26 October 2010

Multiplication Tables

I'm a firm believer in buying multiples - if you find something that you love and works, heck yeah, you should buy it in different colors and iterations. Shoot, if you really love it, I'm even for buying more than one of the exact same thing.

I definitely live by what I "preach," and going through my wardrobe will find one stumbling through multi carbon copies of items that fit me well and I adore: Take the Roaming Frills cardi - I have it in red and blue, and think it is a great complementary piece to any dress or high-waisted skirt. Or the Lands' End Canvas gingham shirts - I have them in blue, navy and pink and they are my go-to button-down. And the Artisan by Clarks bow flats - rubber soles and cushioned insoles? How could I not get them in black ... and silver ... and red ... and peach even!

I know in the spirit of spending one's money on interesting and rare finds, buying multiples kind of takes away from the unique nature of each piece, especially since I'm not just refering to basics here. But I often have a hard time finding pieces that fit me well, so when I do come upon the fashion equivalent to love in a skirt or sweater and see it offered in different shades (which totally changes the mood of a piece!), how can I refuse the siren's song?

I can't be alone in thinking this way (or can I?). What do you think of buying multiples? And if you do it too, what items do you like to buy up and hoard in your closet as an act of "collecting?" And that definitely includes you, Pamela, and your teetering tower of tank tops! ;o)

Top: Anthropologie Guinever Roaming Frills cardigan (worn here before - similar online here or here)
Dress: Gap empire knit (similar-ish online here and here)
Belt: J. Crew metallic skinny (similar online here)
Tights: Forever 21 (worn here before - similar online here)
Shoes: UO Kimchi Blue wingtip heels
Necklace: Ann Taylor Loft mesh chain (now on sale - worn here and here before)


  1. I agree and I read somewhere once that someone doyenne of the fashion world actually said that if you find that something works well for you, stock up!
    I guess the only thing I really have multiples of are white button ups.
    The essential layering piece...I have them in 3/4 sleeve, long sleeve, tunic length etc.

  2. Oh, and striped t-shirts.
    A total sucker for stripes.

  3. I absolutely agree with what you wrote here: "I often have a hard time finding pieces that fit me well, so when I do come upon the fashion equivalent to love in a skirt or sweater and see it offered in different shades (which totally changes the mood of a piece!), how can I refuse the siren's song?"

    The same applies to me :).

  4. Hey Lisa
    Great topic!! It's actually my husband who is a firm believer of buying things in multiples. I'm not so much. For eg, if my hubby sees business shirts in the same cut, in his size and on sale, he would get 10 of them (no joke!). This is why when we went to the states earlier in the year, he bought 5 of pretty much everything! He always encourages me to buy multiples. And sometimes, i DO regret not buying another pair of those fab cheap target shoes that treated me so well in my travels....or that black scarf that also came in grey. I'm slowly but surely going to turn into a multiple believer like you and my hubby one day!
    LOVE your outfit, those shoes are too cute, and you are just as adorable!!

  5. Love the outfit Lisa, the shoes and cardi add the perfect pop...

    I've learned this "multiple" rule a bit too late. My FAVORITE cardigan (which I'm wearing today go figure) is my JCrew Merino Melanie Button Cuff cardi... the fit is just perfect. I wish I would have bought more back in 2008 bc the jackies (cotton) just don't compare to the fit of the merino sweaters... just hold their shape perfectly!

    I'm also now adding the roaming frills to my hunt for list...

  6. Love those shoes.

    I don't buy in multiples because I get bored so easily that if I did that I'd always feel the need to go shopping. The closest I've come to that were the 4 silk tanks I picked up from Forever 21 over the summer, but even those are a little different. One has a more trapeze shape, another has a tiny pocket, one it two tone, and the last is quite plain.

    I have replaced basic black nine west leather pumps with the same shoe 3 years later though. Oh and black patent leather Nine West pumps were replaced with Louboutin pumps that look almost the same. Does that count?


  7. TOTALLY in love with your cute little shoes hunnie:) Wonderful outfit.....I buy multiples....of SHOES:)It never fails..you find a pair you love, they feel great, you go back..and they are gone.....I even get one in each color if I can, lol

    Have a great day!

    Enter my awesome Tulle giveaway♥

  8. I am totally guilty of buying multiples of the same item that I love. If it fits well and you look and feel great in it, you should have more than one!

    I love the pop of red against your black today :)

  9. Love your outfit, especially the tights!

    I've never been one to buy in multiples, but I've become more open to the idea lately. I think blogging has helped me have a better idea of what works for me and what doesn't, so there's no reason not to buy multiples if something looks good/fits well!!

