31 March 2010

Accidentally On Purpose

Don't you love it when something unexpectedly comes together?

Now I'm just talking my OOTD here (so real small victories) but I often find myself in the mornings just staring at my clothes, thinking how nothing works and if I only had that new item I had been eyeballing at the store, then outfits would magically fall into place. Which explains my shopping habit, and which also is partially true because when I do buy something, often I just think of the piece and not how it is supposed to work with everything I already own. But I won't ramble about individual shopping philosophy (not today, at least).

I had just thrown this top on (because I didn't want to just stand there in my undies getting cold) and pulled this skirt out, partly because I was convinced it didn't fit me anymore having not worn it for ages. Well, surprises of surprises, it still fit and I glanced at myself in the mirror and had a "hey, that ain't half bad" moment. So here's my small victory of the day:

The skirt is lined in bright yellow - which I think is kind of cool as it peeks out.

The way my mind works - the shoes have red heels that match the shirt and black leopard spots, which match the bag and bracelet. So that's why I think it all kind of goes together, hopefully ...

Top: Urban Outfitters BDG striped henley, worn here before
Skirt: Armani Exchange cotton cargo pencil
Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction Swim n Fool
Bracelet: J. Crew Crystal Abacus (now on super-sale with an additional 30% off!)
Bag: Nine West studded cross body, worn here before

30 March 2010

Black and Lace

I grew up as a bit of a tomboy and was never much of a lace and bow-wearing gal, so I was chagrined when my big sis bought me this top last year (she is very much a bow-wearing gal and has tried forever to turn me into more of a girly-girl). So it has languished in my closet until now, when I tweaked it a bit and thought of something I could pair with it that could toughen it up a little.

So here was my outfit from yesterday, when the weather was more glum (it is beauteous today!):

This blouse originally had TWO black bows on it - can we say overkill?
And yes, I know the bow resembles the same one the Colonel has.

Close up of the cute satin-y lining - yes, a fully lined F21 jacket!

Jacket: Forever 21 quilted zip
Blouse: Forever 21 tiered lace sleeveless
Jeans: old as dirt Banana Republic boot cut
Shoes: Guess Lawri wedges

Boden Sale, Plus Sunshine Award

First up, Boden is having a sale right now - 20% off plus free shipping and returns on all regular-priced items. Use code WD25 when checking out (it's also right on their home page) - offer expires April 1.

If you ladies are looking for fun summery prints in bright colors - go to Boden stat.

Second, I would like to give a big THANKS to Peggy from She Hath Done What She Could for the lovely blog award! Peggy is a great mom with a fearless sense of style and nose for bargains - check out her blog!

1. Put the logo on your blog within a post.
2. Pass the award on to 12 bloggers.
3. Link to the nominees within your post.
4. Let them know they received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to the person from whom you received this award.

I agree with Peggy, there are so many lovely blogs out there - especially ones that brighten up my day.

I want to tag everyone, but that'll take all dang day, so I'm going to ping some great bloggettes who may not have been tagged yet via the Peggy via the Pam routing (because both of them have already covered so many of you lovelies!):

Fallon from Better with Smiles
Elaine from Clothed Much
Sharon from elisharon
Kristen from Some Hot Dishes
Joann from Sidewalk Chalk
Lady Cardigan from Fashion Daydreaming
e. from I'd Wear It.

28 March 2010

Here's to Lazy Weekends

BF and I had a really great weekend - one of those few where we didn't have anything really on the agenda, yet didn't spend it all at home holed up in front of the TV (been there, done that too many times).

The weather was kind of weird in Atlanta - cold one minute, hot another, rainy, then not, so I opted for some super-casual outfits through the weekend (and no stripes, ha).

And here are some of the highlights that I think back fondly of, as Monday looms eerily:

Lunch at Flip Burger (thanks to Fallon and Jinah for the recs): Really good burgers with probably the world's best shake ever - the Krispy Kreme shake. I would've taken a picture of the shake but my first taste-test sip turned into a full-on chug and I was done with that thing before my meal even showed up. BF and I have vowed to do some serious shake testing to try to replicate the recipe.

Garden-Palooza: I test-drove my green thumb for 2010 (it's really more of an drab olive color) and we started up our little spring garden. I do mean little - I live in a brownstone, so my outdoor space is confined to a back balcony/tiny deck. So I figured I better take a picture right now while everyone's looking nice and prim - and still alive.

