13 April 2010

Hollow Legs

Ever have one of those days where you can't seem to do anything? Welcome to my world today. The little people in my head that control my brain and my stomach seem to both be taking the day off and they left me idling in early morning mode (i.e., mostly incoherent with an inability to concentrate fully on anything and incredibly thirsty/hungry).

So I can't say that I've been incredibly productive today in the office (or even heavy in bloggy land or helpful around the house) and I think I've inhaled almost everything edible in the kitchen. I'm nibbling on Bugles, Cheesy Puffs and Apple Cinnamon Cheerios right now as I type, to hold me over until BF comes home and we can go to dinner.

I did manage to get dressed today, but I kept things simple. I miss the bold paisley prints that J. Crew came out with a few seasons ago and stumbled upon this skirt on Ebay last week. I think I paid less than $20 for it, including shipping, and it is now officially a new/old favorite.

Top: Old Navy ivory sweater shell
Skirt: J. Crew paisley mini
Shoes: Franco Sarto leather croc kitten heels
Necklace: Laila Rowe

The BF is officially home now! He surprised me and took an earlier flight back, so he came walking through the door late last night - good thing it was before I went to bed and triple-locked everything.


  1. I love that you paired this bright skirt with the simple top. The necklace pulls it all together. And hooray that your boyfriend's home! Hope you guys have a yummy dinner.

  2. It's really gloomy here today... that made me kind of out if it all day. Anyway, nice find--that skirt is really cute!

    Unravelled Threads

  3. What a great score on that skirt! I would love to see a fitted tank tucked into it making it look almost like a dress.

  4. I *love* the skirt. I know I overuse the word "love" on blog comments, but I *love* this (with asterisks!). I want one now.

  5. I think everybody has those unproductive days. I think it's ok. Makes up for all those hectic ones. :)

  6. What a great find! Hope tomorrow is better for you, especially since your BF is back :)

  7. I feel like that on Fridays. Even with all the things I get done at work.. I feel that I've done nothing... I kinda like it.. ha ha. :)

    Hope you're doing well hun! and yay for your BF coming back!! Wheeeeee.

    xx Love & Aloha

  8. Ooh, great skirt! Really enjoying the blog, glad I found it!

  9. Aww man, I feel like that most morning, haha! I don't think I can even form coherent sentences until at least 10am. Sad. I miss J.Crew's old bolder prints, too. Remember the library print? And the school of fish print? Oh, how I miss those! That paisley skirt is all kinds of adorable, though. I love it!

  10. Super cute skirt! I need to start stalking Ebay for old J crew finds like this. I've been looking for some simply cut skirts like this with super cute prints, and this one totally fits the bill!


  11. Thanks, Jinah. Yes, we did have a yummy dinner - we went to the Piccadilly! BF was jonesing for some fried chicken and we haven't found better yet in this town.

    Thanks, Melanie, FT, Elaine & Liz!

    Great idea, Fallon, I'll need to try that next time. For some reason I never think of tucking anything into minis and I don't know why.

    That's fine, E, I probably use "love" too much as well. I'm trying not to use "cute" anymore though, so I've been subbing with "adorable," which is probably not much better.

    Ha ha, thanks, Amy S. That is so true.

    Thanks, Sharon. Isn't it funny on Fridays that at some part of the day, you make your mind up to no longer be productive? BC why start anything new you know you can't finish until Monday?

    Thanks much for visiting, alltumbledown!

    Ooh, Amy K, I loved the library print. And I am stalking a fish print dress on Ebay now, though I am fairly certain it won't fit me.

    Look on Ebay, Julianne! They've got tons of really cute older J Crew skirts for a steal!


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