30 April 2010

Click Click Boom

Alright, ladies, I've about had it. I've had my little Canon SD400 for a few years now (it was da b-diggity-omb back in 2007 - 2008?) and though it still serves me well, in camera years it should probably be collecting social security. Plus it's honestly not the most awesome picture-taking camera in the world - though I do like the 10 second delay on the timer (lifesaver!).

So I'm thinking it's about time for an upgrade. I know a lot of bloggers wax poetic about the Nikon D40, but I want to be able to keep my camera compact because I do take it on trips with me and love the idea of having something I can slip into my purse or clutch (and I don't want to break the bank). But I want to be able to also take some quality stills (not just of me - like actual pictures).

Do you lovely ladies have any recommendations on what cameras you gals use and what you would recommend? There are a million and one options out there, so I figured a point in the right direction would help.

Oh yeah, happy 100th post for me! Teeny little milestone check (and giveaway for you gals sticking it out  with me coming soon too).

Have a great weekend - thanks, thanks and thanks!

Yep - I did immediately take this dress off after reviewing my pics this morning and
steamed the heck out of it. But was too lazy to reshoot, so Hello Wrinkles!

Dress: Anthropologie Maeve Staysail shirtdress
Belt: Urban Outfitters Deena & Ozzy stretch
Necklace: Ebay Anthro-faux-logie
Shoes: Sofft Vivan patent leather peep-toe slingbacks

29 April 2010

(Love is Like a) Heat Wave

So here I am at Post 99 - and four months blogging! That's not a super-long time, but I am surprised every day that I am continuing to blog and that you gals read and follow me. Thanks again for the great support and I'll be coming back with a giveaway shortly to celebrate my 100-ish post. I write "-ish" because let's face it, sometimes I can be a lazy bunny. 

And here's my OOTD - BF took one look at me and said "that's cutting it close." So I think I am border-line with the pattern mixing here, but kind of felt good today. Because it was all about the shorts.

What do you ladies think? Way too busy, or does it work? I waivered back and forth dependent on the time of the day and glimpses into the bathroom mirror.

So flattering ... me bustin' a groove to the music in my head. I was feeling it. Apparently.

Crazy pattern mixing? Maybe ...

Top: Ann Taylor cotton voile ruffled
Sweater: J. Crew shawl-collar fleece cardigan
Shorts: Anthropologie Hei Hei Heatwave
Shoes: Indigo by Clarks Edamame

28 April 2010

Sweet Child of Mine

Sweater: Gap cotton short-sleeve cardigan
Dress: Mossimo tank dress from Target
Necklace: Ebay Anthro-faux-logie
Bracelet: J. Crew studded bangle
Shoes: Sofft Roma

Tien's post last night about trying to recreate one of her mom's family recipes made me reminiscent for my mom's home cooking. What is it about the tastes from home that not only gets my buds salivating but brings back a flood of really warm memories?

My mom is self-admittedly not an awesome cook, nor does she particularly enjoy it. But to me, no one can make dumplings or egg pancakes or meatballs or even simple sauteed broccoli or spinach like she can - some real Chinese home cooking. And even though I remember helping her out numerous times in the kitchen through my youth and young adulthood, I can't recreate the same tastes.

Here's something I did try last night - Everday Fried Noodles from Saveur. This is not something my mom ever made, but it is actual Chinese food and not something you get from your local take-out joint. It's not a difficult or spectacular recipe, but makes for an easy weeknight dinner. I did feel like I needed to give it a kick though, and threw on some of my favorite hot sauce at the end to eat.

The raw ingredients. I didn't realize how long it takes to julienne things - sheesh.

The end  results - the dish was fine but I think I used the wrong noodles (these seemed a little too thick).
I also used a bit of my fave hot sauce to spice things up (the one with the rooster on it - that's the only way I recognize the brand).

Sorry for the dark pics - my kitchen isn't near any windows.

Are there any particular dishes your mom made that you miss?

