24 March 2010

Off to a Start

Let's start off with my OOTD before I getting rolling on my eating shpeel:

I know I wore this cardi and shoes not two weeks ago but I felt a little dressed up last time and wanted to do this cardi casual today. Plus the shoes are purple - how could I not play the matchy game?

Not sure if the rolled up jeans deal worked out but it felt more spring-like than a full pair of pants. Do you think this is a total fail for a shorty like me (just ignore how white my legs are)?

Cardigan: Forever 21 Twist peplum country
Tank: J. Crew silk brulee
Jeans: old as heck J. Crew boot cuts
Shoes: Aldo

And my eating shpeel ...
I am not a healthy eater by nature. Through most of college and during my first few years at work, I preferred to go to lunch with the guys better than the girls partly because I knew we weren't going to end up at some "cute" little cafe where they gave me half a tea sandwich and a thimbleful of soup to eat. I'd rather go to any of our area hole-in-the-wall restaurants where I could have my fill of chicken enchiladas or greasy cheesesteak sandwiches.

But it's spring 2010 (and I don't think I have my age 18 metabolism anymore) and BF is venturing back to his P90X workout routine (he did a whole week, then stopped for two weeks, and now is restarting) so I thought I'd be supportive by trying to make us both healthier eaters (because P90X and I are not yet friends). So here are two random pics of my first steps to a healthier eating direction from yesterday:

Breakfast: Greek yogurt with multi-grain Cheerios, grapes, strawberries and a banana.

Lunch: Bibb lettuce salad with cherry tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, grapes, turkey, pepperchinis and Greek dressing.

I'm going to leave out the pics of the gi-normous chicken tacos, steak burritos and chips we ended up gorging on for dinner ... still kind of full ...


  1. Eating healthy, UGH. I'm with you -- I love hearty foods and typically don't go for the "healthy/cute" stuff. I've even told Boyfriend before that I'd never have a salad as a meal because "I'd rather have a chicken with some lettuce on it than lettuce with some chicken on it." But I too have had to start eating healthier because of my lack of a metabolism. Sad! Haha... Be strong!

    I still love that cardigan (the kick out at the waist is so cute!). I think it'd look fabulous paired with some ankle-skimming pants, even a colored pair... olive, gray, black, or dark green would look awesome!

  2. Ahh I love the cardigan like this! To me the rolled-up jeans look fine.

    Don't worry about white legs (I am the original pale-ghost-white person). It is normal and healthy to be your real color.

  3. cute shoes! i love eating healthy and typically eat what you just posted everyday lol. i'm with you though, i feel kind of pale myself but i'm waiting for the sun to come out and save me! no tanning beds for me (i know, i would never fit in with the jersey shore peeps!).

  4. I really like your sweater and shoes combo, and they look so great casual too.

    Good luck with eating healthy -- you can do it! I'm like you -- I prefer to go out with the guys and eat all-you-can-eat wings and pizza. I changed my diet a little about two years ago (more salads and fruit, less fries and soda) and I think it has made a difference in how much energy I think I have.

  5. I love this cardigan. Your eating healthy looks delicious - you'll feel wonderful after eating this way for awhile.

  6. I adore that sweater! It looks great with the jeans, although personally when I roll up my jeans I use smaller "rolls."

    Good luck with the healthy eating...looks delicious!

  7. Thanks for your comments, ladies. It's only been like two days of eating healthier but pretty much we do good during the day and gorge for dinner (we went to Donnie's Country Cooking last night - 'nough said) so that's probably not going to work.

    Is it me or is there more food prep involved in healthy eating?

    I wish I could be as overall a healthy eater as you, Tippy!

    As for the pants, I am now obsessed with those skinny slouchy capris (J. Crew Scout chino). I'm leaning heavily towards the I'm-way-too-short-and-not-coltish-legged-for-that so I think I'll need to hunt a cheap version down first so I can (hopefully not) give myself a good laugh.

  8. i'm completely in love with this outfit! the rolled up jeans are so unexpected with the peplum cardigan. i have seen this cardi on a lot of other bloggers (love it!) and this is definately my favorite styling of it!

  9. Ooh I love the cute little peplum on this cardi. And both of those bowls of food look yummmmy.

  10. those meals look awesome! Good for your BF and P90X! I did it for 2 months about 2 years ago - liked to kill me! My husband is on a roll now - he's lost 29 pounds so I am trying to get back into working out. I like to eat healthy, but I also like chocolate and need to quit eating so much of it!!!


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