22 February 2010

No Pull-Ups ... No Knee Socks

Let me start off by letting you gals know that any sentence, phrase or task that ends with the words "to failure" already has it out for you.

Well, that's what the Fitness Test for P90X demanded - a series of exercises done "to failure" so that you can measure your progress before starting the program and after. And that didn't sound exactly bad at first - couple of pull-ups, push-ups, wall squats and jumping jacks. No biggie. I was an athlete back in high school and college (famous last words) - I could do those easy. Except I don't think I ever actually had to do a real pull-up before. And to do as many jumping jacks as you can for two minutes straight is not easy. And holding a wall squat "to failure?"

Regardless, after much hemming and hawing, BF and I both "passed" the set minimums to start the program. And to celebrate, I made oven-fried pork chops (Shake 'n Bake, baby!) and potato risotto (with extra parm, please) for dinner. And had pralines for dessert.

Here's my OOTD. I tried this look with knee socks and it was not pleasing. But I love my new Aldo's - my first pair!

My demeanor is slouchy and sad because I'm all like, "where did the sunny weather go?"

Shirt: Banan Republic cotton
Skirt: Ann Taylor Loft tie waist denim
Tights: Anne Klein
Shoes: Aldo Currie
Necklace: Anthropologie Double Torsade in mint
Bag: Dooney & Bourke leather letter carrier


  1. great look! Love that skirt!

  2. Love it! The crisp white shirt makes me want to go get one (I don't own a single white shirt!)--perfect with the skirt and the necklace. And of course the shoes! Are they comfy? I am a sucker for maryjanes and t-straps.

  3. holy cow i LOVE that skirt! and those shoes!!
    you're rockin' it today!

  4. Lisa.. I love this outfit on you. :) That crisp white shirt is a definite staple in any women's wardrobe.. but I haven't owned one in years!! How terrible. :( My mission this weekend is to go find one... which means I'll need to drive about an hour to the nearest BR!! gah. Hope you're having a fab day!!

    xx Love & Aloha

  5. Thanks for visiting, eek. I saw this skirt at ATL and it was one of those "had to have moments." Good thing Loft is so generous with their discounts and sales.

    E & sharonlei - Isn't that funny about the white shirt? Actually this is it the only one I have myself. I agree, though, a white shirt is a staple every gal should have and I never wear this either.

    E - These shoes are surprisingly comfy! And they've got a dark brown elastic strap across the top. I bought them new (and cheap!) off Ebay and LOVE them.

    Thanks, WWNW! That's a huge compliment coming from you because I love how you mix simple pieces together!

  6. Wow! I wore that same skirt today with a white shirt from express and tights and brown heels. Great minds, I guess!

  7. I LOVE this outfit - that skirt looks SO comfy!

  8. Oh, my goodness.. "To failure???" I'd give up in five seconds. You're so hardcore.

    I'm so loving this. Please let me have that shirt. and skirt. and necklace. and shoes. and bag. If you ever want to trade...you know what I'm interested in now ;)


  9. I generally don't like white shirts for some reason and don't own one, but yours is very sharp. And I don't like bows but I like the bow on the skirt. And I especially love that bag! The whole outfit is pretty and sophisticated... I am jealous.

  10. Ha ha, Ady. Great minds DO think alike - I guess we committed a fashion jinx?!

    Thanks for stopping by, FT. Yes, the skirt IS comfy.

    Thanks, Elaine! I'm not really hardcore - I only managed half a pull-up before I failed and my legs still hurt from the wall squattage.

    Hi Lady Cardi - As you can probably tell, I can't tie a bow to save my life. I should have just done a simple knot like the model on the web site.

    Isn't it funny how few of us actually own basic white shirts?!

  11. this outfit is both lovely and sophisticated. i particularly love the shoes and bag!

  12. Thanks, Lauren and Posh. These shoes are quickly becoming one of my best Ebay scores!


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