27 April 2010

Kind and Generous

I was close to not even getting dressed today because I just wasn't feeling it. You ladies ever have those days when you can't put two brain cells together to form an outfit? I wasn't even creative enough to steal an old outfit from myself. So yes, I did spend the morning in sweats (and not even the too-cool-for-school matching velour kind - actual sweats).

But it must have been my lucky day when the post man decided to come early today and what did I find in my mailbox around noon? None other than the now-it's-as-easy-find-as-an-unicorn Anthro Rare Bloom tee - from none other than the lovely Dea who was gracious and generous enough to sell me the teal one she had been planning to return.

Dea, I owe you a thousand head bows and a few dozen cocktails. Thanks so much for reaching out to me when I waxed (un)poetic about missing out on this top on your post.

I was so excited about the item (I had the navy one in my hands at Anthro when it went on sale and put it back) and jumped on Dea's offer immediately, even though I wasn't sure it was going to fit me (because, lady, you are tiny). But it did fit - thanks number two goes to stretchy knit fabric.

So major props to Dea, and here's my show-able OOTD:

Sweater: H&M marled cotton cardigan
Top: Anthropologie Deletta Rare Bloom
Skirt: Armani Exchange cotton cargo pencil (worn here before)
Shoes: Mossimo wedge sandals from Target (worn here before

26 April 2010

Cat in the Hat

So when the Eugenia Kim for Target collection came out, I bit the bullet and decided to purchase my first non-baseball cap hat - ever. Really. I thought the simple floral fedora number was neutral enough to go with everything and would work well for my new favorite hobby - lounging around the back deck of casual restaurants on lazy Sunday afternoons listening to the band and nursing a cold one (or twenty).

Unfortunately I am so unfamiliar with hats that it took me a while to figure out how the heck to even wear this thing (I am not even joking). And I'm not sure if this hat is even sitting right on my head - but I sure am glad it fit my big round noggin.

Me trying to be arty.

Just me.

And my 30% off Loft order also came in the mail today so I decided to discard of my boring outfit immediately and instead doff some of my new apparel. What do you ladies think? Are the shoes and dress keepers?

Note about the dress - it is a light-weight poplin so it is really easy and breezy.
Unlined but not sheer. And it's got pockets.

Problem is it is also a pullover style that is only smocked on the sides - so I kind of had a heck of a time
taking it back off past my apparent man-shoulders.

The shoes aren't really my style. But I think they're fun.
But I'm also a big klutz, so the height issue is a wee concern ...

Hat: Eugenia Kim for Target Fedora with Flower Applique
Necklace: Anthropologie Double Torsade
Dress: Ann Taylor Loft poplin striped
Shoes: Ann Taylor Loft studded wedge (weird web site - part of the time the half sizes don't show up - but they're there!)

25 April 2010

White Owls

BF and I watched "The Fourth Kind" last night and I promptly woke up at 3:19 a.m. this morning looking for owls and black shadows in my room. I finally fell back asleep by telling myself that if aliens were to come for me, there wasn't anything I could do about it anyways (I am way comforting, aren't I? See the movie - scare yourself).

I am an awfully big scaredy-cat, but I've also always been interested in alien conspiracy theories, the occult, paranormal phenomena, theological prophecies and urban legends. I do think a lot of that stuff is hokey, but I also kind of believe it.

Yes, the "X-Files" was one of my all-time favorite shows, and I am super-excited that I just discovered the new series "Supernatural" (OK, it's not new, but I had zero clue this show existed and promptly added Season 1 to my Netflix list).

What do you ladies think about this kind of "stuff?" Should it be left to the science fiction geeks or do you think some of the stories and theories have some validity? Do you believe the truth is out there?

