31 March 2010

Accidentally On Purpose

Don't you love it when something unexpectedly comes together?

Now I'm just talking my OOTD here (so real small victories) but I often find myself in the mornings just staring at my clothes, thinking how nothing works and if I only had that new item I had been eyeballing at the store, then outfits would magically fall into place. Which explains my shopping habit, and which also is partially true because when I do buy something, often I just think of the piece and not how it is supposed to work with everything I already own. But I won't ramble about individual shopping philosophy (not today, at least).

I had just thrown this top on (because I didn't want to just stand there in my undies getting cold) and pulled this skirt out, partly because I was convinced it didn't fit me anymore having not worn it for ages. Well, surprises of surprises, it still fit and I glanced at myself in the mirror and had a "hey, that ain't half bad" moment. So here's my small victory of the day:

The skirt is lined in bright yellow - which I think is kind of cool as it peeks out.

The way my mind works - the shoes have red heels that match the shirt and black leopard spots, which match the bag and bracelet. So that's why I think it all kind of goes together, hopefully ...

Top: Urban Outfitters BDG striped henley, worn here before
Skirt: Armani Exchange cotton cargo pencil
Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction Swim n Fool
Bracelet: J. Crew Crystal Abacus (now on super-sale with an additional 30% off!)
Bag: Nine West studded cross body, worn here before


  1. Cute look! I also have a bad habit of buying things because I like them and not thinking about what I already have that can go with the new item. I am trying my best to remedy this!

  2. LOVE this outfit - especially the heels! ;)

  3. i LOVE those shoes! did you get them recently? i love how outfits come together so unexpectedly, this one looks great. very classic parisian hehe

  4. I really want to get a red and white striped top like this! You look relaxed and pretty. I like your purse, too - that's the perfect size for a bag in my opinion.

  5. i love it all together--stripes and leopard print are unexpectedly perfect together!

  6. very springy. LOVE the animal-print shoes with the striped top — very playful and cute.

  7. cute shirt, love those pumps.


  8. i love your top!! :)

  9. Thanks for your comments, ladies. I wish I could put two pieces together and make an outfit everyday - which I should be able to, but most times can't get it together.

    Eek - I agree with you, I need to remedy my random shopping pieces problem too. Just because everything goes with jeans does not an outfit make.

    Tippy - I bought these shoes like two years ago from Zappos or Endless or one of those sites. I can't find them in leopard online anymore, but Amazon has them in patent.

    Thanks for visiting, Unravelled Threads!

  10. Gorgeous outfit, love the pop of yellow on those shorts!

  11. This is really cute! I love it! And how awesome that it just happened to work! I love days like that… it's like the outfit was meant to be, haha… The shoes really pull it all together too. I like!

  12. that skirt is so cute with that little curved slit in the front and you paired it nicely with the r/w striped top!

    ps. if ya have time please check out my blog:

  13. Love love love the shoes. Perfect Spring ensemble!

  14. I love it! I love the mix of stripes and leopard print!

    Enter to win a William Riera dress!

  15. love this look! love the stripes and the shoes "go" perfectly

  16. Thanks again - I wish most of my outfits came this accidentally easy. Unfortunately I am way too uncoordinated and indecisive for that.

    Thanks for visiting, Diya and Rosa!

  17. Don't you just love a happy little accident? The shape of the skirt is perfect for you!

    And P.S. Maria of IW is in town this weekend, I don't know if you saw on her blog. We are probably going to meetup for some girl time if you are free and I can convince you to come hang out!


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