07 May 2010

And the Winner is ...

So after vast calcu-putions using very highly calibrated, sensitive tools consisting of a printout, an Excel list and da-da-dum ... Random.org, the winner of the $25 gift card is:

Elaine from the fabulous blog Clothed Much!

Elaine had picked the Anthropologie gift card in her entry, partly because (gasp) she's never been there before! Oh lady, that place is going to change your life ... all the pretty pretty things ...

An e-mail is coming your way, Elaine, for more information, so I can get the gift card ordered and sent to you.

Thanks to everyone for participating! Wow, from the entries, it looks like the crowds are heavily favoring Anthro lately - I think they've really stepped it up on the pretty notch this spring.

If you want to know how I picked the winner, I had printed out a list of my followers at the time of the giveaway posting, and then put everyone who entered onto an Excel spreadsheet. Those who were new followers got one entry and those who were existing got two.


  1. wow! It's great someone won it who hasn't been to Anthro before! And she has a great blog - I found on your sidebar! Congrats Elaine!

  2. Congrats to the winner!! Esp. cool cause she hasn't been before!!

  3. that is really cool that a non-anthroholic won the card. you may well have changed her life, lisa. :)

  4. I hope I haven't started a terrible shopping habit at a fantastic but sometimes overpriced store!


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