Oh yeah, my total geekdom aside, here are/were my casual OOTDs this weekend:

Sunday -
Cardigan: Gap cotton
Tank: Anthropologie Eloise cotton ruffled (old ...)
Shorts: Anthropologie Hei Hei Heatwave
Shoes: Mossimo wedge sandals from Target (worn here and here before)

Saturday (it rained all day and my hair got pretty big) -
Top: Anthropologie Little Yellow Button Curated
Jeans: J Crew boot cut
Necklace: Urban Outfitters stone bib
Shoes: Clarks Herring bow flat

21 April 2010

Mid-Week Shop Bop

Hi Ladies! Sorry for the lack of posting or responding, but I'm away on a business trip. Attire daily has been business strict, so there's not much creativity to show, plus the work hours have been kind of brutal. I did manage one decent OOTD - I wore this to a casual dinner tonight with a few co-workers.

I love this jacket! It's got a great dotted lining, so I wore it plain during the day and rolled the sleeves up at night.

Jacket: Zara cotton
Blouse: Ann Taylor Loft
Jeans: J. Crew boot cut
Shoes: Franco Sarto

And of course, as what usually happens to me during those late-night hours alone in the hotel room as I try to "right" my sleep cycle, I end up digging in to a little Internet shopping. The good thing is that almost everything is from my spring wish list. So I only broke my rules a little.

These are not the "perfect" black sandals I've been looking for. They aren't even black - they're brown.
But they look kind of black, are so on-trend, and are now 30% off with the Friends and Family discount (code "FRIENDS").

Easy summer dress for 30% off - check!

No, I'm not a hat person. But who can refuse this hat? Who? Adorbs!

19 April 2010

This Has Got To Stop

I don't know what it is about Spring 2010, but it seems like all the retailers are going full speed ahead with coming out with really gorgeous clothes this year, moreso than in previous years. Have I just been living in a barrel or do you ladies feel the same way? My wallet has been killed so far this year.

My personal wish list has gotten increasingly long, especially with very recent new releases from the Urban/Anthro family of stores. I die for all the gorgeous, flowy, feminine pieces of Anthropologie and swoon over the edgier/younger looks of Urban Outfitters.

In lieu of an OOTD (because I'm traveling this week on another biz trip and can't be as lively in bloggee land as I'd like - sorry blogland friends!), here are some of the new pieces that have me drooling and my credit cards quaking with fear of more wallet rash:

Holy cow - the colors, the print, ooh la la ...
With this, you need nothing more than a straw hat, sunglasses and a pair of flip flops.
(And maybe about $100 slashed off its price, but that's neither here nor there ...)

How can you not love a top with beets on it?
I actually do love beets - to eat. Pickled ones too.

Ooh, sparkly things.

Something about a hole in the head and needing more tiered ruffly things ...
which I think means I need this. 
There are a million of these type of skirts out this spring, but the slightly shiny fabric,
the bold blue, the fullish shape ... sigh.

What a pretty summery light-weight cardi. I'm a sucker for a shawl collar.

I don't even wear leggings, really, but that stud detail makes me wish I had this model's legs ...

I have no idea why I like these and probably would never wear them but I want them.

If you haven't had a chance to yet, check out Chloe's shopping dedicated blog here. Her site is a great resources for discount codes and updates on sales. I found this code for 10% off your next Urban online order with code "UOUOUO." Expires May 15.

Urban also offers free shipping (no code) for orders over $150. And check out their sale selection - always tons of great to deals to be found.

16 April 2010

Geek in the Pink (and a Wee Bit of Miss Trish)

BF and I have been on a late '90s/early '00s music kick lately and have spent endless hours with the tunes of Counting Crows, Vanessa Carlton, Jazon Mraz, Gavin DeGraw, Lifehouse, Dave Matthews and even a little  Hootie blazing through our house as background. Is it bad to think that music was more meaningful and better back then? Granted, if you ask the BF, he thinks the best music was from the '60s.

If you ever doubted if I was a geek. Not that you ever doubted.

