07 September 2010

August and Everything After

I went casual again since I also took today off. BF and I ended up joining our local Y and spent the afternoon sucking it up playing racquetball (OK, I was the one who mostly sucked. But I managed to win one out of five games, hit him with the ball only once, and smash myself in the shin with my racquet. Good times ...)

Cardigan: J. Crew featherweight (long-sleeve version here)
Top: Forever 21 lace slub tank (similar here or similar-ish here)
Shorts: Anthropologie Hei Hei Heatwave (worn here and here before)
Necklace: Anthropologie Grandma's Treasure Trove (now on sale!)
Shoes: Indigo by Clarks Finch (worn here, here and here before)

OK, it is still pretty hot in the SE and summer doesn't seem like it is going to go anywhere for a while. But when I was in NYC and DC this past weekend, you could definitely tell that the leaves are just beginning to turn, and the days are getting shorter. I had my first tinge of coolness and crispness on Monday morning there, which was awesome.

I have to admit that early autumn is my fave time of the year. The chill in the air and the gorgeous golds and oranges of the leaves are wonderful, as are long walks in the sun while bundled in your first soft cozy wools. Warm apple cider, corn mazes, pumpkin patches and rushing through leave piles, anyone?

What's your favorite part of fall? And what are you going to miss most about summer?


  1. wow absolutely love your outfit and necklace!


  2. I am totally ready for fall -- my favorite part is getting to wear tights, boots, and sweaters!! Living in north Florida, it doesn't get very cold, but I am looking forward to the weather at least getting a little cooler soon.

    I love your necklace today! It's the perfect finishing touch for your cute outfit. :-)

  3. I live in LA so I don't really get to see a real fall or the change in leaves ): I will miss all of the bright colors of the summer. I find that I always tend to dress a little darker in the fall, with a lot of blacks and purples and browns. I'm going to try to wear my bright green and yellow skirts as often as I can this season!

  4. I am in love with that necklace---so so pretty!

  5. way cute! love the color combo & love the necklace!

  6. The necklace you are wearing is so gorgeous! I love the yellow cardigan and I don't want the summer to end!

    I live about an hour away from NYC and it's definitely getting breezy here between 1-6 am. I like early autumn too, it's favorite time of year to run outside. I was born in the summer though so it's my favorite season. My favorite part of the summer is probably ice cream, amusement parks and summer dresses.

  7. I definitely love the Thanksgiving time around fall. Leaving are falling at that point and seeing them blow on the ground with the smell of some fireplaces brings back so many memories. I'm going to miss wearing cute dresses and open toed shoes now that summer's almost over. Boo! BTW, you look so cute. Sounds like a great "sick" day. Hehehe.

  8. I totally keep forgetting you live right next door to me in GA! Next time I'm up near ATL we should definitely make it a point to at least grab lunch and go to, where else, Anthro!! :-)

  9. great outfit! i own that cardi in a shocking pink, and i just love how it gives the right amount of color and is snuggly-soft.

  10. I love Halloween and pumpkins, corn and squash.
    There is nothing to miss about Summer in Bakersfield. I will NOT MISS burning my hands on the steering wheel of my super hot car. And I use a window shade. Youch!

    This outfit is so cute. Love the creamy top with the bright yellow cardi. And a Perfect Necklace too.


  11. Loving the Treasure Trove necklace! Super cute with the bright yellow cardigan.

    I'm ready for autumn too! I'm tired of the heat and would love for things to cool off around here. As for summer, I know that I'll be complaining about how I miss the sunshine when it starts snowing this winter (I always do!), but for now, bring on fall! :)

  12. I will miss the long days of summer. having it still be light out at 8pm is so nice. I'm looking forward to the crisp days of fall and the smell of fireplaces or burning leaves. It makes me want to make smores!

  13. Cute outfit! Sounds like you had a fun day off, too! :)

    Living in Florida I don't get to see much of a change in the seasons, unfortunately. I do however, still love fall and all that it brings...cooler days and nights, a wardrobe change, and Thanksgiving. Plus it makes me feel more focused than I do during the summertime.

  14. I love that necklace, and the details on that tank are super cute! I think my favorite part of fall (besides the fashions :) ) is the smell of the leaves when they fall. Its been so hot I'm not sure I'm going to miss much about summer :)

  15. The necklace is super cute and the yellow cardi looks great on you. I'm looking forward to eating massive amounts of pumpkin bread and wearing my tall boots and cozy sweaters this fall. Hope your shin doesn't bruise! :)

  16. I'm looking for a mustard colored cardigan but I think this one can take the cake!

    Love your outfit Lisa!

  17. Oooh I love fall too! The colors, leaves, breeze, jackets, fun booties.. fall is my kind of season!! =)

  18. My favorite part of Fall is the clothing! Oh, the beautiful colors, the lovely textures! I'm getting excited in anticipation.

    Love these shoes with your outfit. I clicked through the link and was surprised to see such "fashionable" shoes for Clarks, which I've usually associated with comfy flats and walking shoes!

  19. I love the crisp fall mornings and the beautiful scenery from fall!

    I am kicking myself for not getting that necklace before free shipping ended!!!

  20. i love your yellow cardigan! ;D

    <3, Mimi

  21. yay for not coming home with a black eye from a wild ball!! love your outfit and looking forward to getting caught up on your posts this week!!

    been in canada for a week and have thoroughly enjoyed the really wonderful fall weather. kinda wish i wasn't heading back to la...


