08 August 2010

A Lovely Tag

Happy Sunday, ladies. Hope everyone has had/is still having a good weekend! The BF and I have taken it easy this weekend and didn't have much on the agenda, so we went picnicking, took a few walks and cooked a few good meals. I think weekend pancakes are so much more satisfying when you can make them at home (thank you, Bisquick mix!).

Nothing to write home about, but here were my outfits this weekend (yes, I do have like twenty pairs of khaki shorts):

Many thanks to the wonderful do-it-all mom and fashionista Melissa from A Working Mom's Closet for the "Lovely Blog Award" tag! I am supposed to reveal 7 facts about myself and tag 7 other bloggers.

Here's my 7 completely random facts about me:

 1. I love carbs with a fierce passion and I don't mean that lightly. I've bought whole baguettes before and eaten them within a day all by myself. If I buy a big fresh loaf of bread from the bakery, I may very well eat the insides out of it in one sitting, because I've done that more than once!

2. We didn't get our first computer in my life until I was in junior high. I believe it was a 486 (does anyone still remember WorldPerfect and that dangable bright blue screen? Argh!) and it was also around then that I went onto the Internet for the first time - dial-up baby! My first true online experience was through the chat site Talk City where you can enter in group message rooms and "chat" with people. I had zero idea what I was doing at the time, but I did make up a fake personality for myself and made virtual friends with this personality. I'm embarassed to think of that now with the reputation that chat rooms have for being a haven for creepy people, because I can't help to think that I might have been one of those creepy people!

3.  I had Lasik surgery a few years back to correct my vision and that has changed my life. I used to be completely dependent on contacts or glasses, and actually started losing my vision back in elementary school. You have no idea how awesome it is to be able to wake up each morning and be able to just see!

4. I attended a specialized science high school, but science was my worst subject (I barely passed physics and am pretty sure I only passed chemistry because my teacher felt bad for me - seriously).

5. In elementary school, I once stole a Sweet Valley High book from the local supermarket. I was wearing my big winter coat, found myself alone in the book aisle while my dad was checking out, and pocketed the item. I couldn't tell you why I had done it as my dad would have easily bought the book for me, but I hadn't gotten caught and I was not a repeat offender.

6. I am a hearty eater and not typically a picky one. However, I can't stand to eat stuff like cottage cheese, oatmeal or apple sauce - visually and textually they resemble already chewed foods and I just can't get past that!

7. I can't sing, I can't dance, I can't play any musical instruments. I took one year of piano lessons when I was little but gave that up because I lost interest - same for ballet. In junior high, I had the option of picking band or Latin for an elective and ... salve, mihi nomen est Lisa. Sona si Latine loqueris!

Here are the lovely ladies that I tag for this award (it's always so hard to choose for these things and sorry! if I name someone already picked from someone else):

♠  Pamela from ginger girl
♥  AppGal from Musings on the Mountain
♦  Melanie from Unravelled Threads
♠  Aimee from all things aimee.
♥  Fallon from Better With Smiles
♦  Becca and Ashley from Free Honey
♣  Diana from OneCraftyFox


  1. unfortunately, i 100% relate to #1. i'm a bread ho, fo sho.

  2. Love the meeting place tank on you!

  3. I think I still need a another year of stable vision before I can get lasik, but I absolutely cannot wait until I can see clearly without glasses or contacts (: Your post makes me just a tiny bit less scared of the procedure (how was it, really?)

  4. I am a fellow carboholic, unmusically inclined,sucked at science and occasionally enjoy pancakes for dinner.
    Can we be BFF's now?

    I love these types of posts because it is great to get another glimpse of who you are!

  5. Hi Lisa. I've been thinking about lasik surgery for a while. It would be awesome if you can do a post about the procedures :).

  6. I love all your weekend outfits! And I can totally relate with #1.

  7. I finally got myself a white mini skirt from Old Navy that I can wear with the blue and white tank. Woo!!!

    I'm with you on the oatmeal, apple sauce and cottage cheese thing. I am not a big fan of any of those three things. And carbs...oh yes please!!! Chris and I have gotten a baguette, some cheese and meats, finished the bread and went back to the store to get 2 more on occasion. I'm a total carb girl.

  8. Firsts, congrats on the award, you deserve it. And second, thank you so much for passing it along to us! I'm totally honored.

    Also, I'm loving that striped shirt in the first photo. I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed your relaxed picnic-ing weekend. I'm happy to report that I had quite a nice, relaxing weekend myself.

  9. I don't own any khaki shorts. In fact, I only own one pair of shorts at all; dark denim bermudas. I need more shorts.

    I'm so glad you posted this so I could read more about you! I'm also a huge carb girl. I'm a vegetarian so really, carbs are all I want!

    So funny that you stole a SVH book. Those were awesome! :)

  10. thanks for the tag!!! this will give me something to work on during JURY DUTY tomorrow!

    I wore my meeting place tank friday night. i love it!

  11. Cute casual looks! I live in shorts on the weekends too :)

    P.S. I finally answered your questions...thanks for the tag :)

  12. Oh it is so good to know I've not alone with the over-carbing (though I'm still pretty sure I can "out-carb" each of you gals :o)!

    Tam, you crack me up! Anti-Atkins solidarity! :o)

    Thanks, LC!

    Haha, aw, thanks, Eleanor. I already feel a kinship to you already bc you live in Jersey (I lived in Belmar during pre-k and k, and though that was EONS ago, I still have fond fond memories of living in that beautiful little beach town!)

    Thanks, Jessica. I think you out-weekend outfit everyone though, with your fab church looks!

    Cindy/Sydney - I'm terrible about going into surgical procedures with blind faith in the abilities of the doc, but the good thing is that I have a BF with two docs in the family so he knows all the right Qs to ask. I'll write up a Lasik post this week for you gals (but the short of it is EASY and WORTH IT)! Thanks for asking.

    Thanks, Marie!

    Cindi, I'll have dinner with you anytime, sounds like my kind of meal!

    Thanks, Becca. I can't wait to find out some more about you and Ashley!

    Melissa - thanks for tagging me. I was big into the SVH - and the SVT - and Nancy Drew way back in the day!

    Pamela - oh no with the jury duty! That's like the one task where people would rather choose to be at work over!

    Thanks for playing along, Eek - ah, good choice with the Wonder Woman!

  13. Aww, thanks for the tag!!

    We have a few things common: I can eat an entire baguette or the inside of a loaf of bread too, and I can't sing, dance or play any musical instruments which is really odd because my family is very musically talented!!

    I'm a big science nerd though, I love chemistry :)

    Have an awesome week!

  14. Thanks for tagging us Lisa!! And congrats on the award!!

    If it make you feel any better, I didn't steal Sweet Valley High books but I sure did read a lot of them! And I watched the short lived TV series as well. Gotta say it - they were no Baby-Sitters Club!

    xoxo, Ashley

  15. You sly latin speaking fashionista you!




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