08 February 2010

How Do You Do ... ?

Valentine's Day. It's a week away.

BF and I have never been big on Valentine's Day - we're both busy working and typically don't even end up spending the holiday together. Plus honestly neither of us are big romantics and we don't really do any of that anniversary or holiday stuff (though I know we should both probably do more). But we've gone through a lot this past year though and I want to do something special for him, but I'm running out of time and have near-zero ideas.

How do you do Valentine's Day? Do you think it's a big deal? Are you an instigator of V-Day events? If so, what do you like doing? Do you gals have any big plans with your honey or any special activities planned with friends or kids?


  1. I think bf will cook for me on Vday... great post & lovely blog !! :) Mon Mode Blog

  2. aw, i love valentine's day, but mostly because i love making valentines for friends and family, too! plus it's family tradition to send each other sweet things in the mail--and i love that.

  3. I love Valentines Day.. it's one of my favorite holidays to DIY crafts!! :) This year me and the hubby aren't going out though (he has to work). I'm planning a sweet candle lit picnic dinner on our living room floor... the menu will include homemade Truffle Mac & Cheese, spinach salad, white wine and for dessert Nutella cupcakes! mmm. I also crafted him a Pirate-y pillow person (remember those, oh so 80's!!) and it's holding a little heart that says "oh the sea of love, you are my soul-matey" :) It'll be a great night.

    Have you thought up anything fun yet? Simple things are the best!

    xx Love & Aloha.

  4. I've never had a good Valentine's Day, but Boyfriend vows it'll be different this time around. It's our first Valentine's Day together, and I think we're just going to eat at a restaurant we've never been to before and then go home and watch a movie. We celebrate anniversaries (even though we're only at monthly ones right now!), but we're pretty low key about the whole affair. The most important thing is just spending time with the S.O.! I know most men love food (haha), so maybe you can cook him something for V-Day!

  5. i love the name of your blog :)

  6. Zanah & TPH - Thanks so much for stopping by!

    WWNW - That's such a sweet family tradition. What a great way to let each other know you're all in each other's minds.

    sharonlei - That sounds like a lovely evening for you and hubby. I love how you're crafty and think those money boxes you make are awesome. I aspire to be able to make something out of nothing but my length of craftiness right now extends to sewing buttons back onto shirts.

    Thanks, Amy - I think I'll probably end up cooking BF something. You're right, the fastest way to a man's heart is through his belly. Sounds like you guys have a lovely evening planned out.

  7. my boyfriend & i just spend time together & whatever we decide to do is spontaneous :) i think it makes it more interesting. haha


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