30 July 2010

Other People's Blogs

Welcome to this week's installment of cool things I found on other people's blogs. Let's ignore the fact that this feature probably means I blog-troll too much and move to the good stuff:

It's one thing to take a photo of your outfit of the day. It's another thing to be able to illustrate it, along with other fashion musings - via Caitlin from Art by Caitlin Shearer:

I love seeing whimsical Anthropologie pieces worn in gorgeous historic settings by beautiful ladies. Looks like the Two Wheeler Dress finally made it to its soul-intended home! via La Historiadora de Moda at Fashionable Academics:

As did the Shifting Buttons skirt - via Naomi at rockstar diaries:

How do you remember to be grateful for all the wonderful things in your life, big or small? Write a "thank you" note a day - via Leah at THXTHXTHX:

What to do when your clogs have had too much abuse? Treat them like you do your floors - via Kristin at Leproust Vintage:

OK, kids are cute. And kids napping are even cuter - ssshhhhhhhh! via Jozen at Lola's Girl:

OK, this may not fit into the "cool" category, but it is definitely different. Most of you are already familiar with Jessica's massively popular fashion diary What I Wore. Well this blog, also by the same name and a daily fashion diary, is definitely not by Jessica - via Dustin at What I Wore:

My vote for one of the easiest but most glammed-out DIYs? via Maegan at ...love Maegen:

And some more cool contests this week:

Michelle from Always Overdressed is giving away a Vanessa Mooney cobra necklace from Designer Apparel. Contest ends July 30 - today!

Lena from Quality Rivets is giving away a pair of Low Luv x Erin Wasson ankh earrings, also from Designer Apparel. Contest also ends July 30.

Marie from Lemondrop Vintage is giving away a gorgeous Christmas-themed charm bracelet - and who doesn't love Christmas?! Contest ends July 31.

Yacht Chick is giving away a $50 gift card to Victoria's Secret. Contest ends July 31.

Jessica from What I Wore is giving away the Cloud Coverage dress from Modcloth - just create a Polyvore outfit with it. Contest ends July 31.

Betsy from A Few Goody GumDrops is giving away a Virgins, Saints and Angels necklace. Contest ends July 31.

Tiffany from I am Style-Ish, is giving away a $100 Visa gift card on her other site, Style-Ish Reviews. Contest ends July 31.

Lynzy from From Skirts to Skillets is giving away a $25 gift certificate to Fire Gypsy Vintage - they've already done all the thrifting for you! Contest ends August 1.

The Pretty Pauper is giving away a medley of beauty products and a Starbucks gift card. Contest ends August 1.

Sharon from elisharon is giving away a lovely Wendy Mink ruby cocktail ring. Contest ends August 2.

Londyn from blogfashion is giving away a $25 gift card to The Limited - woo! Contest ends August 2.

The Budget Babe is giving away a Big Buddha Dolce bag. Contest ends August 3.

And check back with last week's post - some of those contests are still open for winning!

29 July 2010

Jump Around

Topic-jumping, that is. When you can't put one complete thought together to help fill in a post, so you throw down all your half-(witted) thoughts? That's me today with my own version of blogging ADD:

"Party's here!" Please tell me I am not the only person super-excited about the new season of Jersey Shore premiering tonight. TONIGHT! I mean, I think I already get the gist of the entire season (GTL, copious amounts of fist pumping, cat fights, grenades in the pool, and I think Snooki and Vinny hook up - have I missed anything?) but I can't help but to want to watch every episode. If you're going to do trashy reality TV, why no go over-the-top and let it be fun and funny, eh?


Attention shopaholics: If any of you gals do as much unnecessary online window shopping as I do, here's a potentially timesaving new tool for you: Shop It To Me. I know they've already made their rounds in the blogosphere but I really think the site is kind of a cool concept. Shop It To Me lets you pick your clothing preferences and fave retailers, then sends you e-mails when stuff in your categories go on sale. So it does the sale searching for you - time saver YES and shopping enabler DEFINITELY. The e-mails are pretty extensive though, but they include pics, prices and links (plus it is free to sign up, and free is good).


Boden's fall collection is officially out. And from now until August 2nd, get 12% off new stuff and free shipping with code "G969." Loads of yummy knits and tweeds and warm autumn colors - now why don't they have petite sizing already?!


And miscellany aside, here's my OOTD:

Gotta have some silliness in your pics, right?

