09 July 2010

Guilty Mini - Bad Hanami

As you know, I am a bit of a reality TV junkie. Specifically the Bravo shows (I don't think MTV counts anymore since The Hills is ending). So please don't tell me I was the only one who watched Bethenny finally get married last night.

She's always been my favorite Housewife and amidst all the over-the-top drama from all the Real Housewives shows, it was nice to tune into something more humorous, still kind of out there, but with a lot less yelling (OMG, New Jersey, can you tone it down a bit? And after the White House gatecrashing controversy, I'm not even going to touch the new DC show - makes me miss the calmer days of finger pointing and wig-pulling).

That said, what guilty pleasures to you fine ladies allow yourselves?

Thank goodness Anthro and J. Crew make such great clothes - because on hot days like this when
I can't think of putting an outfit together, their pieces just do it for me.
Though I probably could've used a belt ...

Top: Anthropologie Deletta Unveiled tank
Skirt: J. Crew paisley mini (worn here before)
Shoes: Vince Camuto wedges (worn here before - trying to break them in because I walk like a new-born baby giraffe in them)

BTW, if anyone was considering the Hanami cropped jacket from Anthro (now on sale) - please don't. I know not everyone will agree with me (and it actually got reviewed very favorably online), but I feel like someone cut the Charlotte Russe tag off and accidentally posted the jacket on the Anthro web site. If you do like the jacket though, and usually wear an XS, there's one for cheap right now on Ebay here.

My other recent sale purchase - the Nueva Granada necklace - thumbs up on that one. I really like the little quarter-sized medallions and the mixed metals chain. The only down-side (which I am hoping is temporary) is that it smells strongly metallic - though it could also just be because I am weird and notice those things.

Bon week-end! Stay cool!


  1. So cute! I love your subtle print-mixing!

  2. I am kind of obsessed with the E reality shows...the Kardashians especially. I could also watch the Kendra show all day. Don't know why...it's complete crap, but it's totally mesmerizing!

  3. LOVE this outfit. the patterns go so well together!

    ps. loved bethenny getting married! didn't really love her peeing in the a bucket....surely there had to be another option??

  4. Yes, must match all print dresses with striped shirt! I'm not hunting for some striped shirts. haha.

  5. Great pattern mixing here!

    I am a Bravo fan as well, but not the Real Housewives. Bring on the Tim Gunn please :)

  6. love the print mix too! So cute! Is that the Bethanny from Apprentice days?

  7. Bahahahahaha - I was totally there with you last night!! Watching her get married and pee in a bowl....go figure....this is how I spent my Thursday night!

  8. OMG, I'm laughing at the comment about the calmer days of the RH series consisting of wig pulling and finger pointing. Now we have parolees coming to crash charity events threatening to kill people. It's too much. But, ahem, I still watch. And I did watch Bethanny get married. She looked so pretty. I'm a Bravo junkie and the Hills and the City. Question---when did Audrina and Kristin get all chummy chummy?! Off season!?! Kristin is like a different person this season. She's almost---not mean!

    I love that anthro tee. I tried it on when I was in the store this week and resisted. I want to go back this weekend and I might pick it up. It just seems so versatile. And the print on your j.crew skirt is so pretty.

  9. I love that skirt and those shoes! And I am also a reality tv addict. Right now I'm into Top Chef, Big Brother and Bachelorette.

  10. I really adore your summer wardrobe. Everything about this outfit is fabulous!

    Remember to enter for your chance to win a Two Strap Belt from Sway!


  11. Love that cute skirt - what a fun pattern! I cried at Bethenny's wedding.

  12. I caught the last little bit of Bethenny getting married - when RH of OC first came out, I swore not to watch it because I live in the OC, but I couldn't help myself and it became my guiltiest of pleasures. Those ladies were such train wrecks that I never caught the Atlanta or New York installments. But I JUST started watching the NJ version and I have to say that I LOVE it. Actually, I really love Caroline. She seems like such a great mom and I just love her family unit. But I cannot wait for the Danielle smack down next week! LOL!

    BTW, LOVE your outfit and that mini is too cute!

  13. Oh, don't even get me started on reality TV! ha! I'm glad I don't have cable, becasue I'd seriously be hooked to the TV all the time. Monday nights you'll catch me watching the Bachelorette and sticking around for... True Beauty (horrible, i know). Tuesday is devoted to Hell's Kitchen right now. Throughout the year I also watch Survivor, The Biggest Loser, The Bachelor, Amazing Race, and a few more.

    Love your OOTD - adorable, and perfect for this oppresive heat lately!

  14. Great skirt! Also love Bethenny (both getting married and on RHNYC), and although I can't stand them I also watch the NJ housewives too... sheesh, why do they gripe so much. And will Danielle ever get over it already?

  15. I adore this mini! I too watched Bethenny tonight!
    She is my fav. I believe she is "real".
    Poor pregnant bride ;)

  16. love the print on the skirt! Hope you have a lovely weekend! xoxo

  17. Love the floral skirt! And haha, my friend watches that show obsessively, but I haven't checked it out yet. My guilty pleasure on TV might have to be Pretty Little Liars. lol

  18. nice pattern mixing! And I used to watch GG as my guilty pleasure but then actually got too busy, but I won't say I don't miss it...

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  20. Thanks for all your comments - glad to know I'm not alone on the reality boat!

    Thanks for stopping by and visiting, Tam, Leah, Viv, Lions Tigers and Fashion, and edk.dolce!

    AppGal - I used to watch the Girls Next Door whenever it was on - I was addicted to that show. Talk about mesmerizing crap!

    Tam / Dea - I could've used a good editing out of that bucket scene too - at least we weren't the wedding planner and Bethenny's assistant!

    Eek - I love Tim Gunn too - and Stacey and Clinton!

    Peggy - I think it IS the same Bethenny!

    Pamela - I totally agree about The Hills. When did Lo and Audrina get chummy too? Ah, the things you need to do to still remain relevant on a TV show - where are my crystals and my plastic surgeon?!

    Michelle - I like Caroline too - but that Danielle is driving me to not want to watch the show anymore. But I think Teresa will take care of things for the Danielle-no-likers next week. :o)

    Aimee - Ooh, True Beauty. I think I've caught it once. It can't be worse than the stuff VH1 and E! pump out ... which I sometimes watch ...

    Viv - In total agreement about the NJ ladies! Sheesh, Danielle, you don't need to sound like a modern day "Goodfellas."

    Audrey - Don't watch - you'll get sucked in!

    edk.dolce - Thanks for the invite!

  21. I am definitely a reality tv junkie and I'm so glad Bethenny got her own show! I always found her to be abrasive but now I finally "get" her lol. I think the Hills hasn't been the same without Lauren so I'm not into it anymore. I wonder if there will be any other spinoffs or whats to come next on MTV! Hope you're having a good weekend :)

  22. The skirt is perfect on you. I don't like that jacket either. I *did* end up getting puckered eyelet jacket. I had to go up to an 8, but I really liked it. Better than the wool version they had in winter. I watch some reality shows. Can't think of the main ones, but new one I like that surprised me is Jersey Couture.


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