08 March 2010

Late Night Floral

I'm a strange shopper, especially when I travel. When I travel for work, something takes hold of me. It's not that I go crazy in country and buy up everything in sight - I am actually pretty good about not shopping while traveling so I don't have to haul more crap home.

It is those late nights by myself in the hotel room - when my time clock is not wound to the right zone yet and I'm tired but not sleepy and there's nothing to watch on TV. I go surfing the Internet and of course, out of boredom and sleep-deprived hysteria, I end up ordering stuff online.

So my OOTD is comprised of a medley of items I've "accumulated" from late-day online shopping excursions. And even though the colors are muted, this outfit makes me feel spring-y and unusually dressed up.

Cardigan: Forever 21 peplum country
Dress: J. Crew cotton racerback (eons ago)
Tights: Anne Klein
Shoes: Aldo (thank you, Ebay)


  1. I love your outfit! I would have never guessed that sweater was from F21, what a great find!

    I just clicked over to your blog after seeing your comment on Joann's blog and I'm having so much fun exploring :)

  2. I really love that F21 sweater -- it's a gorgeous color palette.
    I love meeting new Atlanta bloggers on here! I've added you to my blogroll and can't wait to read more of your posts! Have a great day :)

    - JoAnn, Sidewalk Chalk

  3. Oh man, I often find myself on those late night online shopping binges too. SO DANGEROUS. I love the Forever 21 peplum top, though! It's so kicky and fun!

  4. Super cute top, I love the brooch!

  5. Love the floral! It's really pretty :)

  6. I think that cardigan is fabulous! I'm glad you bought it :) I love the poof at the bottom!


  7. love that sweater. i want to go get one!

  8. Thanks for visiting, Fallon! Hope you enjoyed my ramblings.

    Thanks, JoAnn! It's great to "meet" other area bloggers.

    Thanks for the compliments on the cardi, Amy/OneCraftyFox/Audrey/Elaine/Hillary!
    It's not typically my style but you know when you see something and just have to buy it? Plus, for $22, it wasn't a bad deal. And I do love me some peplum!

  9. The cardi is so freaking cute on you!!! The whole outfit is fabulous


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