05 August 2010

The Venerable Mr. Bale

First, here's my OOTD (yellow and grey has become one of my fave combos - and I need more sunny yellow in my life!):

Why the goofiness and giddy look on my face? See below.

Top: Old Navy (worn here before)
Skirt: Banana Republic factory store (worn here before)
Shoes: Sofft Giovanna (worn here and here before)
Bracelets: J. Crew studded & Old Navy enamel

As a bit of a completely whacked off into lala land tangent continuation from yesterday's post, and partly because Cindi mentioned that she didn't like him (which I still can't believe! really?!) - I'm going to need to gush like a teeny bopper wax poetic for a minute about the Christian Bale (yes, I refer to him as "the" and do have to say his entire name all the time).

I first noticed this cutie way back in the day when he played Laurie in Little Women. And then proceeded to watch every movie he's been in since, even some of the kind of awful ones, and enjoyed seeing him turn from simply a cutie to a studly stud of a man (gush). What I appreciate about the Christian Bale is that he seems to take his acting craft seriously and immerses himself into each of his roles - and he is a studly stud (have you seen American Psycho - or Batman?!)

The BF calls the Christian Bale my other boyfriend and we have an understanding that if the Christian Bale would come into my life that it'd be totally OK for me to run off with him (it's cool, because in that same imaginary world, the BF gets to run off with Sarah Michelle Gellar).

Here are some random pics of my pretend honey, omitting the bawdy ones (which can be found on Google image search if you look for "Christian Bale American Psycho" - I'm just saying):

So ladies, fess up, who are your celebrity crushes?


  1. I totally agree with you about Christian Bale! I adored him as Laurie in Little Women and thought he was an awesome Batman. I also remember watching Empire of the Sun in elementary school and he was good in that too.
    Some of my other favorite celebrity cuties are Leonardo DiCaprio, Russell Crowe, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

  2. You're adorable. I love the commentary on Christian Bale. He did make me swoon just a little in Batman!

    This outfit is PERFECTION. Yes, with ALL CAPS. The yellow is so soft and pretty on you, I love it with the gray skirt and the pattern mixing is so subtly beautiful. I think this might be one of my favorites!

  3. I love your outfit! It is so pretty!!!

    thank you for your kind words

  4. The yellow blouse is beautiful. I like how you pair it with a light color skirt and shoes. Definitely a very chic outfit!

  5. I figured you were a fellow-Bale lover when you named his wife as a celebrity you hated! LOL I too adore the Christian Bale and have loved him since Newsies in 1992. Have you seen it? OMG it's a musical so he sings (rather well) and dances (rather poorly). Then all of a sudden, he's Batman and now he's a big Hollywood stud, but I loved him before all that!

    Love the combination of grey and yellow today and the pattern on that shirt is so cute!

  6. Lisa ~ Loving the contrasting patterns on your OOTD!
    As for celebrity crushes, I will always love Colin Firth in whatever he stars in. {swoons}
    On a slightly creepier note, I find Robert Pattinson exceptionally attractive. Creepy because he is 13 years younger than me, and 13 years older than my daughter who is in love with him and intends to marry him (so she says).
    I guess you could say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree....
    And I guess you could also say that I have a huge thing for Brits.

  7. Debbie - I have to admit, I thought Joseph Gordon-Levitt was a little weird - until I saw him in Inception, wowy! I walked out of that movie with a mini crush on him, or his character, same same. :o)

    Thanks much, Melissa. I actually considered getting rid of this shirt a couple of times, but it is the perfect shade of yellow for me and it fits really well for a $10 shirt!

    Thanks, Lisa. Hope you're feeling better!

    Thanks, Sydney!

    Aw, Kathleen, a fellow Bale lover! I haven't seen Newsies in ages, but did all his independent-type movies before he hit it real big - Equilibrium (I actually liked it), The Machinist (creepy skinny), Reign of Fire (I didn't like the movie or his character in it, but he did have one shirtless scene ...)

    Eleanor - I too, enjoy looking at Robert Pattinson, but I think for me, I like the idea of him as Edward more than I actually like him. He's a few years younger than me too (he's like 21 or something, right?), but age is really just a number, right?

  8. if THE christian bale saw you in that outfit, doing one of your surfer chic poses, he'd totally run off with you. i'm just sayin.......

  9. If I told you my crush you would think I am a cougar! Taylor Lautner anyone? I adore the yellow and grey combo as well!

  10. Haha...sorry! I didn't mean to rain on your other BF. :) I think he is handsome, but he's just a little weird to me. My favorite crush is Hugh Jackman...I like them dark and rugged! Hehe.

  11. Mine is and always will be Matt Damon. I've swooned over him for years! Love the yellow and grey together.

  12. I am with Kathleen...I fell in love with Christian Bale after seeing Newsies when I was in middle school. In fact, I now own the dvd and sometimes play it for my American English class (hey, it's historical! and literary!) I also looooved him in Little Women (which, as I'm thinking, I also play for my American English classes...I promise I also teach some, too!) I don't really have a celebrity crush, although I am oddly attracted to Bill Pullman (also in Newsies). I used to like Jude Law but think he's totally smarmy now.

  13. Kcookski, girl, that is exactly what I'm hoping!

    Oh Tricia - yes Mr. Lautner is a wee bit young, but he's growning himself into one fine gentleman, good pick!

