02 October 2010

London Eye

Thanks for your patience, everyone - I am back home in the States now (yay), and would have never made it without the help of my Ole Faithful! She's gotten her butt kicked from being trapsed around the world a time or two but still manages to carry on without fail.

I know a lot of you had questions about what I had been doing this past week and it was no vacation (I don't mean it was bad - but I had like no free time!) I manage events and shows for a living, and went to London to oversee an exhibit stand at a trade show.

I stayed in the Docklands area of London - specifically Canary Wharf, which I've never been to before. It is a newer part of town and nowhere close to central London (where all the action is) but it had a nice vibe. I did manage a couple of hours of down time and had drinks at the Bleeding Heart, went with a co-worker to buy fabric at Liberty and did a speedster tour of all the must-see sights of central London.

What didn't I like? Holy moly is it pricy there. It cost £90 ($120+) to take a taxi from Heathrow to my hotel - and the exchange rate now is better than it used to be for the dollar! That and I was on the cusp of getting run over almost all the time because I never remembered to look the other way (I know, I know, stupid American ...). And I the show was business attire so I had to dress appropriately ...

Top: J. Crew Victoria (worn here before)
Jacket: J. Crew herringbone (similar online here and here)
Pants: J. Crew wool crepe (similar online here and here)
Shoes: White Mountain wedges (I know - boring, but sensible if you do as much walking as I do!)

What did I like? London has always been one of my fave cities so it was cool to see a different part of it. And as usual with me, I had too much food and way too much beer. I know England does not have a reputation for being a great culinary territory but I've had nothing bad to eat there. My dinners were all delish and consisted of  fantastic Argentinean steak and wine at Gaucho, crunchy yummy fish and chips at Curve, traditional British pub food at Brown's and super-fancy (but sooooo good) Indian at Dockmaster's.

But there's nothing like coming home and enjoying this now beautiful weather in the SE. I've got a ton of catching up to do on all your blogs - hopefully I'll have some time to do this weekend!


  1. Welcome back!
    I love London...stayed in Belgravia a few years back.
    I think what I love best is the rich history that comes to life...Westminster Abbey,the Tower of London etc.
    When I was there I took a train ride down to the White Cliffs of Dover and that was just beautiful.
    However, the most special place in my heart belongs to Ireland...by far my most favorite vacation spot!

  2. Welcome back, Lisa!! I hope your tradeshow went well! I do events, too, so I know how busy you must have been!
    Hope you have a nice, relaxing weekend to recuperate! :)

  3. Love the top. I have a simiilar one in tangerine and it does make something so business-y more fun.


  4. Hello Lisa
    I know what you mean about London being pricey. We stayed in Mayfair so shops were only a walk away. We never got the taxi once - TOO expensive. We caught public transport (the tube!) to get around, it was Ok actually.
    The food in London was great! I love PRET for sandwiches - the crayfish ones were so tasty and relatively cheap. We treated ourselves to a meal and Claridges (the lunch special was a good deal) and MAze (not worth it - so expensive and i didn't feel like i was even fed!)
    Anyway, i like the burst of pink in your corporate wear. You're a sensible girl for wearing sensible shoes to get around!

  5. Welcome back! Glad you had a safe trip, and glad you got to have some fun! And beat up suitcases have so much character! And that is a cute professional look! Glad you got to come home to good weather too! I hope you have a great day and an easy time getting caught up! :)

  6. I love London, too. Welcome home. Your outfit looks great for the show. Glad to hear good ole faithful held up for you!

    Sounds like in addition to work you were able to squeeze in some fun things! The last time I was in london the exchange rate was horrible!! It was almost one pound=$1.89. My friend Anne and I would look at the cost of something and not allow ourselves to think of what it cost in US dollars bc we could cry, esp. when it was something like coffe. Oh, 3.50? Sure, not thinking it was was close to $7 for a coffee!

  7. Glad you are back safe:) LOVE the pink gray..one of my most fav color combos:)

  8. Yeheey! Lisa is back, back to good yummy posts at RTS!

    I can't wait to see the photos of you in London. Wanted to ask you please... I just posted my first ever give-away and I'd like it to be a success. Can you please re-blog as a favour? Thank you, I really appreciate it!



  9. .. you know, since I've never done this before, I'd really love some help spreading the word!

    I gotta say, how can you look so chic like that during flights? My standard outfit- hoodies and yoga pants!

    Welcome back!

  10. Eleanor - I've always wanted to go to Ireland, it just looks so rustic and lush! And those gorgeous Irish fishing towns, gah!

    And I know what you mean about the history in the UK - it just seems to be everywhere, and really reminds me of how young the US still is.

    Erin - you do events too - that is so awesome! Someone who understands my "plight" sometimes - our jobs are all about the details!

    Ebony - Oh I bet you look gorgeous in orange. I don't know why I don't wear this top more often, I definitely love the pop of color.

    Jen - if I had more time in London, I would've asked you gals for some recs - there are so many places I wished I could've gone to explore or revisit!

    Matt - I think the pic makes the suitcase look in better condition than it is - it is so dirty and beat up, and there's a huge dent in the back - but she still works!

    Pamela - I did the same thing - I just stopped my brain from recalculating after a while bc I kept getting heartburn about it! 4 pounds for a train ride - what?!

    Thanks, Collette!

    ML - 20 York Street - oh I totally didn't wear that outfit on my flight home, I was in jeans and sweats! I wore this for one of the show days.

    When does your super-awesome giveaway end?

  11. Beautiful pink top, Lisa! Sounds like you have an awesomely fun job. Welcome home! :)

  12. Welcome back!:D

    Loving the bright pink top!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  13. Great outfit! You and anthrosdottir have totally sold me on getting some high-neck ruffly shirt action.

  14. Welcome back and love your trusty carry-on and outfit :) One of my co-workers worked on the Canary Wharf development. He oversaw one of the many construction projects. He's told me a lot about it, and I hope to visit (have been to London but didn't make it to CW last time).

  15. Sharp dressed lady! Lookin good in the Vittoria! Luve it!


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