Top: Martin & Osa v-neck button cuff tee (worn here before)
Skirt: Anthropologie Edme & Esyllte Royal Poinciana (worn here and here and here before)
Belt: J. Crew metallic skinny
Necklace: Anthropologie Nueva Granada (worn here and here and here before)
Shoes: Vince Camuto (worn here and here before and ...)

Well that's what I wore to an informal vendor meeting this morning, anyways. For some reason I didn't feel completely comfy though, so I ended up spending the rest of the day like this:

Shorts: J. Crew Brigitte gingham poplin (now on sale - worn here and here before)
Shoes: Indigo by Clarks Finch (on super-sale - worn here and here and here before)

28 July 2010

Hot Mess Trench

I wrote a long whole post earlier today imploring you gals for some help to determine which pair of brown buckly boots I deperately need to purchase now for the fall. Lucky for you gals, I then erased everything when a peek into my closet revealed to me that short of an inch difference in heel height, I already have the exact type of boots I was pining for. So three days of Internet stalking aside, my shopping emergency had adverted - but why doesn't that make me feel better? I still really want a pair of casual brown boots (that I already own, sigh). Is it because fashion blogging is inadvertantly turning me into this girl:

Cute movie, btw, but am I the only one who found it disappointing?

In lieu of an OOTD post due to some general grumpiness, I give you instead a Hot Mess Alert! Thought these pics would just be funny to share. I have also been on the lookout forever for a nice looking trenchy-raincoat that is actually waterproof (so that's big no-no to all you really nice-looking but cotton trench fakers).

And this time, I actually don't already own one, so last week I finally bit on the Lands' End SunShower Swing Coat - and even though it wasn't the trench of my dreams, I thought it was cute, have been impressed so far with the Canvas line and their overall quality, and for the sale price plus an additional 20% off and FS, it was CHEAP.

So see how cute it looks on the invisible mannequin? And I dig a big pop-able collar.

I ordered the smallest size available (in petites too!) because the regular Lands' End line runs a bit large. And this is what I got:

I couldn't even muster up a smile for the camera. All I could think of was "oompa loompa doompadee doo ..."

Well, back to the drawing board. So short of forking over a small fortune I don't have for a Burberry trench, do you ladies have any recs for some nice-looking raingear?

27 July 2010

Ruffles With a Side of Shrimp

First, my OOTD - an easy peasy dress that made me feel kind of "pretty" all day. Ah, the girlifying effects of ruffles and lavender.

Dress: Gap (worn here before - maternity dress-look issue alleviated with belt)
Belt: Urban Outfitters (worn here and here before)
Shoes: Sofft Vivian (worn here and here and here before)

Second here's another easy recipe for your ladies: If you're a fan of shrimp and want to try a refreshing summer salad, I recommend Marth Stewart's shrimp remoulade recipe (can also be found in the July issue of Living). The sauce is made with Greek yogurt in place of mayo to be healthier, but it is still rich and zingy and it takes about five minutes to make.

For the shrimp, instead of the ole boiling method, I used this real easy recipe for roasted shrimp (I know I've posted about this before but the shrimp turns out really well). My only shrimp tip is not be careful not to overcook them. Fives minutes in the oven was perfect for medium-sized shrimp.

The whole thing took about fifteen minutes to put together and I ended up with a great appetizer for dinner. I ended up using the remoulade sauce as a side dipper in place of mixing it all together. The BF, a big fan of Thousand Island dressing of which the remoulade mildly resembles, gave this two saucy thumbs up. (So that's what win looks like for me, you guys can continue your eye rolls re: his manly anti-yogaisms).

Look, I even made the plate look pretty this time!

26 July 2010

The Limpy Yogi

The BF found a nail in his Jeep tire on Saturday, so our initial plans to drive north to go hiking got thrawted with an outing to Discount Tire instead. Four brand new tires (! - but he had been putting that off anyways) and a replacement tire pressure sensor later found us staring at a flat (that's right, on a brand new tire) on Sunday morning. Suffice it to say, misery loves company and we were all on first name bases this weekend.

In an attempt to help the BF out, we did go for a few walks along some local paved trails instead, and I even talked the BF to doing some meditative yoga on Sunday (to help calm the mind and relax the body, so said the Netflix descriptor). Well little did I know that BF would be giving up after about 15 minutes of mostly breathing exercises.

