10 June 2010

Note to Self

Dear World's Worst Packer Ever,

Thanks for checking the weather before leaving for Amsterdam and noticing that all the forecasts said it would rain all week, yet still deciding not to bring an umbrella or raingear of any kind. It's that conscious effort to thwart Mother Nature that makes the daily soggy walks to and from the convention center - because no taxis could be had and my hotel is located in an area of town with nothing - especially memorable.

And thanks for deciding to bring two new pairs of shoes to "try out" at an event where you already know there would be a ton of walking. Kitten heels and 3+ inch wedges are not made for dragging around computer bags whilst balancing on cobblestoned streets.

I appreciate all the effort you made to seem like this is your first trip out of your house ever, and hope you come to your senses next week in sunny, hot Florida.

Sincerely Yours,

Sorry for not posting for what feels like forever! I'm so behind on the bloggedy-blogs. Good news for me, my last meeting got cancelled and I got an additional day back, which means it makes sense for me to be able to fly home for the weekend before heading out again!

I'll be back this weekend with some outfit posts and hopefully some creative business casual outfiting for next week - thank you ladies for your patience!

Randomness: Hello, Anthropologie Aniseed Skirt as a dress -


  1. I bet I could give you a run for your money on bad packing skills.
    I hear there's good shopping in Amsterdam though. New raingear, perhaps? :)

  2. aww, sorry to hear about your packing mishap. that dress is gorgeous, btw! :)


  3. Lisa, this post is great! I love your letter to self!!! I have so been there myself. :) When I went to Paris, I knew it was going to be rainy and cold, but I wanted to *believe* the opposite would be true so I didn't pack properly. ;)

  4. Hahha, been there! Sounds like a perfect excuse to buy new flats to me...


  5. Sorry to hear about your packing issues - I hate not having the appropriate wear, especially when out of the country! Look forward to what you have in store soon...

  6. Hilarious! Oh, I've SO been there. But don't they have fab shoe shops in Amsterdam? I dunno, never been. Ca-UTE dress though! Hmmm, where would I wear that?

  7. I lived in Holland for a little while, it always rains! One thing I wish I had then were wellies, your feet get SO wet with all the rain. There is a lot of great shopping and plenty of shoe stores. I'll always miss living there!

  8. I've been on the opposite side of your situation--I packed wellies one year when I went to the UK and didn't use them AT ALL. All the other years I had always gotten drenched from the rain there, and the one year I bring wellies...go fig! hehe.

    Ooh, loving the dress. I already have the skirt so I can't really justify buying the dress...right?

    Oh! and not sure if you remember but when you posted about Boden months ago I actually placed an order and 12 weeks later, I just got notice that its shipped. It's just like you said--it feels as though I'm getting a gift :D

  9. HAHAHA, sorry for laughing, but your letter to yourself was hilarious! But MAN, I hate it when I also don't pack the right things! But have fun on your trip to Florida, and well, pack accordingly! Can't wait to see you back here!

  10. Hahahaha. LOved your letter to your self. I think that's a problem we girls all have! ;)

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  11. Thanks for visiting, Zanah and Pakcola!

    Tippy - can't wait to see what you got at Boden! I love their dresses but I wish they had petite sizing.

    Alexis - I totally agree with you - it was like I was packing to will the weather better. That so didn't work out for me.

    Thanks for all your comments, ladies! I wish I had some time to do some shopping in Amsterdam but didn't have much free time to go to City Centre much - our hotel was near the convention centre which is not near anything else and my schedule for this trip was crazy busy!

  12. Aww, you poor thing!! I am an obsessive planner for vacations and take forever to pack. But I feel like no matter how well I plot things out, I always forget something. I would have left the umbrella behind too!


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