02 February 2010

Of Crabs and Durians

So aside from work-related things, I am learning that food is pretty much the key to happiness in Singapore. The past few nights have been a blur of too many dishes and too much Tiger Beer - and tonight was no exception. But we went to this little hole-in-the-wall restaurant in a neighborhood off the beaten track and had the best meal of the trip so far, and I remembered to whip my camera out to capture at least some of furious food action:

The standard of what you need to have when you're in Singapore - the famous Singapore chili crab - this dish was two huge crabs that were cut up and sauted in a wok with a sauce made of tomato paste, onions, chiles, eggs, etc. The sauce is the key - spicy and sweet and very addicting. And the only way to truly get at it is with both hands. Wet naps a plenty, please.

The remenants of round two-three(?) of dishes - prawns, spinach and seafood noodles. Plus Tiger Beer, of course. I think the bill for 10 people and like 8 huge family-style dishes with drinks ended up running about $250. 

For dessert - we braved the wall of durians. It's a fruit native to the Asia Pacific that you really can only love or hate. It was my first experience with the fruit.

The insides are like custard - soft and sweet. Or that's what I was told. My nibble smelled like rotten onions and it tasted a little like that too.

Between 10 curious people though, we showed the fruit who was boss. I was content to just shake my fist at it from afar though.


  1. I had the Singapore chili crab for USD $75 and it gave me food poisoning! grr.

    I love durian! I agree - you either love it or hate it. My friends who hate it think it smells like sweaty gym socks but I think it smells divine. :)

  2. Hey Lisa! I don't actually have a pilot rating yet. I wish I did! My dad flies and I usually go with him. I hope someday to get my own license.

  3. Lauren - I'm not a fan of the durian but there were plenty of people from my group who were pleasantly surprised by their first tastes and ended up devouring the fruit. I can see why people like it, but it's just not for me. More durian for everyone else! :o)

    Delightful - Thanks for stopping by! I work in the aviation industry and all my pilot buddies talk non-stop about wanting their own plane on floats someday, or at least getting their float plane rating. What a wonderful opportunity for you to be able to fly around such a beautiful landscape and be able to land wherever it's crisp and clear. I hope you get your license someday!

  4. Whoa!!! $250??? That's crazy! But the food looks SOOO good I think it would be worth it too! :D Seriously, that crab dish looks amazing... I love anything seafood!


  5. I remember when I was in Singapore I was blown away daily by the amazing food. This looks so so good. Pricey, but worth it.x

  6. Hi Elaine/Kate - The food here is seriously delicious. My co-workers and I have been pigging out every single night. Our only saving grace is that the food during the day at the exhibit center sucks so bad we don't end up eating lunch. I think if I lived in Singapore I would be like 250lbs.


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