09 March 2010

A Little Bit Of Randomness: Be Your Own Hero

Thanks to Netflix, I have become a total movie addict. BF and I do movie night at least once a week (at the famous Theatre a la Maison, seating only available pour deux) and together we'll watch almost everything.

However, BF usually stays away from "chick flicks," so it took a little convincing for him to want to watch Whip It ("it's not a chick flick, honey, it's an action film with mostly girls in it, like Tank Girl, really"). If you haven't seen it yet, Whip It is an awesome film about Austin roller derby starring the likes of Ellen Page, Drew Barrymore and Kristen Wiig.

The fabulous Audrey reminded me about this movie on her blog and it got my mind wandering about some of the things I enjoyed best about it - including those awesome roller derby names, of course! Where else in life would a gal be able to swing around names like Babe Ruthless, Eve of Destruction, Iron Maven or Smashley Simpson?

Well I think all ladies should have kickass alterna-names at the ready for when they need to dig into something and really bring it. I found a couple of sites with name generators that can help you out here and here or see a rollcall of actual derby girl names here for inspiration.

I wasn't creative enough to think of my own name so got some help and ended up with Cuckoo Chanel (because I love fashion, and if you had seen me play lacrosse in college, cuckoo fits). 

What would your ass-kickin' (roller derby) name be?


  1. i got punchy bruiser! hahaha. my fiance thinks that name suits me lol. i haven't seen whip it yet but i love a good chick flick (oh hell, i even enjoy watching bad ones). we need to renew our netflix subscription, there are so many movies i want to see! hope you're having a good week~!

  2. Haha, mine would be The Amytiville Horror! I literally just thought of that right now. Not bad, huh? Netflix is amazing, and I actually saw that movie in theaters with a friend. It's hilarious!

  3. i loved this movie. :)

  4. I really liked this movie!! And I don't think I'm cool enough to have a name like that.. lol


  5. I have no idea what my name would be, but I loved that movie. Such a fun flick.

    And I'm with you about feeling too short to style some things. I'm only 5'1" so some outfits just don't seem to work on my stature...

  6. we just saw this movie, too! LOVED it. and i spent a significant amount of brain power trying to come up with equally clever derby names. alas, my brain is tired..and old. i could only come up with betty clocker and poly whore (get it - instead of polyvore - for the true fashionista). my husband's contribution: dalai trauma

  7. One of the name generators suggested Action VonCarnage for me... which um, doesn't quite sound like me... but ok, I'll take it!

  8. Mine would be...Welcome to the Jungle. I really want to watch that movie - I keep forgetting to rent it.

  9. The responses from all you ladies had me cracking up! Dalai Trauma may be my favorite name so far.


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