18 November 2010

That's a Bunch of Bananas

I'm feeling vaguely scholarly / flight attendant-ish / riding instructor in a skirt today:

Top: Lands' End Canvas poplin shirt
Sweater: H&M (similar-ish online here)
Scarf: Ebay
Skirt: Banana Republic herringbone knife pleat (worn here and here before - similar online here)
Tights: Anthropologie berry bush (worn here before - similar online here and here)
Boots: Type Z (worn here and here before - similar online here and here)


Don't forget, please send me your outfit photo outtakes tonight for tomorrow's Respect the Outfits reader feature! Funny faces, gawky poses, weird angles and bad lighting are encouraged!

Please send your pics to me at respecttheshoes(at)live.com!


Cupcakes and Cashmere recently featured a recipe for miniature banana tarte tatins from Balthazar, which reminded me that I made a full size version of his dessert a few weeks ago from a much simpler (aka kindergarten cook-friendly) recipe that I had forgotten to share.

I'm a big fan of puff pastry and the BF's inner monkey digs the bananas so I thought what could be better than to blend our loves into one creamy flaky treat? The end result was not as pretty as what was pictured on the Saveur site where I got the recipe, but it does make for a simple cozy-night dessert. Here's a few pics of my banana tarte tatin:


  1. love your outfit with the scarf and textures of sweater and tights with boots!

  2. Oooh that cardigan is a great H&M find and I love your boots! I need to bite the bullet and order a pair of black boots for the season!

  3. I am SO making that banana tarte this weekend. DONE AND DONE, haha! I love the scarf and the boots! You look equestrian-inspired, and in no way is that a bad thing!

  4. I love the scarf! And wow... my mouth is watering at that banana tart! MMmmmm!

  5. You look great, and the scarf adds such a nice touch to your look. :)

    Do you find the LE Canvas poplin shirt to run short? I've seen reviews that say it's not very long, so I'm hesitant to order one even though I'm in love with the plaid versions they have out now.

  6. That looks awesome! You made that?? It looks great! :)

  7. The long cardigan, scarf, and boots seem like a lot together, but I love layering and this works so well! Love, love, love this look :) I know your scarf is from eBay, but is there a brand? Or seller ID that you would share? It's absolutely gorgeous and I've been wanting one like it!

  8. You did that?? Oh my, wish I am that gifted in the kitchen department!


    Come say Bonjour at:


  9. You look beautiful -- love the scholarly combination here!
    And yum, that dish looks great!

    - JoAnn
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    Sidewalk Chalk

  10. Great outfit on you, I especially love the scarf! xo

  11. love how that scarf just pops against the neutrals. and i wish i had me a piece o' that dessert about now. yum.

  12. If you are a flight attendant you are the best dressed one I have ever seen!!! I love the outfit and how it is reminiscent of other professions!!!

  13. Love this look! Haha I can see the flight attendant thing with the scarf...I've been searching for a good silk printed scarf.

  14. LOVE that H&M sweater! And that banana tarte looks soo yummy ... checking out the recipe now! :)

  15. Grey is my favorite color, I adore your sweater.

  16. I like your pose in the last picture. There's definite scholar vibes going on here.

    I really like those tights... This may mean some Kohl's Black Friday Shopping is involved. Thanks for including links, by the way.

  17. I think the scarf totally takes you out of flight attendant territory! Accessories are so key.

    I just sent my outtake! I had several options...and it's just so hard to say what I was thinking during any of them, LOL.

    xoxo, Ashley

  18. Ha, love your description of the outfit, and you do look very crisp and official. The sweater is great.

  19. How cute are you in your flight attendant get up! So stylish :-) That's such an adorable cardi - the sleeves are cute as anything.
    That banana tart looks delish. I will have to try it one day!

  20. I just love this outfit!! Totally something I would wear! I think its really great and super cute!! I really like how you styled the scarf with the button-down! Oh, and I've occasionally come across shoes and boots from Type Z on Zappos that I've thought about buying, do you have any feelings about the brand or the fit? Oh, and that dessert looks wonderful!! :)

  21. scholarly and flight attendanty looks great!

    the dessert looks fabulous. .now i'm starting to crave bananas. must be my inner monkey coming out ;)

  22. FFM - hard for me to say bc I'm short! ;o) I measured my shirt though and from the bottom of the collar to the hem it is approx. 24" long. For me, it is plenty long to tuck in comfortably but not so long that it looks sloppy if I leave it untucked. Hope that helps?

    Cee - unfortunately there isn't a brand tag on this scarf and I bought this off Ebay a few years ago so I have no clue on the seller! I think I typed in "navy gold silk scarf" on the search though - sorry for not being very helpful!

    20 York Street - trust me, this only LOOKS fancy-ish - with the frozen puff pastry, this was easy peasy, even for a wannabe cook like me!

    Cindi - A look through Ebay for silk scarves will have your head spinning! So many choices and a million great deals!

    Lady Cardi - I think I was just missing my name tag! ;o)

    Matt - I've only ever bought these boots from Type Z and I remember they ran a bit big. If these boots are any indication of the rest of their product line though, their shoes are really well made with good leather and they're super-comfy!

  23. Lisa,

    You nailed them all. Was this planned? I envision you remixing the three outfits seperately than intentionally mixing the items up. So that means there are 2 more of these coming our way, right?

    It definately has all the key styles you mention, only cute, sweet, and more adorable on you.

    I've now sadly missed 2 outtakes. I seriously have nothing worth submitting. I can come up with some really cool planned outtakes. But that would be like cheating.

    Since I am days late commenting, I am now overstuffed with Thanksgiving ham. I will never eat again. Except for this Banana tarte. Which I could never dream to make because I can't cook anymore.

    Sometime this week I will post my 3 ingredient cobbler. It's so simple even I can make it. My funny Mother sent me a text and requested I make this simple recipe for cobbler that she has had for 30 years.

    I laughed as I replied and told her that I gave her that recipe 30 years ago.

    She had one ingredient wrong, but still does not believe me.



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