19 October 2010

How to Make a Woman Happy

I don't have enough fingers or toes to list off all the different ways I heart my BF. However, no one is perfect and we've all got our faults, and the most recent fault of my honey is that he has run over not one, but two different packages with his vehicle.

Our brownstone is in a little gated complex and the USPS drops off in the gated area, which is the rear garage side of our home. Everyone's got a little stand-alone mailbox but obviously not all mail fits in the box, so sometimes the postman will lean a package up against the corner of someone's garage door.

So 99.9% of people will notice a package when come home from a day at work and stop their vehicle to pick it up prior to driving in. Unfortunately the 0.01% that does not notice a package because they are driving a ginormous Jeep at Mach 1 and talking on their cell is my BF, and he has rolled on in over two different packages now. One package was a sweater - so no harm, no foul. The other package was a pair of shoes (sigh - RIP little ones).

I know we all love our significant others and there are multitudes of good things about them. However, I can't be alone in experiencing the little "d'ohs!" of everyday living with another human being (and it ain't like I'm perfect either - ha, hardly - but we're not talking about me here). Anything "d'oh"-worthy that your honey has done recently?

Sweater: Anthropologie Tabitha Spilling Ruffles (worn here and here before - similar online here and here)
Top: J. Crew perfect fit stripe boatneck (worn here before - similar-ish online here or here)
Skirt: H&M high-waist pencil (worn here before - similar online here and here)
Shoes: Aldo (worn here and here before - similar-ish online here)
Necklace: Anthropologie Grandma's Treasure Trove (worn here and here before)


Don't forget, I am still collecting your outfit outtakes for my new reader feature debuting on Thursday. Send your funnies to me at respecttheshoes(at)live.com!


  1. UGH I'd be so mad at Husband if he ran over a pair of shoes! You are a good sport to have forgiven him!

    I totally love your top today. Everyone has striped tees and I need one stat.

    I have to remember to take some outtakes tonight - what a cute idea!

  2. Haha...awww poor guy. What did he get as a punishment? Chris has his share of "doh" moments. But most of it involve in spilling something while he's eating. Always always always!! But he hasn't went and ruined something of mine though. Why would the mailman lean the package where someone can run over it though? Why not lean it more on the side??

  3. I hope your little shoe friends are ok. I have a genuine concern for them...


  4. poor shoes! At least the sweater made it...I'd be so mad at the bf if he ever does that just so he would pause and check for packages in the future. The bf has been on pretty good behavior lately so I won't embarrass him on here.

    Your outfit's so cute! I love the color of the long cardi with the rest of the gray on you.

  5. That is too funny - but not really on the shoes- I would have cried! Did he buy you a new pair??
    Lisa- I ADORE this outfit - seriously will have to try to re-create. You look wonderful - so chic! Pencil skirts are my fav as are long cardis! Oh how I wish I would have bit the bullet on this cardi! I tried to get the curlytop today - but none of my stores have them in stock any longer! wahhhh. This outfit marks as one of my favs to date!!
    Can't wait for outtake Thursday!

  6. Ohmygosh about the shoes! I'd be furious if my hubby did that... and then I'd have a good laugh... and then I'd ask him to buy me a new pair. :) hee hee. What kind of shoes were they?

    xx Love & Aloha
    *Swing by to enter a $100 GC to Shopbop!

  7. Ooooh poor shoes!! You look amazing!! I love the classic look of your outfit!

  8. I have no honey so nothing recently, but I had an ex-boyfriend that always managed to get his dirty clothes next to the hamper. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. HE. CHANGED. It drove me nuts!

  9. OH NO!! That's tragic. poor shoes.

    You still look hot though! Always a bright side :)

  10. even though the running over of the shoes is painful...this story is still endearing. things happen, right? remind me of this when the bf is feeding my cats some crazy turkey out of a baggie because he's not in the mood to clean the cat bowl because he'd have to do 4 dishes in the sink.

    oh yes. i hear you.

    um, so what happened to the shoes. i neeeeeed to know!