Dining In: Sunday involved some home pilates, bouncing around town, light errands and a home-cooked meal. BF's from TN, so he enjoys a hearty Southern meal every - shoot, almost every chance he gets.

Yes, there's only the two of us and we made a whole ham.

Crocs: Yes, we bought Crocs. They're our summer home shoes. BF and I made each other promise to never let the other leave the house with them on.

27 March 2010

And the Winner is ...

Congrats to Kristin, from the lovely blog, BonBon Rose, for being the winner of my first giveaway!

Kristin, I'll be sending you an e-mail re: collecting your prize.

Thanks to all you beautiful ladies for participating, and to everyone for supporting my blog. You have all been great fashionable inspirations and muses to me. I'm sending virtual hugs to every one of you!

26 March 2010

Not Really French

Don't forget to enter my giveaway! Click HERE for a chance to win a Keel's Simple Diary and J. Crew necklace. Winner to be randomly selected tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. EST!


I don't think it's a secret that I'm not French. I'm about as French as four lack-luster semesters studying the language in college and three hazy crazy days in Paris last June can make me (which, once again, makes me not). But I can eat a baguette like nobody's business and love a good stripe, or twenty.

So it makes no real sense that here is my Frenchie tribute OOTD - which is really a nicer description of my outfit than my initial reaction to it after reviewing my camera pics (Ooh, I look like a cute Parisian - wait, no, I think kind of look mime-ish. Or maybe gondolier-ish? Or even Hamburglar's girlfriend-ish?)

It's OK if you gals thought of the former too, because I am way too lazy to change now anyways. I was apparently adamant about wearing a striped shirt with this skirt, because I tried on about five different ones before finally settling (I even tried a red striped shirt over this - what am I thinking?!)

I'm just going to grab my beret, my pot of white face paint, a few cheeseburgers and a copy of O Solo Mio, and I'll be on my way!

Top: J. Crew favorite fit striped boatneck
Skirt: Lands' End cotton modal foldover
Belt: The Limited woven leather
Necklace: Laila Rowe
Shoes: Nine West Temani patent wedges

Here's to another terrific Friday! Bon week-end!

25 March 2010

Spring Cleaning

I'm not big on resolutions so I never make them on New Year's because I already know I'll only keep them for about a day. But I know I should change things around a bit because I can be a complete lush in many ways and feel a bit inspired by some fellow bloggettes who are also turning over new personal leaves, big or small. And what better time than the beginning of spring to do something new and fresh?

First, here's my OOTD featuring one of my new fave pieces (I'm not sure if I just love the color or actualy think it looks good on me, because I had a heck of a time trying to make it work):

Sorry for the dark pics - today's been gloomy and I'm not smart enough to turn on the overhead light (dur).

And I couldn't figure out what belt to wear. I ended up with the wide one because it felt more comfy and seemed more casual.

Better idea of actual color of the cardi.

Cardigan: Anthropologie Tabitha Spilling Ruffles (they call this color lilac - I call them colorblind)
Tunic: Forever 21 Effortless Calm
Belt #1: J. Crew superskinny leather (now on sale, gold sold out online
Belt #2: Anthropologie Infinity
Jeans: Levi's 545 skinny
Shoes: Nine West patent leather Temani wedges
Bracelets: J. Crew Crystal Abacus & Demi Studded Bangle (both now on sale)


And now some new initiatives for self starting today (and me pep talking myself - feel free to skip over if you like, there's a lot of blah, blah, blah):

#1 - Make a conscience effort to eat healthier. It'll make you feel better and maybe help you lose weight. And heck, it may even taste good.

#2 - Make a conscience effort to be more active. Walk around the block. Do that Yoga Booty Ballet video, you used to like it. Make friends with P90X (::shudder:: OK, maybe too soon).

#3 - Shop less. There's no way you can quit cold turkey (steel will of a rubber band here!) but it is not OK for you to see the UPS guy on a weekly basis.

#4 - Do something decorative with the dang house. Hang some paintings up, put some personality into it.

#5 - Cook more. Watching the Food Network and not cooking is like watching exercise videos while sitting on the couch munching Cheetos.

And this one's good for everybody:

#6 - Take a breath and remember to be happy with the life you've got now.

24 March 2010

Off to a Start

Let's start off with my OOTD before I getting rolling on my eating shpeel:

I know I wore this cardi and shoes not two weeks ago but I felt a little dressed up last time and wanted to do this cardi casual today. Plus the shoes are purple - how could I not play the matchy game?