  10. I was just thinking about writing a post on the exact same topic, how funny! As I meantioned the other day, I have a serious weakness for the H&M puff sleeved tee- I own four, and a couple very similar tees from other retailers. I also have a huge weakness for cardis...even though I already have four different blue cardis I can still find another I "need" because it's a slightly different shade.

  11. Buying more than one of the exact same thing has crossed my mind but I've never actually done it. There have been a few pieces I've gotten upset over losing and wish I would have bought more. Ahhhh!! Now buying something you love in multiple colors is harmless and I completely agree that it's a must- especially if you have a hard time finding a certain item that fits well. :-)

    Side note- being a Mrs. feels great! :)

  12. Lisa,

    I used to NOT understand when my mom would buy some wardrobe in multiple colors, but as years goes by I am totally following her footsteps!

    I also need to mention, I missed out on the roaming frill cardi as I was waiting too long for it to get to the price I wanted... now that it's all gone..

    Looking good on you , I also liked the blue one on you a loooooot!


  13. I'm in love with your shoes! AH, I've never seen a more deliciously black and white shoe before. =0D
    LOL to buying multiples. I try not to but sometimes my sub conscience will accidentally buy another pair that I failed to remember that I already have.

  14. I generally agree with that rule but I am trying to be better about not buying a bunch of the same things because I usually end up really liking one of them and not the other. I think the roaming frills is such a great piece I wish I had picked it up in more than one color!

  15. Cute cardi and love those shoes!! Yep, I follow the multiple rule big time - mostly with cardigans or sweaters. One year I went to Target about bought every color of sweater they had just in variation of crewneck, t-neck and vneck and wore them non-stop with jeans. It was my "uniform"! haha.

  16. I think it takes a little practice. I know I used to do the same because something was on sale and I was sure I would wear it but then it ended up being donated. I think classics like cardigans and white shirts are safe though!

  17. I adore your outfit today, the red is such a nice contrast to the rest of the outfit.

    I buy multiples too...sometimes in the same color but in a different size for the day I unexpectedly gain weight and can't wear old clothes. I have a slightly obsessive personality so when I like something, I like something and the result is a closet full of the same cardigan in a rainbow assortment of colors and skirts that all sort of look the same. :)

  18. I love your outfit! Nice pop of red and the shoes add a nice graphic element.

    Somethings are no-brainers when it comes to multiples, like pants (I'm hard to fit) and t-shirts (usually with a 2 fer deal). Then there are the camis and cardigans and v-necks and... you get the pic. Have to limit myself to 2, one in a basic colour and one in a trendy colour.

  19. You look so cute today!!! I love the whole look, especially those shoes and tights. I own the shoes, and thanks for reminding me I need to wear them!
    Surprisingly, when I sat and thought about it, I generally do not buy multiples.

  20. I'm with you girlfriend. I have multiples in my closet and I don't apologize for it. :) I have three of the same J.Crew cardis in different colors and FOUR of the Halogen Nordies boyfriend cardis in different colors as well. In fact, yesterday, I went on DSW and used my points to buy the black version of my brown knee high boots I love because not a lot of boots fit me. And remember? I have the camilla dress in white and navy. I also find it really hard for me to find that one thing that fits like a glove. So when I do, I want to make sure I can wear it over and over again...but have it in different colors so that I don't wear out that one piece.

  21. Buying multiples for me is the exception, not the norm, but it does happen when something is just too cute to resist in another color or print (scarf tied oxfords!) I would love to have the Roaming Frills in a second color! You look cute as can be today!

  22. So, I am in love with your outfit. I want to steal -- I mean, draw inspiration from it. Cough. Hahaha! Seriously, the tights, shoes, skirt, and the color of that cardigan are all perfect together. As for multiples, I have a few things in multiples (tees and tanks, mostly), but nothing else. Though I have found myself with regret because of that... I STILL wish I had some of my old J.Crew cardigans in different colors! Different colored items definitely do evoke different moods, though, so I don't see a problem with buying multiples.

  23. I have an embarrassingly high number of multiples in my closet!! Most of the time, it's indecision between colors, but sometimes, I buy multiples of the same color. I like to have a back up for some of my faves. I can see why you have two of those cardigans. It was made for you.

  24. I haven't yet branched into the buying multiple in the same color, but if I find a shirt or skirt that fits perfectly, than I always check for other color or pattern options. Always. When you find something that works, why fight it? Instead I figure, find other things that also work! This of course means that my closet is over-run with similar items, but hey they all work!!

  25. I am a cardigan hoarder. I have one in almost every color, same style. I am not ashamed to admit, I will buy two of the same item same color, incase one get destroyed by a serial cardigan killer or something. I also buy multiple tissue paper tshirts, due to the delicate nature I think this makes since. I will usually buy two black long and short sleeve tshirts XS and small just because...

