05 October 2010

Floral Cheesiness

With my first purchase of winter cropped pants ever, I am now a full convert to the wool shorts trend. I am so in love with this pair that I had to wear them again soon and try them with tights (and I am on the scout for more more more). I wanted to do booties and a blazer, but it is nowhere near that kind of cold yet in GA, so I thought this flippy cardigan would be a nice pairing.

The BF didn't say anything this morning but did present me with the raised eyebrow, which usually signifies the silent "I love you, but I question your attire, so I am not going to say anything at all because I don't want you to kick my butt." I don't know, is this look a little too "young?"

Top: J. Crew silk brulee tank (similar online here)
Sweater: Forever 21 peplum country (worn here and here before)
Shorts: Forever 21 wool blend (worn here before)
Tights: Anne Klein
Shoes: Franco Sarto (similar online here)


Here's a case of "you looked way better online" - take these leather plimsolls from Boden and how those gazelle-leggy models are able to look so sporty-chic in them with only their bottom halves showing:

And here's reality of the leather plimsolls (and these pics do nothing to convey the Chester-the-Cheetah-ness of these big pancake-wide shoes with the weirdly tan color rubber toe caps). And no, I didn't bother tying them - partly because I tried with one and you can't really use the laces to pull the shoe together:

I guess I should stick to my rubber-soled ballet flats for casual footwear for now - or even my Skechers. Do you have any recs for finding good casual / sporty footwear?


  1. Haha Lisa, I think the way you took the picture, the shoes didn't even have a chance! Have you tried it on with some jeans or casual pants like the ones on the models? For casual shoes, I like myself some Pumas. They have cute colors and they're not thick like tennis shoes. Also, there are some laced up Toms now that are pretty cute.

  2. I was going to say TOMS, too. I love mine! I also really like the classic Converse one stars.

  3. those shoes are kind of cute! You have to wear them with wider leg pants or boot fit pants. I have a pair of converse that I wear with one one pair of pants because they do look ridiculous if the tops aren't covered up a bit. Try again!!

  4. I LOVE your outfit, the shorts and tights. LOVE it!!!

    Those shoes definitely need to be paired with the wide legged pants, like Spiffy said. I agree. They can work!!!

  5. I don't think the look is too young. I think if you go super short with the shorts or buy ones with cheap fabric it could be, but the way you've paired them here is work and age appropriate.


  6. I love your shorts outfit. You look smashing. You're YEARS from being too old for that look.

    "Chester-the-Cheetah-ness of these big pancake-wide shoes with the weirdly tan color rubber toe caps" You made me snort coffee. ITA with the previous comments, I wear my Converse Chucks (now who's too old...me???) with my boot cut jeans to tone down the youth factor a smidge. The animal motif is very on trend for this fall, plus these sneaks scream FUN to me. Think you should keep them :)

  7. Sooo cute!!! I see fabulous layers....the print is awesome!!

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  8. It doesn't seem like the look is too young, but I don't know how old you are...the shorts and tights look can work on most ages I think. I LOVE those wool shorts!! And that cardi is so chic! XOXO, Natalya

  9. I love the shorts with tights here! The print on that cardi is gorgeous!

  10. Fantastic outfit today!

    Not a fan of the sneaks either. Have you tried Chuck Taylors? I love my Converse!

  11. Lisa! No cheese here. That is a really cute outfit!! Especially with the shorts and tights...take it away girl!


  12. The shorts may just be the cutest thing on you ever.
    I bought 2 pairs last year, brown tweed and black tweed and am dying to wear them....maybe tomorrow since you have so inspired me!
    Stay tuned!

  13. I adore dressy shorts. Ignore your bf's look; I've learned to. If I could, I'd wear dressy shorts and dressy silk tees everyday!

    Stop by sometime, won't you? http://greatwhitetee.blogspot.com/

  14. I love this look on you!! I *so* want to try the shorts with tights look, but I think I might be too old :)

    For shoes, I generally stick to ballet flats although I do have 2 pair of sneakers similar to the ones pictured that I pull on every once in while. Mine have a different pattern though, one has hearts and the other a combination of a solid and floral print.