Seems the "old man" has such bad knees that sitting cross-legged and doing the child's pose (i.e., kneeling) kills him. BF blames knee surgeries and years of high school and college athletic abuse - I privately roll my eyes and call him chicken poops because he claims downward-facing dog cuts off his breathing yet has no problem going to the gym to meathead-it a few times a week.

As I'm in the middle of reading Eat, Pray, Love now - right about where Liz is finding inner peace in India, so that should be good enough for me to be considered the in-house expert (haha) - I'm not going to give up on the future enlightenment of my Grumpy Grumperson BF. May any of you lovely ladies know of any good "pre-K" versions of yoga or meditation for men?

And here's my OOTD:

Not unnoticed - Ack, almost the exact same sit-down pose as from a few days ago!

Dress: Ann Taylor Loft (worn here before)
Belt: J. Crew elastic blossoms (worn here before)
Cardigan: J. Crew Sunshine Peony (worn here and here before)
Shoes: Mossimo by Target wedges (worn here before and again, again, again)

25 July 2010

Hearty Castle Boots

Here's a Sunday post McMedley for you ladies:

Over the weekend the lovely Kim from Anthroholic held a virtual party to celebrate her one year blogiversary. Here's what I "wore" to the lovely affair (check out all the other gals here):

Dress: Anthropologie Floreat Castle Lake (worn backwards, worn forwards before here)
Belt: Urban Outfitters (worn here, here and here before)
Shoes: Nine West Temani patent wedges (worn here and here before)


Like Pamela mentioned in a recent post, it feels mildly strange to be making fall purchases in the dead of summer. But I've already made a purchase for the dead of winter, and I guess I've now officially become an Ugg convert (Pam Anderson and I finally have something in common now, haha). They are so warm and comfy that I don't think that I would care if they don't look so good on me. Meet my furry new best friend, Desoto:

I had also purchased a pair of casual suede boots - Nine West Frollic boots. Within two second of opening the box I knew those shoes and I were never meant to be friends. Beware, ladies, these boots are really casual - as in the shaft is made up of unlined suede, so it is really wide and has absolutely no shape. So now, of course, I'm in a search for a comfy pair of brown boots for fall. Am considering the Frye Harness boots, but doubt I am biker-chic enough to pull them off (or wallet-rich enough) - you gals have recommendations?


Lastly, if you gals are looking for a quick and filling one-pot meal that even the kids will eat ('cause my BF ate it and had seconds, and he's got about the eating habits of a 4th grader), here's one for you gals - heartland beef and rice.

I made this a few days ago and originally found my recipe from the Desparation Dinners! cookbook, but luckily found a typed recipe list online. The only thing I changed about it was that I sauteed the onions and green peppers for a few minutes before adding the beef, used white cheddar, and then dotted our portions with some Sriracha hot chili sauce for some zing.

23 July 2010

Other People's Blogs

Happy Friday, ladies! I'm starting up a new aren't-you-glad-it's-almost-the-weekend feature, which is essentially cool stuff I stumbled onto on other people's blogs. See, all the blog browsing I do may be good for something after all, plus it saves me from putting together my own content, haha. Keep the cool stuff coming, people!

So here is some cool stuff I found on other's people's blogs recently:

Goats take over downtown LA! via Ro from Love Angeles:

Can't decide which shirt to wear today? No problem, wear them both! via Sandra at 5 inch and Up:

Wanna get more respect at work? Meet your latest office accessory, via Tony at post.fashionism:

Don't have the space but always wanted more seating in your dining room? Take a cue, via Kelly at The Glamourai:

Think the world is getting too cynical? Maybe you need to pay a visit to one of these places, via Valerie at Red Vines for Breakfast:

Butterbeer is not just for wizards anymore! via Teanna at Spork or Foon:

Wanna see the most awesomest and (probably literal) kickass shoes ever? via Emilie at My Little Fashion Diary:

And some of the cool contests of the week (and there are LOADS going on now):

UPDATED: Unless you've been living under a rock (I feel like I sometimes do!), then you probably already know that Roxy from Effortless Anthropologie is giving away a $250 (that's right!) gift card to Anthropologie. Contest now ends tonight!

●  Kcookski from Some Hot Dishes is giving away a $25 gift card to J. Crew. Contest ends tomorrow!

●  Elaine from Clothed Much is giving away a hand made pink flower necklace - gorgeous! Contest ends July 25.

