13 February 2010

I Saw You

You: Dauphine Blouse by Hype. Feathery ruffles embellish creamy eyelet lace to create a romantically regal cinched-waist blouse.

Me: Sheepish-looking girl in her bathrobe and slipper socks who is up way too early on a Saturday morning surfing the Internet. I spied you in the New Arrivals section of Anthropologie.com and commented on how pretty I thought your ruffles were. You asked me to add you to my shopping bag. I did but never hit the checkout button. You went away. Hopefully we can meet in person and I can try you on over a pencil skirt or wide-leg trousers sometime?


  1. that's such a pretty blouse! i think it would look super cute with trousers or even skinny jeans. btw your post reminded me of one of those listings on craigslist (before craigslist got sketchy lol). happy saturday! :)

  2. Ooh, that's beautiful. I hope you get it!

    I almost bought the blue Florid Facade shirt from Anthropologie, but decided to put it off, and now it's GONE. Waaa! So if you really want it, don't wait too long.

  3. I adore that blouse.. so softy and pretty.

    xx Love & Aloha.

  4. Hi Tippy - Oh yeah, my post is completely sketchy Craigslist "I Saw You." I kind of felt sketchy ogling that blouse online - I must go hunt it.

    Lady Cardi & sharonlei - I'm going to have to find that blouse in store and try it on. Hopefully it'll work on me and won't be a major fashion fail.

    Happy V-Day, ladies!

  5. Thx for visiting my blog... I think my fav perfum is Chanel Chance bc it's fun & flirty :) Mon Mode Blog

  6. What a unique blouse! seems to be so soft!
    xoxo Jade

  7. Thanks for stopping by, Zanah and Jade!


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