Not sure if the rolled up jeans deal worked out but it felt more spring-like than a full pair of pants. Do you think this is a total fail for a shorty like me (just ignore how white my legs are)?

Cardigan: Forever 21 Twist peplum country
Tank: J. Crew silk brulee
Jeans: old as heck J. Crew boot cuts
Shoes: Aldo

And my eating shpeel ...
I am not a healthy eater by nature. Through most of college and during my first few years at work, I preferred to go to lunch with the guys better than the girls partly because I knew we weren't going to end up at some "cute" little cafe where they gave me half a tea sandwich and a thimbleful of soup to eat. I'd rather go to any of our area hole-in-the-wall restaurants where I could have my fill of chicken enchiladas or greasy cheesesteak sandwiches.

But it's spring 2010 (and I don't think I have my age 18 metabolism anymore) and BF is venturing back to his P90X workout routine (he did a whole week, then stopped for two weeks, and now is restarting) so I thought I'd be supportive by trying to make us both healthier eaters (because P90X and I are not yet friends). So here are two random pics of my first steps to a healthier eating direction from yesterday:

Breakfast: Greek yogurt with multi-grain Cheerios, grapes, strawberries and a banana.

Lunch: Bibb lettuce salad with cherry tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, grapes, turkey, pepperchinis and Greek dressing.

I'm going to leave out the pics of the gi-normous chicken tacos, steak burritos and chips we ended up gorging on for dinner ... still kind of full ...

23 March 2010

A Domestic Stripe

OK, I am fully addicted to stripes and can't get enough of them. I've worn them pretty much every day for almost a week now and have to physically keep myself from buying more stripes. The weather has been crappy lately, so here's my OOTD (inspired by the scarf-wielding ways of Elaine and What Would a Nerd Wear) and then a Domestic Goddess moment (albeit brief and not really Goddess-like).

Top: Lands' End striped boatneck
Scarf: H&M
Belt: Deena & Ozzy stretch from Urban Outfitters
Skirt: Ann Taylor Loft cotton tulip
Wedges: Aerosoles Vice Squad

And My Psuedo-Domestic Goddess Moment:
BF's favorite thing in the world is a chocolate milk shake made with vanilla ice cream and Hershey's syrup. Since we were making dinner on Sunday, I thought it'd be cool to try a twist to BF's fave and remembered reading about a marshmallow shake from Rachael Ray's magazine (*hangs head in shame* yes, I read her magazine, but if she says "EVOO" one more time ...).

A quick Google-fu chop later and I was swimming in marshmallow shake recipes. They were all pretty much the same, so I picked one from Oprah's web site, since it was based off a recipe from a restaurant known for their shakes.

This is the recipe for the Toasted Marshmallow Shake from Oprah.com. I quartered/third the recipe so I could just test out one shake. And here's my personal pictorial:

Ta Da: the main ingredients.

The headliner: toasted marshmallows. If you use your broiler, watch the mallows carefully, it'll take less than a minute for those suckers to start burning up (and the recipe said keep them in there for 2-3 minutes!) Burnt sugar smell ... *cough*

Everyone in the pool (i.e., the world's most over-powered blender ever).

The end result: save a few mallows for toppers.

My verdict? While I think this is a great idea in theory neither BF nor I were overly impressed. I think the "toasted"/burnt sugar taste threw us off. But it is an easy recipe to try and may be right up your ally if you're a sweet tooth. These mallow shakes are supposedly the new thing, so it's probably better at restaurants, where they can put a chemical in the shakes to make you crave them fortnightly - like they do with the Colonel's chicken.

22 March 2010

My First Giveaway! Happy 25

It doesn't take a whole lot to make me happy and excited, so I was particularly thrilled over this weekend when I reached the 25 followers mark! I know this is a small thing for most of you gals, but I'm surprised that I have been blogging consistently for as long as I have (three + months, woo hoo) and that there's one - much less 25 (or *gasp* maybe more) - of you lovely ladies out there who read my blog.

So as a big THANK YOU for reading my blog and providing me with endless fashion and life inspiration, I thought it'd be fun to host my first giveaway.

(stock photos)

(actual photos - no I don't have a future career as a product placement photographer)


The rules are real simple - to enter, just be a follower of my blog (new or regular) and leave a comment on this post with your e-mail address. This giveaway is only open to those with a US or Canadian address.