●  Jinah from bonjour it's jinah! is giving away a Vanessa Mooney elephant necklace. Contest ends July 25.
●  Carrie from This Free Bird is giving away two Ebelskiver sets - if you don't know what they are, then you definitely need one! Contest ends July 26.

●  Jessica from Style Obsession is giving away a gorgeous leather convertible tote/crossbody/purse by Oufi London. Contest ends July 26.

●  Kaleigha from Krameymartin is giving away a $25 gift card to Anthropologie to celebrate her one year blogiversary. Contest ends July 27.

●  Liz from Dear World, It's me Liz is giving away a $25 gift card to Best Buy. Contest ends July 27.

●  Chloe from See Chloe Shop is giving away a $100 gift card to shopbop.com. Contest ends July 28.

●  Blair from Wild and Precious is giving away a My Lola Fashion dress - so pretty! Contest ends July 29.

●  Jammer from Jammer at 10 A.M. is giving away a beautiful leafy Tracy Reese necklace. Contest ends July 29.

●  Carol and Kathryn from In Pursuit of Pretty Things is giving away a $60 gift card to CSN Stores. Contest ends July 30.

●  Sydney from Navigating Through Quarterlife with a Smile and Open Arms is giving away a $50 gift card to the Cheesecake Factory - YUM! Contest ends August 12.

●  Maria from Fashion Fazer is giving away a Holga camera and ASOS leather satchel. Contest ends August 27.

●  Kristin and Megan from the BonBon Rose Girls are always giving away really cool stuff - check them out!

●  And did you know there is a blog (and not even just one) devoted to blog giveaways?

22 July 2010

Unveiled Globe

"Unveiling" a new skirt today (get it - because of the top? what, still not funny?) which is has fast become a new favorite of mine only partly because it's got an awesome elastic waist and snack pockets. I would've gotten the yellow version too, if it didn't have a questionable green-y tinge.

BF and are going to paint the town teal tonight and go on a date - which I think includes dinner and possibly another activity too, which means we may not get back home until after dark! And on a school night too! (Hey, when you end up in a long relationship with someone, date night suddenly becomes a rare thing - and going out on a weeknight to do more than "grab a bite" is a big-ish deal too. Wow, when did I get all old?)

Top: Anthropologie Deletta Unveiled (worn here before)
Skirt: Anthropologie Edme & Esyllte Circle the Globe
Belt: Anthropologie City Safari (now in heavy rotation - worn here and here and here before, for starters)
Shoes: Indigo by Clarks Edamame (worn here and here before)

Now I've got a question for you: What do you think of this outfit?

I put this non-work combo together a few days ago and made it as far as to the kitchen before the BF turned me around and asked politely for me to go back upstairs and change. He said it was fine if I planned to stay in that day, but I probably shouldn't go outdoors like that.

I wasn't too hot on this combo anyways, so I refrained myself from calling out BF's lack of fashion prowess. But if I am borderline about to go on some pattern-blind outfit bender, please let me know what I did wrong so as to avoid a future style intervention. Your input could not only save me from fashion mishap, but could save tens of other people why might have to see me on a given day. ;oP

21 July 2010

When Green is All There is to Be

Thanks for all your feedback on yesterday's post, ladies! It feels really good for me to hear from you gals that you like what I write and enjoy my wee little blog as one of your reads. I responded to most of your suggestions in the comments section of that post - thanks again for being such a lovely blogee community! Virtual hugs to everyone.

Here's my OOTD, wrinkles and all. And looking at my photos now - holy crap was/is my dress too short! What's a girl to do after the fact?

"Uh, hi BF. Oh, what am I doing? Um ..."

Dress: Forever 21 silk solid floral (no longer online, check stores - item 74712553022)
Belt: Anthropologie City Safari (worn here and here before)
Shoes: Indigo by Clarks Finch (worn here before)
Bracelets: Old Navy enamel & J. Crew studded

Now I'm no Anthro-ficionado by any means (I think that title may very well go to Anjali, whom I have yet to see fail at recalling the proper name for even the most obscure Anthropologie items), but noticed a couple of inspired-by looks available currently at the Nordstrom pre-fall Anniversary sale of some by-gone styles. So maybe if you've missed out on the original, these replacements may help heal that fashion hole in your heart, haha.

aka a shorter Elodie Lily cardigan

aka the non-sheer Guinevere Recital cardigan sans wrap

aka a more prominently floral Tabitha Beribboned Buds cardigan (and in more colors!)
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