the sale rack!


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