13 July 2010

Woven Tunic Goes Brogue

I guess we can call today Experimental Outfit Day. This is what I wore today, but it is not my typical style. I am trying to reach out of my fashion comfort zone without going too overboard. What do you think? Pass or fail?

No sun today - and am still figuring the best settings on my camera (still got my old one).

Tunic: Forever 21 Effortless Calm (worn here and here before)
Dress: J. Crew knit (worn here before)
Shoes: Vince Camuto (worn here and here before)
Necklace: Anthropologie Nueva Granada (worn here before)
Belt: Anthropologie Infinity (and that's how many times I'm going to wear it)

Did anyone else watch the New Jersey Housewives last night? Holy cow - can we say DRAMA MUCH?


And special shoutout to Jenny from Not Just a Pretty Face - thanks again for the wonderful Anthro gift card! I got it in the mail yesterday. Now, what to get, what to get ...


Lastly, this is too good not to reblog! I'm not a big brogue fan, but I know a lot of you gals are, and when I saw this post on Teresa's blog (Old School Cool) even I was swayed! A comfy-as-sneakers brogue in a pinky-nude shade for cheap? Why yes, please!

The shop site pic below does the shoes no justice at all, so go to Teresa's post for her review and to check them out (virtually) IRL! I'm trying really hard not to get these ...

Alice + Olivia for Payless Jazz Oxfords ($29.99)


  1. A winner! Fabulous look :)

  2. I like your outfit, maybe the tunic is just a little bit big on you. :D

    Loving the oxfords!:D I might get a pair..

    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  3. I adore that outfit!!! Cute!! I also love the oxfords!

  4. A+ outfit, lady. I love how this outfit came together -- the top is gorgeous!

    Thanks for your comment about my moving. Athens and Atlanta are about 75-80 miles apart. Not very far at all. :)

  5. Oh! I love your outfit! Every bit of it!! We must have been on the same wavelength with trying to do different things with items in our closets! I love it.

    wow, I'm kinda digging those A+O "brogues".

  6. I think the look is adorable! Kudos for going out of your comfort zone! And I love those brogues!!!

  7. Definitely a pass! I love that tunic. Good for you for stepping outside of your comfort zone, that's something I need to try as well. :)

  8. I really like this top! I think your experiment was a total success. I've been finding that blogging has really been inspiring me to experiment with the clothing in my wardrobe.

  9. i love the shoes you're wearing! and those oxfords are very cute! i want a pair. :D

    <3, Mimi

  10. Well, I love your experimental outfit. The tunic is really pretty.

  11. Totally a pass! I like this OOTD on you!

    Ok, the DRAMA on Real Housewives. I giggled through the whole thing because it was SO full of crazy. Gah - like a car wreck - can. not. stop. watching.

  12. This is a beautiful look, but it just doesn't seem like *you*. You still look great, but it just doesn't feel ... right... you know? I guess I have gotten to see you as this super chic modern corporate girl, lol. But you do still look great!

  13. Honey I have that tank and I have NEVER worn it out of the house- I just don't know how to style it but I do love it and admire it often sitting pretty in my closet.. I am going to try and recreate this outfit :)

  14. Thanks for your comments, ladies, I certainly appreciate your honesty. I always say that fashion is about taking risks - but most of us also don't live on the pages of Vogue so we need to realistic with our choices.

    Marie - The tunic IS a little big on me, so I tried belting it. I did kind of fiddle with it all day though.

    Thanks, Pamela. I totally dug your pant roll, I think the whole look worked for you yesterday. Boys just don't understand fashion. :o)

    Michelle - Holy moly, NJ housewives! I used to like Teresa but what is up with instigating the fight, running the woman down, and then saying "I just want to talk to her?" And I have no comments re: Danielle - eep.

    OneCraftyFox - Thanks much! I'm on the same wavelength with you - this isn't what I would normally pick out for myself, but I had a "what the hey" moment this morning and tried it on.

    Spiffy - I totally agree with you. Loved this top when I first saw it and snatched it up - then have rarely worn it because I don't know what to do with it (and I'm not one of those gazelle looking gals who can wear this sans belt and still look sleek and slim).

    As for the sneaker-brogues? They're already out of my size! So I guess they weren't meant to be for me - but maybe Payless does popbacks ...

  15. Flying colors! You look so cute!

  16. I think you look fantastic! I would absolutely say this is an epic win for trying a new style, you look fabulous. Love it!


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