    Sure, Cindi, so a guy has a freak out session that gets taped and played all over TV - he's just a sensitive and passionate artist!

    Another good pick, Jessica - my BF has a total man crush on Matt Damon ever since the Bourne movies.

    AppGal - oh yay! And I agree, Jude Law was pretty good back in the day, like when he was in the Talented Mr. Ripley or Alfie (even though I thought the movie was awful). I think I'll have to Netflix Newsies - as study material, of course.

  14. You look awesome in this outfit. I love the combination of yellow and grey too. Christian Bale is also a favorite of mine. He's so talented.


  15. Haha, so funny. And the Christian Bale is a total stud. Gorgeous skirt!


  16. I love that yellow top on you. It looks so great and is totally your friend!!


  17. I think the yellow and gray combination is sophisticated yet young.:D

    Love this outfit.:D

    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  18. Another fine example of print mixing!

    Not a fan of CB. I don't know what it is about him. And I felt that way before the infamous tape of his rant got out! I rather fancy Mr.Hugh Dancy :) Something about his accent...

  19. I just not a star chaser. Give me a real flesh an blood man all my own.

    Oh how I love that pair of shoes. Sofft does make a nice shoe.

    You look stunning in Yellow and Gray Lisa. Absolutely adore those colors on you with all that dark hair.


  20. This color combination is gorgeous. There is something simple and chic, yet unexpected, about mixing yellow and gray. How wonderful.

    As for celeb crushes, I'm a big fan of Alexander Skarsgaard from True Blood (as well as the Gaga Paparazzi video). I can't repress a smile every time he comes on screen. My boyfriend teases me relentlessly about it!

  21. The color combo is fab as is the the different patterns which work really well together. If you really want to see some vintage Christian Bale you absolutely MUST see Newsies. It's a Disney musical that he was like 16 in and he's so gd cute in it PLUS he sings and dances. What could go wrong?? It's amazing. I wish I were watching it right now.

    xoxo, Ashley

  22. Thanks, Valerie and Melanie. Whoop, whoop on the Christian Bale!

    Thanks, Carrie, I wish more shirts were my friends!

    Thanks, Marie!

    Thanks, Pamela. Aw, so the whole "sensitive artist" descriptor for the Christian Bale does nothing for you, huh. :o)

    You're right, Laura. My BF is way better - and he's right here too. But it sure is fun to act like a 15yo for a moment and go gaga over a crush! :o)

    Jamie - ooh Alexander is a good choice too. Heck, all the men from True Blood are pretty nice looking.

    Ashley - Done! Newsies on my Netflix! Though I know he is older than me, watching a 16yo Christian Bale makes me feel cougarish, haha.

  23. I love your yellow/grey combination. I feel like it's an uncommon pairing yet should be done more often. I love the pattern in your top too!

    I first took notice of Christian Bale in "Little Women," too. He made the best Laurie, and his little speech to Jo in the woods is one of my favorite scenes ever. He was also the voice of Thomas in "Pocahontas."

  24. Ok, I'm a lurker but had to comment because 1) I love yellow & gray too, and 2) your post about Christian Bale had me giggling. You sound just like my sister! She's had the hots for Mr. Bale every since we saw Swing Kids way long ago.

    No one's mentioned Zac Efron yet. He's 10 years younger than me, but he's becoming a beautiful man and not too bad of an actor. I also heart Kyle Chandler -- I've loved him in every role he's done, but playing Coach Taylor on Friday Night Lights takes the cake.


  25. Too funny! I was going to comment on Zac Efron--he is a little too young, but I liked him in 17 Again. I think Keanu Reeves cleans up nicely even though he's a little too old for me. I can't think of anyone in their 30s who I have a celebrity crush on (definitely not Leo after seeing Titanic a million times)!! BTW, the print mixing continues to inspire me! :)

  26. Thanks, Joann! Thanks for the reminder, I forgot that he's done some animated movies as well - I think I need to renew my Netflix list again, haha, the BF will be eye-rolling me for sure!

    Hi Wendy - I like your sister already, she's got great taste! As for Kyle Chandler, I used to watch him in Early Edition - he was cute then too! And I agree, I didn't think much of him with the High School Musical movies, but thought he was good in 17 Again - and he looks great in the new movie, Charlie St. Cloud!

    Thanks, applesandpencilskirts! I did like Keanu a bit myself, but he's got to be cleaned up, I didn't like scrungy Bill and Ted version of him - and as for Leo! I think he's a really good actor and pretty much watch whatever movie he's in nowadays, but he just looks like a kid with a goatee to me, I can't shake that!

    Thanks for "playing along", ladies! I think it's always fun and healthy to have some crushes - ah, makes me feel 13 again. Or shoot, evening younger, if we want to go waaay back to my first crush even - Jonathan Knight from NKOTB, 'cause he was the "quiet shy one."

  27. I love the yellow and grey combo!

    Christian Bale is gorgeous and talented, but I found his weird tantrum a year or so ago extremely off-putting. My current celebrity crushes are Colin Firth (this one is ongoing) and I find Eric Bana disturbingly attractive.

  28. La Historiadora - Yeah, I have no defense for this real-life craziness, but in the imaginary world where he and I can run off, he's also a perfect gentleman, haha!

    Thanks, Jan!

  29. lol, if Christian Bale was reading your blog he would be laughing really hard because its very cute and flattering. I think most women have an imaginary bf somewhere :).


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