  22. i won't miss a thing about summer, except maybe lighter, citrus-y beers. but, onto octoberfest brews and pumpkin ales! 50 days of 90+ degrees or 50 inches of snow-- i'll take the snow (pretty sure we had both this year in philly!)!

  23. You look so stinkin' adorable! I love every single piece in this outfit and then all together, it's just perfect on you. I really love this!

    I love anything pumpkin so I'm excited about pumpkin lattes, cheesecake, bread, cupcakes, muffins, everything pumpkin! Since I live in Florida. I don't really have to miss summer. :)

  24. Thanks, Fashion Meets Food!

    Debbie - I so need to invest in some tights this year! Can you believe I only own black tights?! And have zero winter-worthy skirts? Why am I limiting myself?!

    Cindy - you guys may not get all the seasons, but CA gets pretty awesome year-round weather - usually not too cold or too hot, and definitely not supre-humid!

    Thanks, Mere and Wild and Precious!

    Elle - isn't fall in NYC the best!? Something about the crisp air, the turning leaves and all the fashionable folks breaking out their great jackets and scarves!

    Cindi - I'm not going to miss having to keep my toes pedi'd all the time though! And I had a great -ahem - sick day. Except I believe my BF is for real sick now too!

    Aw, Jenny, you're my SE neighbor! For sure - we've got two great Anthros here!

    Thanks, Collette!

    Kcookski - Is it just me, or do these cardis run small? I have the size small on, and I look ridiculous when I try to button it - think, "fat man in a little coat." But I agree, the colors were too yummy to ignore!

    Laura - oh yeah, window shade is a must! Talk about frying in your car if you don't have one in the SW either, which is where I lived for a few years. And shoot, sitting down in the car when you're wearing shorts or a skirt - ee-ow!

    Mandy - one thing I don't have to worry about much in GA is snow. I think it snows like twice a year here, which is kind of depressing!

    Pamela - I agree, my big miss for summer will be it being light out when I wake up in the morning. Working in darkness is depressing!

    FFM - I totally think fall attire is the most interesting. Lots of color and layering and accessorizing!

    Matt - I'm with you! It has been super-duper hot this summer, I'm looking forward to some cooler weather ... and wearing pants again!

    Apples and Pencil Skirts - surprisingly my shin is fine today, but I was down on the ground for at least a minute alternating between extreme pain and cracking up for being so stupid!

    Thanks, 20 York Street!

    Lisa - I totally agree!

    PetiteAsianGirl - tweeds and cozy warm sweaters are my fave! And Clarks has been a tiny revelation for me this year. I've got a few pairs of the now-gone Herring bow flats and a few pairs of wedges and have been super-surprised that they've been upping the fashionable-ness lately!

    Tricia - don't regret not getting that necklace. I may just have a treat in store for my blogee readers ... (dum dum dee!)

    Thanks, Mimi!

    Carrie - BF and I had to invest heavily in really good goggles - specifically bc I've been known to smash him with the ball right in the face. There was one game where we both got nailed in the goggles within our first ten minutes of play and we both decided it was the gym gods telling us, we need to take a break and go home!

    Tastymoog - I know what you mean! I figure if it is cold outside, I can always put on more layers - I can't take off any more clothes when it gets boiling in the summer!

    Melissa - I'm a big pumpkin fan myself. I love me some good pumpkin pie! I know what you mean about not missing summer - it gets colder in GA than it does in FL, but it still isn't so bad. In theory, I miss having a true four season year like in the NE!

  25. Sounds like you did better at racquetball than I would, Lisa. Though racquetball is a better option than tennis, because at least the ball is contained to a smallish room. There's no telling where it will in an open court.

    I love this outfit on you! Those heatwave shorts are just so cute!

    And my favorite part of fall? I think it has to be making apple pie and putting up my fall decorations. Cheesy, but I love them! (BTW, I saw Thanksgiving decorations...not even Halloween...before Fourth of July. Inappropriate!)

  26. I laughed so hard when you mentioned about racquetball. My old college suitmates LOVED it and always dragged me along and well...I royally sucked at it. I swear they made me come alone for entertainment rather than an actual opponent.

    I love the colors in your outfit! Cute lightweight cardigan...I've been trying to scout for one in that exact color for awhile now.

  27. You look adorable, and that is a great necklace -tempting!

    My favorite thing about Fall (besides all the awesome things you mentioned) is my birthday. Not the getting older part, but the cake and presents? Yes, please.

  28. Love those shorts! I'll miss the long days of summer. But I'm so looking forward to picking apples, eating pumpkin pie and the smell of fall.


  29. I love your necklace! Too bad anthro doesn't have free shipping anymore or I'd order it stat. Maybe I can find it at my store. You look so cute today.

  30. Jamie - I used to play tennis through HS and college, so when I first tried racquetball, I was totally running into the walls! And talk about swinging back and smashing my racquet into the plexi all the time!

    Hanna - Sounds like you and I should play a game or two - with goggles, helmets and knee pads! :o)

    Jan - yay for your birthday! And birthday presents!

    Melanie - I totally agree!

    Jessica - I'm kind of glad FS is gone, because I can't just go and randomly buy stuff from Anthro anymore!


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