  15. I think you look great, and your cardigan is absolutely gorgeous!

  16. You look wonderful - besides, how can you trust the opinion of a guy who doesn't grocery shop or pick up when you are out of town? Clearly, you can't! Now, us on the other hand - we will steer you right ;)

  17. I think you look adorable! :-)

  18. I adore your look today ... I might just have to copy it sometime, gal! Dressy shorts plus tights? A+! My fiance would probably quibble too upon seeing me in the same outfit, but boys can be so silly! :P

  19. I really like the wool shorts and tights look on you. I think it looks great, especially paired with the cardigan. I am laughing over the "Chester the Cheetah" shoes! Sorry they didn't work out--models always have a way of making things look better than what they are!

  20. I really like the shorts and tights look on you too! I think the sweater cardigan is perfect with it...boys just don't get it. :)

  21. I love the tights and shorts on you! Guys just don't understand! :)

  22. love the shorts w.tights look!
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  23. Hey Lisa
    Just admiring your cute little get-up. Not too young on you at all, considering you look 18 years old, you can get away with it anyway!
    I hardly wear sneakers myself, and always stick to ballet flats. I think sneakers make my feet look huge, even though they're not. I do own a pair of slim version of the converse shoe, which i find OK to wear. But yeh, kudos to the person who invented the ballet flat!

  24. Love this trend! You look really cute it the shorts & tights!

  25. I don't think it's too young. The shorts are an appropriate length, you're wearing heels, no inappropriate skin showing. Pfff, what do boyfriends know ;)

    The cardigan is really cute and perfect for fall!

  26. I don't think your outfit looks too young at all!! it looks perfectly right on trend and great!

    I love those shoes, but maybe if you wore them with pants it would help ;-)

    I know what you mean about sneakers though. I hate trying to find a pair that don't make me feel like big foot. I recently bought a pair of bensimon's on swirl.com for cheap and like them. but I don't think they are made for long walks in the park. they are super flat. if you find something good, let me know!

  27. This is so cute! Haha, I do that all the time, try something, and then figure out another way to wear it and then wear it again really soon. I don't think it looks too young at all, but my wife and I have constant discussions about this, and she usually disagrees with me, so I think I know how you feel! :)

  28. nice you rocked the shorts and tights! I have a similar pair of shorts from H&M and I love wearing them like this too (although I haven't been bold enough with the high heels with the shorts yet, but I think I'll have to try it!

  29. Your bf is too funny! I adore your look.


  30. You look marvelous, Lisa! I have been meaning to try the tights with shorts look, but haven't found the right pair of shorts. You are rocking this look and it is most definitely NOT too young. The print on the cardigan strikes me as very polished an sophisticated, which keeps the outfit age-appropriate.

    I've learned that if my BF doesn't compliment my outfit right away, I shouldn't ask...because it means he doesn't like it. Which I don't want to hear, honest opinion or not!

  31. I can't get over how adorable that look is. Tell the BF he's bonkers. HA!

  32. Oh man, what a dissapointment! I stick to converse or vans for casual footwear. Classic and trendy!

  33. Thanks for your input on the sneaks, ladies! I gave them another try and will be putting up pics in my next post - I'm still on the fence, but leaning towards a no-go.

    Cindi - I need to look into those Toms. Everyone with a pair raves about them!

    Eleanor - I'm tuning! And I am on the lookout for a brown pair now myself.

    Jan - Amen!

    Jen - I'm in agreement about the ballet flat - I love them! But sometimes my feet get too cold and I don't want to wear boots and I'm kind of stuck in limbo.

    Matt - I'm a big fan of F21, so I always have to ask myself before buying anything if I am making an age-appropriate decision!

    Jamie - the BF has learned to keep his mout shut if he's questionable over an outfit - except with denim shirts. For whatever reason he equates denim shirts with jailbirds and will rag on me all day if I wear one!

    Liz - I've been wanting a pair of Cons forever. What am I waiting for?

  34. Lisa,

    It was quite a disappointment when I looked for this sweater and realized it's already sold out... I am madly in love with the peplum these days~ You look so sophisticated yet not over done!


  35. I do shorts with tights occasionally. So if you are not young enough to pull this off, then I am in big, big trouble girly. This is a change for you Lisa. I love the daring side this brings out in you. It suits you. The BF will get used to it. Smart move not to ask. You look dapper feminine. What about a cute little grey wool cap? I hope you keep this idea and run with it more often.


  36. Lisa, I had to add another comment. I adore J-41's and Jambu for my casual footwear. They are far from sneakers. Yet perfect for running around. And the Jeep engineered platform adds height and ensures you won't trip or fall all over while on the go. Zappos has a great selection. Check out the Hybrids by J-41. I am wearing them in today's Post.


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