  11. trying not to laugh at that story! ha- little laugh :)

    This weekend I mentioned that I forgot to put the backs on my earrings (they were longer) and my husband in all seriousness said, "it must be so hard being a girl" I thought he was kidding, but nope, serious. Nevermind that we have to endure a monthly visitor, childbirth, less pay for equal work, etc etc etc. ... it's the earring backs that make a woman's life hard.

    BTW I'm regretting returning that sweater not that I see how you have styled it!

  12. That cardi is lovely! I'm sorry to hear about your BF running over your packages. It sounds like the kind of thing I would accidentally do.

  13. Love the color combination of this outfit! To be honest, I would be the one to run over packages and have the "d'oh!" moments in our relationship, lol. I'm just super clumsy. So I hope you weren't too hard on him!

  14. Oh my goodness, the drama that would ensue if my honey ran over my package ... of course, I'd probably run over one of his thousand dollar gun parts (I'm definitely the clumsy one in the relationship!). Accidents happen, and all you can really do is forgive and try to laugh about it! :P

    Love your look today, that cardigan is beautiful with your pencil skirt (I'm a huge fan of that high waist, so classy!). And I spy a striped shirt ... LOVE! :)

  15. Awww I thought this story was so sweet and funny at the same time =P I'm not sure how I'd react if my BF ran over a pair of shoes. My reaction will probably depend on how much they cost haha.

    I'm loving that shade of dark red on you! It looks amazing paired with dark gray.

  16. Ah, I would be a little upset too! I have the same JCrew striped tee and wear it all the time!

  17. He ran over your shoes?!?! I hope he bought you new ones!

  18. I love this outfit! So cute!

    Enter to win a $35 gift certificate to CSN stores now through October 31st!


  19. Oh no! Part of me is laughing and part of me is crying for your shoes! You look great in this! I have the spilling ruffles cardi in white and just love it.

  20. Oh no! I am struggling between laughter and sympathy for you! :) You're such a good sport to laugh about it too. Hope he bought you some replacement shoes ;)

  21. Sorry about the shoes!:D My husband is very careful, thank God!:D

    Cute sweater, loving the color.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  22. oh no, your poor shoes! :( H def has his "doh!" moments but i can't seem to think of any right now lol.

  23. First of all - you look AMAZING. Love the shoes, colors, everything.

    Secondly - yes, as much as we love our men... every woman understands your pain!!

  24. I love that sweater- adorable outfit!!! And what a great attitude to take the little things in stride. It's always good to keep perspective on what a wonderful person you have in your life, because we all inevitably have "doh!" moments :) Unfortunatly, I have waaaay more blonde moments than my husband! luckily he shares your attitude!

  25. Hahaha I just cracked up at his d'oh! moment... poor shoes indeed. My hubs definitely has his moments too... Your outfit is beautiful, I love the purple with the neutrals!

  26. LOVE the ruffle detail on the sweater! This is a great outfit combo:) You have such a cute style...I love it! I just found your blog and added it to my blogroll - check it out: http://modestlyfashioned.blogspot.com/

  27. I LOVE the shoes in that outfit! The whole outfit is super cute too!! And the story about the shoes... I'm so sorry! Since my wife is watching me type this comment, I am glad to report that any d'oh worthy moments will remain off the internets! ;)

  28. What?!? Does he not even know the name of this blog???? RESPECT THE SHOES, dude! LOL, that is hilarious, and sad, so sad (especially if you had an outfit all picked out to wear with them!) about the shoes. I ran over a Sephora Box once and no lie, there were Smashbox products inside.

    I'm the Doh' part of the equation in mine and Jonathan's relationship...he puts up with...a lot.

  29. Oh wait! I can't go without saying how much I LOVE that cardigan - love, love, love, it and it pains me that it's not current so I can go over to Anthro and order one this very second. You look FANTASTIC!

  30. Well, my husband threatened to have a yard sale if I bought one more thing....consider yourself lucky (smile)

    I've been Anthro virtual window shopping, and I must say they have gorgeous things, like the sweater you're wearing. I feel myself taking the plunge very soon.