And here are some more details about the giveaway items:

A brand new copy of Keel's Simple Diary from Anthropologie in the sunny yellow. Anthropologie describes the diary as:
An easy way to record life's moments without the daunting task of facing a blank journal page, this book melds open-ended, fill-in-the-blank and multiple choice questions with bits of psychology and whimsy, creating a tool to help those time-pressed-yet-ponderous gain some insight.
• Leather, paper
• 6.75"H, 4.75"W
• 136 pages
• Taschen

(stock photo from Anthropologie site)

Also, a new J. Crew glass cylinder necklace in black (now sold out). Purchased from the web site. J. Crew describes the necklace as:
Simply stunning with cylindrical glass-crystal beads and crystal-encrusted 14K gold-plated brass fireballs, all hand strung on nylon thread, with a pretty poly/satin grosgrain ribbon. 20" of beading and 18" of ribbon on each side. French wires connect the beading to the ribbon. Import. Ribbon-tie closure. Full necklace length: 56".

(stock photo from J. Crew site)

The necklace will come packed securely in a J. Crew silver gift box and the diary is still shrink-wrapped and has never been open. Both items will be packed and shipped together.

I will pick the winner using Random.org on Saturday, March 27 at 5:00 p.m. EST.

Thanks and good luck and thanks!

20 March 2010

Monochromatic Wannabe

Another oldie but goodie Anthropologie dress. Another gorgeous item I kind of liked when I first saw but never bit the bullet because I didn't know what to wear with it. Another beauteous piece I now totally regret not getting after seeing the likes of Amy from kelinda.KELINDA rock it around the block here and here.

Good thing fashion likes to recycle and retailers like to take inspiration from Anthro so I can have another go. It's not the same thing but kills the craving ...

The original - Anthropologie Monochromatic Corset Dress (drool ...)

A pseudo-twin with a pop of red for the belt.

A more casual knit version.

A more open neckline and sundress-y feel.

Another knit version with cap sleeves. Also comes in red (called Circo Dress).

And yay, I've got 25 followers! I know that shouldn't be a big deal, but it is for me. Thank you all for sticking it out with me. Look out for a giveaway in the next few days - I've got some shopping to do first!

19 March 2010

Sunshine Peony Day

What a beautiful perfect day in Atlanta - and it's Friday! I felt the urge for full-on spring and had to break out some of my recent purchases - and more stripes of course. This has been a huge improvement from my previous hoarding of clothes, which meant buying them and keeping them in my closet for weeks, and sometimes months, with the tags still on for pretty much no reason.

I'm not big on floral usually, but this cardigan winked at me in the store and then took me out at the knees when I tried to walk past it. I resisted long enough to be able to buy it for 20% off in the last sweater promo.

I even ventured out to my back deck to take some pics in the sun, but I looked so abysmally pale that I didn't want to scare any of you ladies, so back inside the house for me.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. BF is off hitting golf balls to enjoy the day but I'm kind of stuck with this "work thing" for a few more hours.

Dress: Anthropologie Maeve Slate Stripes shift
Cardigan: J. Crew Sunshine Peony (no longer online, check stores)
Belt: Urban Outfitters Deena & Ozzy stretch
Shoes: Clarks Herring leather ballet flats (check Ebay)

BTW, thank you Followers, for your support of little ole me and my little ole blog as I dabble in this, that, and the other. You gals have all been fashionable inspirations for me as I find my style and I plan to do a little giveaway soon to show my appreciation when I reach the "magic 25" followers number. 

18 March 2010

Simple Does It

I had about three minutes to get dressed this morning (hello Daylight Savings and just coming home from a trip and forgetting that my alarm clock time didn't reset itself like it should have) so I opted for something simple.

I don't wear skinny jeans a lot because I don't really think they work for me that well but wanted something sleeker to pair with the casual and loose shirt. I tried some wide-legged jeans at first and even tucked my shirt in, but I was way too "ah-ah-ah-ah stayin' alive, stayin' alive."

It was kind of chilly outside so I threw my Forever 21 quilted moto knit jacket on - which I think helped to toughen the look up, but which I totally forgot to take a pic of.

Top: Urban Outfitters BDG striped
Jeans: Levi's 545 skinny
Shoes: Franco Sarto black leather pumps
Bag: Antonio Melani
Bracelets: Old Navy enamel

BTW, am I totally off my rocker for wanting these? They're white ... and patent leather ... together.

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