17 September 2010

Other People's Blogs (kind of)

I'm cheating today because I don't have a new cool things post for you all. This week has flown by (not really in a good way) and I didn't have the time to blog troll! However, here's a rundown of some of my fave sites from past posts:

♣  It's a good thing to remember to be thankful everyday for even the most ordinary activities, because that's what makes up a life - via Leah from THXTHXTHX.

♣  Body art is beautiful and a wonderful (albeit permanent) form of expression - via Tattoologist.

♣  A "Brave" new adventure cross-country is about to start for one girl and her vintage Winnebago - via Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky.

♣  Life goes on, whimsically and beautifully, despite extraordinary circumstances - via Stephanie from NieNie Dialogues.

♣  Healthy lunches with spectacularly cute presentations - one of my new faves! via sherimiya from Happy Little Bento.

(If any of you lovelies know of a particularly cool blog or post you'd like to share, drop me a line at respecttheshoes(at)live.com - thanks!)

One thing I did have time to do is keep track of some of the cool giveaways this week, because there are a lot of awesome ones going on:

  Like mine! Today is the last day to enter my giveaway for Anthropologie's Grandma's Treasure Trove necklace. Contest ends tonight! 

♣  Erica from Fashion meets Food is giving away a $25 gift card to Sephora and a bunch of other fashion swag. Contest ends September 17.

♣  Simone LeBlanc is giving away a YSL Tribute Sandals block print from Anna See. Contest ends September 17.

♣  Megan and Kristin from BonBon Rose Girls is giving away a pendant from Hazel and Harlow. Contest ends September 18.

♣  Peggy from She Hath Done What She Could is giving away a pair of Petit Fleur earrings from Crystal B. Contest ends September 19.

♣  Roxy from Effortless Anthropologie is giving away a set of Les Khakis de Chanel nail polishes. Contest ends September 19.

♣  Funky Finds is giving away your choice of a Shabby Apple dress. Contest ends September 19.

♣  Huzzah! Vintage is giving away a $40 gift card to Mother Midnight Vintage. Contest ends September 19.

♣  Indiana from adored austin is giving away a $20 store credit to Smashion.com. Contest ends September 19.

♣  Aimee from all things aimee is giving away a beautiful brass poppy brooch from jewelry by natsuko. Contest ends September 20.

♣  Jentine from My Edit is giving away two jeweled bracelets. Contest ends September 20.

♣  Lisa from My Magnificent Obsession is giving away a Wen hair care system. Contest ends September 20.

♣  Kim from Anthroholic is giving away a gorgeous illustration from Mimi Galore done in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. As a bonus, the winner will also receive a $25 gift card to Anthropologie. Contest ends September 21.

♣  Chiara from The Blonde Salad is giving away a €400 gift certificate good to any of UNIQUE WAY's shops. Contest ends September 21.

♣  Tien from Adiaphane is giving away a $25 gift certificate to Truly Enchanted jewelry. Contest ends September 21.

♣  Lindsay from Laughing Lindsay is giving away a Conair Infiniti Pro hair dryer. Contest ends September 21.

♣  Elaine from Clothed Much is giving away a pair of Whooga ugg boots in the size and style of the winner's choosing. Contest ends September 22.

♣  Mommy's Sweet Things is giving away a $30 gift certificate to Playful Threads lingerie. Contest ends September 23.

♣  Lynzy from From Skirts to Skillets is giving away a cocktail ring from Gina Marie Vintage. Contest ends September 24.

♣  FL Mom from Is There A Bathroom On This Ship? is giving away a $45 store credit to CSN Stores. Contest ends September 24.

♣  Blair from Wild & Precious is giving away a pretty necklace from Bird in Flight. Contest ends September 26.

♣  Monique from Curves and Chaos is giving away a $25 credit to Stella & Dot jewelry. Contest ends September 26.


  1. Wow! Nice list of sites to visit! I've found some to be super inspiring! Thanks!


  2. I am excited to peruse some of your favorite blogs!

  3. THANKS for the great list.....Im going to visit each later after work...:)

    Have a Fashionable Day:)
    Statements in Fashion Blog

  4. Haha I loved the happy little bento site. I used to have a cute japanese bento...ones with different layers you can separate your food. And it came in this bag with this teeny tiny fork. I loved it.

  5. I love reading your roundups -- lots of good reading! Happy weekend!

  6. I love NieNie! And that rose bag is too cute!

  7. I'm sorry your week flew by in a bad way! I hope it gets better soon.

  8. I know what you mean about time flying by. This week I kept feeling way too busy to blog (which I don't like!!!). I always appreciate a good blog round up. It helps me find the good stuff when I don't have time to poke around in new places.

  9. Thanks for posting links to such an interesting stuff. Its cool to see what other bloggers are reading. Hope you have a great weekend! :)

  10. whoa. this list is super awesome! I found some new blogs to follow!! Thanks for posting!


  11. Great links! Love some of those blogs :)

  12. Thanks for the links again1 And thanks for putting mine up!

    CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog

  13. Thanks, ladies. I'm glad you like some of these links!


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