  31. BF and I def share "d'oh" duties over the week - though I'm usually at fault for my own d'oh moments!

    Nah, the BF was highly apologetic and not punished - it was funnier than anything else when he came up the stairs holding a detonated box. Granted, he does owe me a new pair of Sam Edelman flats - and I know, they're flat shoes already, but they're not THAT flat - so we'll be making another shoe purchase soon (i.e., another possible run over victim!)

    Cindi - BF's biggest spill moment was when he dumped a glass of wine onto his own laptop. It's definitely not a good thing when you hold an electronic device on its side and wine comes pouring out of it!

    Thanks, Peggy, and thanks for participating!

    Ebony - oh that made me laugh out loud. I believe THAT is just part of men's genetics bc my BF does it too. The hamper is right there - why can't the clothes go INTO the hamper?!

    Carrie - my BF has left and reused a same spoon on the counter before bc either the dishwasher was full and he didn't want to empty it or gosh forbid he had to wash one spoon!

    Matt - good hubby! :o)

    Jan - ah well, they were just black flats. Now they're black pancake flats. I wonder how liberal a return policy Endless has ... ;oP

  32. Oh wow I'm sorry about the shoes! But that berry sweater is beautiful on you ;)

  33. oh my gosh! there would steam coming out of my ears if someone ran over one of my packages. I'm very protective over those things :)

    Mr. M commits his share of "d'oh" mis-steps. Although, right now I cannot think of any. Give me a minute, I'm sure I can come up with a few...


  34. Lisa,

    My BF has been wonderful. Taking really awesome Blog photos for me. Spending Saturday watching me anihilate my closet while putting together outfits for a Readers Challenge Series.

    His Birthday was yesterday and I didn't even get him a card. I tried but they all sucked.

    So I am the big Do'h lately.


  35. Gahaha! My guy has his own little misadventures...thankfully, most of them do not involve the little packages that arrive at my doorstep. I would die if he ran over my stuff... though I definitely see the humor in it.

  36. That's so funny, but so sad at the same time! i'd be crying if my hubby ran over my packages! Luckily i get my packages delivered to work, so no chance of that happening!
    My hubby hasn't done anything d'oh worthy...but then again, we've only lived with each other less than a year! i think i have more d'oh moments than he does...

  37. I can't stop laughing. Wait, did he replace the shoes? lol

  38. 1) You are a forgiving and super sweet woman. 2) I love that sweater (pockets!). 3) I can't wait for the outtake pictures. I'm expecting hilarity here! 4) D'oh moments ... sigh, where to begin! Not so much d'oh, more GRRRR, but this past weekend, Dan refused to take my pictures because he was tired. Tired?!?! Get your butt up! Immediately!!!!

    Call Me Ishmael

  39. Ooooo, outfit outtakes! I have SO MANY. I will definitely send you one tonight! But I literally LOL-ed when I read your description on your BF arriving home driving a huge Jeep at Mach 1, hahaha! I'm pretty sure I got a concerned glance from a coworker. *coughs* Nothing to see here! Haha! Poor little shoes...

    But on the upside, you look so cute! I love the grey and plum color together, and you look amazing in a pencil skirt!

    As for a "d'oh!" moment with my guy... Well, I once made a huge bowl of tuna salad and then left to run some errands. I intended for the tuna salad to be our dinner and my next day's work lunch. Well, Boyfriend came home early from work and when I got back home, I found out that he had EATEN IT ALL. Apparently, he thought that I had made A MIXING BOWL'S WORTH OF TUNA SALAD just for him. Then he was all, "I think I are too much. I don't feel good." *slaps forehead*

  40. Your sweater is so cute! I love the color, perfect for Fall.


  41. That colour cardi looks really good on you!

  42. I can't say I'd be taking it in stride if my (fictitious) bf ran over a new package - especially with shoes in it!! What a pain. Hope you're making him buy you 2 pairs to make up for them. One to replace them and another to show you how much he loves you and is sorry. hahahaha!

  43. Oh no! So sad about the packages. I agree with Becca -- two new pairs are in order!

    My BF has not done anything like this recently. But my younger brother, who's a college senior, recently ruined his girlfriend's new top-of-the-line computer. Put it on the top of the car and drove away. Poor guy! My parents will be buying her a new computer...and my brother will owe them for a very long time!


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