  26. It is not possible for you to be any cuter. Your outfits are always brilliantly amazing!


  27. I love your tights and the mixture of red and black. You look fab!


  28. I totally do the same thing! I have multiples of the same pencil skirt in my closet (of course the price has to be low enough for the indulgence) but I definitely wear all of the many colors!

  29. I used to be a firm believer in not buying multiples... until I found the perfect cardigan. I bought 2 different colors in one day! I hope I don't make a habit of this though... it's bad for my bank account! hehe

    I love how you wore white shoes with this outfit! A surprising pop but compliments the other colors so well.


    I'm with you on multiples. If I love something and it's at a reasonable price point, I will get in more than one color. Sometimes, if it's just a great fit, I'll buy two of the exact same thing, like denim.
    Those UO shoes look great with tights!

  31. As a rule... no multiples.
    Exceptions: Jeans and tee shirts for working out.

    I like having one of something in my closet. But my closet is full of Anthropologie pieces of which I can only afford one and vintage pieces which do not come in multiples.

    I think "one of" makes dressing more fun. :)

  32. I hoard items in multiples like crazy!! When you find something you love, that fits, and looks great on you, heck yeah! Hoard that sucker!

  33. Eleanor - I think a white button-down is a must have for every gal - but also a piece almost no gal actually has! And I only have one white shirt, I definitely need more!

    Jen - My BF may be the example of what not to do when shopping bc he'll go to the Brooks Brothers and buy four of the same polo in different colors and three pairs of the exact same pants. Actually, if you look at BF's side of the closet, the row of pants all pretty much look the exact same!

    E Hayes - Is it just me or are some of the Jackies cut a little differently? I have a green one from last year that fits tighter than a blue one I got earlier this year - same size and everything. I def agree the merino cardis from JC are much better!

    Collette - Shoes are so important! I love my Clarks bc they are the first pair of flats I've gotten than are super duper comfy and cute - I now need a replacement for my black pair!

    Ashley - Men just don't understand it, but a different shade in a color can just change the whole tone of an outfit!

    Banhannas - I always feel like I'm getting old when I come home with what I consider an awesome score - and then "discover" that I already have almost the exact same thing already at home. Sigh.

    Elle - I think you just know your body and understand your style well. It probably helps to make getting dressed in the morning easier, bc you know everything in your closet works!

    Amy - JC made these gorgeous fitted tweed colored blazers in ... '05? '06? and I have them in orange and black and I Ebay scan all the time for the other colors - I want them all bc they have nothing like it now!

    Cat - I tried this cardi in two colors bc I couldn't decide and thought to try them both on ... and of course I fell in cardi love and had to keep both - and I'm glad I did!

    LynnieLou - cardis are staples, especially for a work wardrobe!

    Cee - I know what you mean. I usually don't just go to buy more than one of something, but sometimes if I find something that works, I can't help but go back for more!

    Pamela - :o)

    Ady - I agree, one-offs make every piece seem a lot more special, but I must be odd (well I KNOW I'm odd, haha) bc when I find something super duper special and one-off, then I get too afraid to wear it!

  34. I def do that sometimes. but I try and only do it when it's something that I really will wear a lot. I love your shoes!!

  35. Love that cardi and the shoes, I am a big multiple purchaser...if it's right it's right!
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  36. Oh my gosh... those shoes are just perfect!! And the whole outfit is super cute!! I have a hard time with fit too, and I am definitely guilty of buying multiples, but I try to hold it in check! But I totally understand, when something fits and looks great its hard for me to resist if there's more than one version available! :)

  37. Ah, what a creative and inspiring ensemble!
    The shoes and cradigan aremy favourites. You mix styles well;-)

  38. I am definitely a repeat offender when it comes to buying multiples -- especially cardigans, tank tops, and long sleeve tees! Like Cat, I usually have difficulty deciding between different colorways and just end up buying both. If I remember correctly, there are at least three different cardigan styles that I have bought in two (or more colors). I recently bought the Breezy Polkas in both red and navy, though I keep telling myself the navy is going back. Yeah, about that...

  39. I definitely buy multiples! mine tend to be more of classic pieces and let the unique pieces be one of a kind in my closet! i am a firm believer also, that if you find something that fits you and looks great - then buy it in whatever colors you like and wear it proudly:)

  40. I try to not buy multiples as I don't always end up wearing each color. However, I totally will get pants in multiples if I find them as they're a harder fit for me. Usually they last long & I wear them all. As far as tops & sweaters, I try to refrain, but it doesn't always work ;-)

  41. Hahaha, yay! I'm not the only one. I was planning on doing a post on this exact same topic, but it's been sitting in my drafts. I compiled a list of my multiples off the top of my head, and there are quite a few :) It just makes sense to have more than one, especially if it fits you well and you love it!


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