10 April 2010

Personal Therapy and Mini Anthro

Boo for me. The BF had another appointment added to his schedule for Monday, so he's not coming back until Tuesday now. Which means our plans for this weekend are gone. So boo.

To console myself, I went the tried and true route, which means some retail therapy and something good for my belly. First stop - Target. Second stop - the mall. Third stop - the supermarket. Yes, my credit card got a wallet rash today.

Here's what I wore today - super-casual and kind of similar to what I wore last weekend. This gingham shirt from Lands' End Canvas has become my go-to. And I have it in three colors.

My nickname is "Boogie." No joke.

Shirt: Lands' End Canvas gingham poplin (worn here before)
Jeans: J. Crew bootcut
Belt: Forever 21 metal bead skinny (worn here before)
Shoes: Etienne Aigner Roz wedges
Bags: Dooney & Bourke leather letter carrier

And here's a pic of my shopping haul:

I went to Anthro in search of the Deeply Rooted Henley but they weren't in yet (insert sad face). They did have the Heatwave Shorts (which are really by Hei Hei and not Leifsdottir like the web site says) and I pounced, since I am a sucker for nautical. I also got the Royal Poinciana Skirt because it is so much more vibrant and pretty IRL than online. And some other stuff too ...

I got these shorts one size larger than I normally wear - I like them lower on my waist.
The shorts have pockets, but really small openings for them - I was barely able to fit my hands in them.

The little anchors IRL are a beige-ish color, not white.

The skirt with a new JC tee - FYI all graphic tees are $10 off!

Lastly, I wanted something good for my belly (can't forget the belly!), so I made a tweaked version of the Barefoot Contessa's chicken salad (original recipe here).

The players - I "tweaked" the original recipe by adding in some chopped celery, walnuts, garlic and basil.
I added in the mustard and mayo to taste. A little goes a long way.
Oven-roasting the chicken breast is easier and tastier.

Ta da!


  1. First-time commenter on your blog--love it! :)

    Don't you just love those Target wedges? I got those last weekend and cannot believe how comfortable they are. I love the mustard color too.

    Sorry about your bf's extended absence. My hubby is away this weekend and it's always weird without him here. HOWEVER--I do get to eat breakfast-for-dinner when he's gone since he hates it. That makes the separation a leeetle easier :)

  2. Ugh, I totally started to comment the last time to ask you a specific question then forgot to ask it. How is the sizing of the Land's End Canvas Gingham shirt? Is it the same size you normally take in tops? I've had my eye on that shirt myself :) Also, is the material stiff? Stretchy? Soft?

  3. I don't know if you did it on purpose but I really love the gingham blouse with the anchor shorts.

  4. Thanks for visiting and commenting, AppGal!

    I do love these wedges - they were the last pair on the rack and fit me, totally meant to be.

    As for the Lands' End shirt - I got the normal number size I wear in J. Crew or Banana. The web site says order up, but I think that's just for regular Lands' End customers, bc their stuff typically fits bigger. The material is light but not sheer and soft but not stretchy. I personally think this is way better than the JC version - and Lands' End policy is that you can return something whenever for whatever reason. Hope this helps - thanks!

  5. Hi Fallon - No, I was trying the shorts on at home - but I do like the gingham and anchor combo too! Accidental outfits are awesome!

  6. Sorry your bf is out of town! At least it looks like you got a good shopping haul - I love those shorts and skirt on you!

  7. Love that top, wish I had one. And lucky you for getting to do some retail therapy! I can't allow myself into a store with all the cute spring things bc I'll go out of control :)

  8. Yipppee- you found the shoes!!! Great haul!

  9. Sweet haul! :)


  10. Looks like some nice stuff u bought! :D

  11. Oooh I love big hauls home from the mall! You picked some great pieces at the Crew! That art tee is one of my favorites.

    Oh and dang, how did I completely miss that adorable skirt you picked up?

  12. Fab look, Boogie! You came away with some major closet haulage, lol :)

  13. Your loot is great and I love that gingham shirt. Land's End has some great stuff. I also will have to try the chicken salad. It looks delish.

  14. I like that ruffled gray thing you have in there. Thanks for your comment! I'm your newest follower. :)

  15. Thanks for following my blog, Amy! The ruffled gray thing is the JC Celosia cardi that I've been eyeballing forever and finally bit on bc it was on sale.

    Thanks for visiting, FT. I am really digging all of LE's new stuff, and the prices and return policy can't be beat.

    Ha ha, thanks, OneCraftyFox. Can I mention that I love your profile pic? The sailing, the wind blowing through your hair - awesome.

    Hi Jinah - Since I had time on my hands, I really dug through Anthro this time. I found this skirt folded up under a a table near the front of the store where pretty much no one could find it.

    Thanks, Emilie, Eek and Liz!

    Peggy - I was thrilled I found the wedges! And for $20, you can't beat them!

    Thanks for visiting, T!

  16. yum to the salad and yay for shopping! looks like you had a great weekend. i love nautical prints too, i still have this anchor print top from j. crew from what seems like eons ago.

  17. I believe you did just fine. When something bad happens, we want to do anything to make us feel better. It doesn`t matter if you spent all your money on your credit card, is actually well-spent money, since now you are a little bit happier. Some people write on their blogs when they feel down,it`s like an Online therapy for them. Now about the clothing, I think you made an exellent purchase. I love every single piece of clothes that you bought.
    Target always had that bargain that can`t prevent you to buy it.


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