03 February 2010

I've Been Bad

Due to work and the move (and excuses, excuses), I only had about an hour to pack for Singapore, so when I got here and actually have to put together outfits - well it isn't working out so well. So "I've Been Bad, Part I" is my sucky OOTDs. Here's two so you can point and snicker. I'm acting a fool in these pics to liven up the clothes, ha.

Sample casual dinner outfit (I ended up keeping the cardigan over my shoulders and not actually worn during most of the evening - it's frickin' hot, what am I thinking?!)

Sample day time work outfit (please keep it mind it is HUMID here in a way where the water vapor slaps you in the face as soon as you step away from the lovely air conditioning, so there's no such thing as comfortable)

"I've Been Bad, Part II" revolves around my wee bit o' online shopping done prior to departing for my trip (scheduled so that I'd come home to some lovely packages awaiting). Here's a sampling:


  1. great purchases! i really like your work outfit - well fitted and chic! :)

  2. i love the blazer in your work outfit.

    and those necklaces are gorgeous!

  3. Thanks, Lauren and Audrey. Thank goodness I don't need to wear a suit to work every day - I always have a hard time trying to look put together yet not stodgy.

    I only have one complete suit and every time I wear it I feel like I'm going out on interviews or work at a hotel concierge desk.

  4. Great choices, especially that Anthropologie cardigan, I love it!

  5. this outfit is absolutely perfect! i love the doubled stripes with the red flats--classic and classy.

  6. Cardi - I am totally excited for my Anthro stuff to arrive. It was really the necklaces that sent me over the edge and I had been waiting for that cardigan to get back in stock in my size. I should have just gone to my local store - but me so lazy sometimes.

    WWANW - Thanks for stopping by! I dug the look myself, so much so that I am wearing the same outfit for my loooooong flight back home today.


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