04 July 2010

Amicalola Fourth

Hi Ladies - I hope you're all having a wonderful 4th!

Thought I'd drop a quick post with some outfit postings from the last day. BF and I went to a friend's home on Saturday night for an Independence Day party, so this is my version of patriotic attire pre-party:

Dress: Ann Taylor Loft cotton
Shoes: Keds Spright wedges (now on super-sale and worn a lot - like here, and here, and here ...)
Necklace: Anthropologie Double Torsade (worn here and here before)

During the day, here's what I wore (and I know I've pretty worn much the exact same outfit before):

Shirt: Gap cotton chambray safari (worn here and here before)
Shorts: Anthropologie Hei Hei Heatwave (worn here and here before)
Shoes: Mossimo by Target (worn here and here and ...)
Bracelets: Old Navy enamel & J. Crew studded (worn here before and a bunch other)
Clutch: Cole Haan

Today we drove up to Amicalola State Park and did the Falls hike up and back. BF and I have agreed to try go hiking once a week for our health and peace of mind. Plus it didn't hurt that on the way home we got to pass the Georgia Premium Outlets (uh, of course we stopped).

Thought it'd be funny to show you BF's first photo attempt of me today:

He did much better when we got to the falls:

LOTS of food had also been (is still being) imbibed these past few days - I'll have some pics of one my new favorite weird food laters!


  1. that is the chicest 4th outfit EVER...:)
    i keep telling myself that i need to get out and hike more. i don't need the camping part of it (ew), but it'd be fine to clomp around nature — except that here (Tucson), it's about 108 degrees. not conducive to pleasant hiking...

  2. Love your Loft dress, the silhouette is so pretty on you! And I'm ready to wear my Heatwave shorts again already too, they are just that cute! You look adorable!

  3. I love the way you styled your heatwave shorts! they look so cute with the denim and yellow.

    The State park looks gorgeous! I can see why hiking there helps clear the mind. The waterfall is breathtaking!

  4. I love that dress on you and especially with the necklace! So cute!

  5. HOW freakin' cute you look!!!!!!! :-) I love the double torsade necklace on you- and I think I need it in mint AND coral btw.

    Be on the lookout for gift card Thursday-Monday of NEXT week. Hope iot gets there VERY soon!!!

  6. Great 4th outfit girl!! I love the hike pics! I think hiking is sooo good for the mind!

  7. What a gorgeous 4th of July outfit! So chic, modern and retro at the same time.

    I love how you styled the Heatwave shorts too.

    Hope you had a great time on your hike - and your outlet shopping too!

  8. That is dress is amazing!!! And those shorts are darling!!! I hope you have a wonderful day!! I also hope we get to see more of your 'weird' food because I love it!

  9. First, I love your Saturday night outfit. The dress fits you perfectly.

    Second, I was at the Georgia Premium Outlets today too!

  10. Hello gorgeous, looks like a lovely weekend !!

  11. Glad to hear you had a nice holiday. I love the dress you're wearing in the first photos! I adore the geometric print and the necklace (I actually just bought the same one last week - stylish ladies think alike!!)

  12. Gorgeous dress and I love your necklace! I love that your 4th of July outfit was inspired by the holiday but could be something you wear any other day as well!

  13. I am totally in love with both looks!
    I wish we had a park like that here!

  14. i love your outfits! :D

    btw, thanks for the birthday greeting! :)


  15. Thanks, Kcookski! I remember going camping in NM a few years back - we had to drive almost all the way up to CO for some decent camping - and it was hard as heck to pitch a tent into essentially sand and rocks.

    Thanks, Jan! I kind of have to keep myself from wearing the Heatwave shorts TOO much - it's just so easy to reach for them!

    Thanks, Pamela! BF and I definitely have to go out and enjoy nature more often!

    Thanks, Jessica!

    Thanks so much, Prettyface! I have the necklace in both those colors and I highly recommend both of them!

    Thanks, Peggy! BF and I definitely need to do more outdoorsy things - enjoy the beauty around us and get away from our worries!

    Thanks for visiting, Melissa!

    Thanks much, Tricia! I do like some weird-ish food, but won't get TOO overboard. I hope.

    Thanks, Fallon! The BF and I got there late in the afternoon, but it was still packed. We were both kind of gross and tuckered out to really do some shopping damage though - I guess that's a good thing? :o)

    Thanks so much, OneCraftyFox!

    Thanks, Becca! I hope you enjoy the Double Torsade necklace - really easy to wear and great for a pop of color!

    Thanks, Eek!

    Thanks, Eleanor! We may have a ton of forest close at hand, but you've got the BEACH!

    Thanks, Mimi! Hope you've had a lovely birthday!

  16. Both looks are fabulous! I especially love the black & white dress with the pop of coral. You look stunning in both outfits!


  17. Oh gosh, you look absolutely perfect! Such a wonderful 4th outfit. And that park looks beautiful :)

  18. Love that dress - it pops with the double toursade necklace. I must pick one of those up. I also love the denim with the heatwave shorts! I'll admit that I tried to recreate that look yesterday, but for some reason I felt it didn't work on me even though it looks FAB on you. Maybe I was having an off day. Need to try again. Thanks for the inspiration!


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