Shirt: Lands' End Canvas gingham poplin (worn here before)
Skirt: Ann Taylor cotton
Belt: Anthropologie Infinity
Shoes: Sofft Vivian patent leather slingbacks
Necklace: Anthropologie Double Torsade (worn here before)

And have I been living under a pumpkin? How did I miss out on the release of the new Miss Trish of Capri footwear line for Target? Well, I did miss out on her line last year because I was then not yet up-to-speed on the greatness of Target designer collaborations, but apparently she's got a new kids and womens line out. I can only find the kids line on Target's site now, but here is some more info from Target Addict and pics of some the awesome shoes from Target's pressroom and IRL ones from Dogmom's Dish.

Lastly, for of us who missed out on the Stormy Seas necklace from Anthro and don't want to pay $80 on Ebay (Really? Really?), it looks like F21 has restocked their homage necklace, the pear-shaped collar necklace for a whopping $8.80.

Have a lovely weekend, ladies!

15 April 2010

I Think I "Love" You

First off, thanks for all your comments yesterday about great places to find jeans, dresses, etc. I've got some fun searching to do!

Secondly, I think I may have finally found THE perfect black sandals for me. I think they are simple and subtle (half-snort), but have got that perfect ounce of badass I was looking for. Granted, they may very likely kill my feet, but at least I'll be average height in them! (And since they will be the only pair of black sandals I own, I think I will get tons of wear out of them - and they'll go perfect with my chicken butt white legs). So they'll be the only pair I'll ever need - right, self?

Now as I've never purchased Seychelles shoes before, do you lovely ladies out there have any idea on their fit? I am usually a 7.5 in most shoes, except J. Crew, which I am an 8 in most of their styles. I heard that Seychelles may run a half size small - is that right?

And here's my OOTD. BF thinks I've been looking through too many J. Crew catalogs and am taking inspiration from the wrong places. I'm not 100% about my look today either, but at least I'm not trying to rock two necklaces, ankle socks, three belts and a partridge in a pear tree with this look!

I'm kind of "meh" about the pants. They are not doing my thighs any favors today.
But I love the color and they are so comfy ...
(Yes, I know I've got the crazy hair going on too).

Cardigan: J. Crew Sunshine Peony (worn here before - no longer online, available on sale in stores)
Top: J. Crew milliner tee (available in stores - $10 off all graphic tees)
Pants: Lands' End Modern sanded poplin cargo
Shoes: Mossimo wedges from Target (worn here before)

14 April 2010

On a Specific Hunt ...

I've unsuccessfully been trying to be good with my budgeting for spring/summer attire. I've recently told myself that I have plenty of clothes (which is completely true, especially stripes) and I really need to just concentrate on items to help me finish outfits with.

So in light of my recent spree, I put together a list of items I can purchase. Which means I can only purchase these types of items moving forward indefinitely (got it, self?!):
  1. Black sandals (badass ones I can wear almost every day and still be super-comfy in)
  2. Necklaces
  3. Belts (but only life-changing great ones)
  4. Day dresses (I'm a recent convert to the ease of dresses so I only have a handful and most of them are blue)
  5. Cropped dark skinny jeans (I blame Rosa for looking so darn good in hers that I am trying to recreate her whole outfit and keeping fingers crossed that I will even look 1/10th as good)
I'm never good with trying to limit myself but I need to be better because the economy is still not awesome and money does not grow on trees (this is me trying to adult-supervise myself). Hopefully my personal rules will keep me from at least buying things I don't need (that means you, J. Crew graphic tees).

And I know that list still leaves the fields wide open to interpretation, so I have some questions for you lovely ladies out there -
  • Where do you find adorable/affordable day dresses?
  • Who do you think has the best skinny jeans out there for the not-super-skinny-leggy people?
  • Where do you go to buy great-looking, yet not bank-breaking jewelry - specifically not too over-the-top statement necklaces?
By the by, here's a pic of shoes I DO NOT need but desparately want (and only in this color too):

I saw them on Jessica from What I Wore and am now "dying" for them.

And my super-duper casual OOTD for some light box hauling and a multitude of errand running:

Top: J. Crew cotton Odessa tunic
Tank: Gap Body
Shorts: J. Crew chino 5" inseam
Shoes: Clarks Herring ballet flats
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