18 July 2010

Casual Me

Happy Sunday, ladies. BF and I did another trail today - actually the place we went to had several connected trails so we ended up doing two of them. We're exhausted and kins of achy now, but we (or at least I) am happy we've been continuing our hiking routine (does three times in a row make it a routine now?)

As for attire, one of my readers asked me last week if I ever "dressed down." Of course I do, but most times I just don't show it, because I don't think most of those outfits are worth posting. However, I do try to take a pic of myself every day though (partly because I don't have a full-length mirror), so here are some of my recent down-dressed moments. Stifle your yawns please. 

What do you ladies wear when you just want to be casual and comfortable?

In other news, here's a peek into the strange mind of me: A perusal through the Nordstroms sale site to prescan all the goodies somehow led me on a search for a pair of casual winter (it's still July, right?) boots, which clickedy-click-click led me on a search for Uggs (my original connotation of Uggs involved a mental picture of Britney Spears circa 2006 with like no pants and a trashed pair of Ugg booties - thanks, mind).

But the brand seems to have branched out from their typical teddy bear feet boots to real shoes, and blah, blah, blah, I have purchased my first pair of Uggs ... and some Nine West boots ... and a pair of trail sneakers ... and threw in some shorts for the BF so when I receive the giant box from the UPS guy, I can look at the BF and say "Look, I got you something, honey!"

You gals probably don't care about my trail sneaks, but here are my new casual boots(es-es):


Suffice it to say, after that, I disallowed myself from going Nordstroms to partake in their sale. For now.


  1. I know - UGGS are actually cute now, right? I spotted a pair last year that I could seriously wear to work and waltz into court with! Crazy!

    I always think my casual clothes are boring too. I'm so much more fashionable during the work week! I love some of your pattern mixing though - very nice!

  2. Ooh, I lovve the blue dress! I think your casual outfits are great - mine are a snooze fest! I don't own any UGGS, but a do own a pair of EMUS, which are basically the same as the typical pair of UGGS - mine are grey. I LOVE them. I rarely wear them out of the house anymore, but when I was in college they were a lifesaver! I usually wear them out to my car and in to my office in the winter, though, now that I think of it. Heels are not made for Missouri winters!

  3. I love your boots! My fiance and I are major hikers - glad to know that you enjoy hitting the trail too!

    And I too love to see other people's casual outfits - you look really cute "dressed down," I must say! Kudos!

  4. Um, your casual outfits are pretty adorable! I wouldn't call them remotely yawn-worthy :)

  5. I love the pattern mixing of the striped shirt and those shorts. Great pairing! You seem to know how to do that really well. I have a pair of Uggs and during the winter, I practically live in them.

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  6. I love the green floral shorts! I wear leggings and a Hanes t-shirt when I want to be comfy!

    I love the Nine West boots. Can't wait to see you wear them.

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  7. Uggs are so toasty and comfy, they have a way of converting you! I have a crochet pair that I just love. Cute casual outfits, Lisa - I love seeing the relaxed looks too!

  8. You know what, Uggs are so comfy you have to give in!

    Your caz outfits are just as well put together as your dressier pieces. you have great style and a great knack to knowing what to works. I love seeing all these outfits!

    Casual at home usually means an older jersey dress, maybe leggings and a cotton tunic. I always change when I get home and put what i call, "my after school clothes" :)

  9. I'm the same way if I'm comfy and casual I usually don't take pics cause it's nothing to write home about. I usually go for something jersey knit like a casual dress if I'm dressing down.

  10. Thanks, Kathleen. But when did Uggs get so pricey? The pair I really really wanted was way pricey, especially since half of it is like knit - but kudos to them for recent styles.

    Thanks, Ashley. My sister has a pair of big fuzzy Uggs she wears to go to work in - she's like you and says they are a lifesaver!

    Thanks, Mandy. Awesome - more hikers!

    Thanks so much, goldenmeans!

    Thanks, Liz. Yeah, I better work on this cost-per-wear thing with my new Uggs!

    Thanks, Elaine! Leggings seriously are really comfy - I just feel self-conscious in them, especially if I'm lounging around, stuffing my face!

    Thanks, Jan. Ooh, I looked at the crochet pair too and was seriously tempted. But I talked myself out of them because they probably won't work well when it's cold and wet outside!

    Thanks much, Pamela! The first thing I typically do when I get home is change and get comfy too - nowadays I at least try to stay "actually dressed" until after dinner - but them it's like slubby tees and flip flops please!

    Thanks, FT. I definitely need more jersey dresses in my life. They are so easy and comfy.

  11. Congrats on the Uggs. I finally gave in when I fell down outside church on a ragged sidewalk a few years ago and twisted my ankle so badly an Ugg was the only shoe that felt good. Consider it a sign? Yes, I think I will.

    Anyway, back to you! Super cute and I love love love the part about getting something for the significant other for when the UPS guy arrives. I laughed out loud!!!

    ENJOY your new shoes!


  12. Hey Sweetie - Lovin' that turquoise dress!! It's like it was made for you. And the belt? A brilliant accessory!

    Happy Monday! xo

  13. Love all of the prints! Good luck on staying away from the sale - I resisted for about 28 minutes haha

  14. Holy crap, Carrie! That probably IS a sign from the Ugg gods. Looking forward to receiving mine!

    Thanks for visiting and commenting, Jen and Jammer!

  15. I think your casual outfits are adorable! I especially like the blue dress and the camo short with the striped top.

    Love the boots you bought, too! I need to find some good flat boots for winter. I think we're all thinking about fall/winter looks already, even though yes, it's still only July!


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