19 April 2010

This Has Got To Stop

I don't know what it is about Spring 2010, but it seems like all the retailers are going full speed ahead with coming out with really gorgeous clothes this year, moreso than in previous years. Have I just been living in a barrel or do you ladies feel the same way? My wallet has been killed so far this year.

My personal wish list has gotten increasingly long, especially with very recent new releases from the Urban/Anthro family of stores. I die for all the gorgeous, flowy, feminine pieces of Anthropologie and swoon over the edgier/younger looks of Urban Outfitters.

In lieu of an OOTD (because I'm traveling this week on another biz trip and can't be as lively in bloggee land as I'd like - sorry blogland friends!), here are some of the new pieces that have me drooling and my credit cards quaking with fear of more wallet rash:

Holy cow - the colors, the print, ooh la la ...
With this, you need nothing more than a straw hat, sunglasses and a pair of flip flops.
(And maybe about $100 slashed off its price, but that's neither here nor there ...)

How can you not love a top with beets on it?
I actually do love beets - to eat. Pickled ones too.

Ooh, sparkly things.

Something about a hole in the head and needing more tiered ruffly things ...
which I think means I need this. 
There are a million of these type of skirts out this spring, but the slightly shiny fabric,
the bold blue, the fullish shape ... sigh.

What a pretty summery light-weight cardi. I'm a sucker for a shawl collar.

I don't even wear leggings, really, but that stud detail makes me wish I had this model's legs ...

I have no idea why I like these and probably would never wear them but I want them.

If you haven't had a chance to yet, check out Chloe's shopping dedicated blog here. Her site is a great resources for discount codes and updates on sales. I found this code for 10% off your next Urban online order with code "UOUOUO." Expires May 15.

Urban also offers free shipping (no code) for orders over $150. And check out their sale selection - always tons of great to deals to be found.


  1. I know what you mean -- there have been some seriously cute items coming out in stores.
    Cute picks, especially the blue dress and those Jeffrey Campbell shoes.

  2. Ohh that Kimchi cardigan is an excellent find - now I want it, too!

  3. The Punalu'u Beach Cardigan and the Qiana Skirt are to die for. Nice finds!


  4. i feel the same -every time I turn around there is something new I want - so cute!! I need to pray for ugly clothes to be released for fall

  5. I completely agree - it's been hard to stop shopping this spring.

    I haven't made it to Target yet...hope to go today and hope they haven't sold out of the Cynthia Vincent wedges. Wish me luck!

  6. Oh such cute things, love the Punalu'u Beach Cardigan :) Sigh* now I wanna go shopping ^_^

  7. Ohhh my gosh, the ruffled tank. Sigh. As if I need more ruffly things too, hahaha! But look at it! It looks so soooft...

    I've been going crazy looking at all this cute stuff coming out too. I walked into Ann Taylor last weekend and went nuts when I saw the gorgeous lacey stuff they have out now! AGH!

  8. Oh yes, I do think it's worse (better?) than it has been in years past regarding the cute stuff! Everything I'm naturally drawn to, like ruffles, stripes, nudes/blushes, wedges etc are trendy this year! Love the Qiana skirt especially!


  9. I know what you mean with the shopping... the sparkle leggings are soooo cute ♥

    Mon Mode Blog

  10. I love that first anthro cardigan! It's not the most practical print but it's so unique and who doesn't love shoes!? hehe

  11. you're right...everything is looking fabulous!

  12. I am feeling all of the Anthro pieces you posted! I can't wait to see that shoes cardigan in person. So adorable.

  13. OMG that layered lightness tank would look so perfect in my D post. Under ethereal! I love it! In fact, I think I will add it to my shopping cart right now...

  14. You are so right! Now stop tempting me, you are not helping my wallet, lol.

  15. These are SO cute!! I really like the shoes in the last pic. Why did you do this Lisa??? lol!

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