16 May 2010

Shopscotch - Being Prepared - and Help?

Hi Ladies! I hope everyone is in the middle of a lovely weekend! I'm finally home with the fam and had a great Saturday afternoon hopscotching around Long Island with my big sis and her fam. We visited some of my favorite stores (oh Century 21, how I've missed you) and then spent a lovely early evening family dinner at home. Sorry for the lack of pics but I've been busy entertaining my tiny "terror" nephew (T, you know I really love you - even if you can't read yet).

First, I did purchase these lovely gorgeous ballet flats yesterday - which was love at first sight for me and fit like a dream ... but now I have a fashion question for you ladies: What the heck do you wear with white shoes?

I've honestly never had a pair before (OK, but 5th-grade Keds and 6th-grade Adidas shelltops don't count) - could you gals help with some recommendations?

I do kind of fear I will accidentally destroy these lovelies upon my first wearing.

And here was my totally-for-comfort morning flight outfit (I took this quickly before I flitted off):

Top: Target slub tee
Skirt: Lands' End cotton modal foldover (worn here before)
Necklace: J. Crew ribbon glass beaded (worn here before)
Shoes: Clarks Artisan leather bow Herring flats

And lastly, call me weird if you like, but my sis is taking me out for a girls' night out sometime this coming week and I pre-tried on an outfit before I left (I'm honestly more of a beer bar gal, so I want to be prepared). I wish I had some hip booties or something to bring more edge to this outfit, but this is what I ended up with:

Jacket: Forever 21quilted zip (worn here before)
Top: Forever 21 Dandelion
Skirt: J. Crew tiered cotton sateen (worn here before)
Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction Pine A Colada
Necklace: Ebay
Belt: Urban Outfitters Deena & Ozzy stretch


  1. Those flats are sooooo darling. I'll bet that once you start digging through the closet, you'll find all kinds of things they'll look great with — navy, red, capris....Don't I remember you wearing a cute Gap denim/chambray dress? Wouldn't they look great together?

  2. Cute outfits! And the flats are super duper cute!!! Maybe you can wear them with a nautical inspired look of red, navy, and white!


  3. Aw hope you're having a blast with your family! And I don't think I have white shoes save for my Chuck Taylors. I think they would look crisp with bright red and blues--very Americana. Blue jeans and red teeshirts or even nautical stripes. I'm sure you have something just perfect to pair with them!

  4. Love your girls night out ensemble and those white flats are awesome! I'd wear them with anything summery- flowy bright sundresses, pretty shorts and tanks or button down shirts, maxi dresses, etc. They'll look great with practically anything!


  5. Love your new flats! I think they can go with pretty much anything - I would consider them as a neutral. Perfect for the warmer weather!

    Cute girls night look too! I love those sandals!

  6. I love your travel outfit!
    And the flats would be great with cuffed jeans and a bright T, or maybe a little summer dress, I'm sure you'll experiment and find some great outfits!

  7. Hope you are having a great time with the fam! Great flats- so cute!

  8. The shoes are really cute! I am not a professed fashion expert, but I would wear white with a good contrasting color, never another white.

  9. The white flats will look so great with a jean or khaki bottom and a cute summery top on top! White's such a neutral so they'll go with more than you think!

    Hope you're enjoying your time with your family! XOXO.

  10. Those flats are so adorable! They would be perfect with a navy sundress or anything red.
    Have fun out with your sister. Don't be afraid to spicy things up for a girls night!

  11. I don't have any white shoes, but I would guess they're good with light colors, pastels? Or, I imagine, with a black and white outfit.

  12. Looooove these pics!!
    Amazing :)

    Would love if you would check out my blog and follow if you like too.


  13. Hi Lisa, I left you two awards over on my blog if you would like to come over and pick them up!

    always summer

  14. Century on LI is my fave! So much less crowded than the downtown craziness. Though they did just open a new one in my hood, Queens... dangerous to have it so close by.

    The second outfit is such a winner. I love the graphic print on the shirt, and how the black ties it all together.

  15. Thanks, Kcookski. Ooh, nice idea about the chambray dress, thanks!

    Thanks, Marie & Jinah - I'll definitely need to try mixing those shoes in with some nautical. Ha ha, me needing a push towards stripes!

    Thanks, Valerie. I was seriously considering returning these shoes for a bit, but they are so pretty and I'll just need to keep trying them with stuff.

    Thanks, Eek, Liz, Peggy!

    Thanks much, Tam. I keep picturing big white nurse's shoes in my head when I try to mentally put together an outfit, ha ha.

    Thanks, Lisa. I haven't partied with the big sis in forever, especially since she's a mommy now! It'll be nice to be two adults out on the town in the big city though.

    Thanks, Lady Cardi.

    Thanks for visiting, Madiha!

    Lesa - Thanks so much for the blog awards! I'm flattered!

    alltumbledown - Thanks! I actually used to frequent the Cortland St location way back in the day but do prefer the LI location better nowadays. And my sister and her fam still prefer to go the LI store.

  16. Ooooo, those flats look gorgeous! As for what to pair them with, I think they'd look great with dark wash skinny jeans. It'd provide an unexpected contrast! I hope you're having fun on your trip!

  17. Those white flats are darling!! How cute. Glad you had a nice weekend. Mine was just lovely as well. :)

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  18. those shoes are totally cute!!!

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    Claudia K

  19. Honestly, you can wear anything and everything with white shoes. Though my personal favorite is a white bottom - skirt, shorts...whatever. White works well when worn with other whites! :)

  20. Thanks for all your ideas and comments, ladies!

  21. I'm loving your blog girl! You've got great style!


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